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The Zen Den


The Zen Den a place of calm and tranquility. •Reiki & crystal healing by Toni • Usui reiki Master. Call or message to book 07539906562.

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• HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE •  Such a beautiful day with lots of beautiful energy around us, celebrating the summer, Mother Gaia and all living things. ‘Today is believed to be a good day for fertility and conceiving a baby.’ #happysummersolstice #litha #longestdayoftheyear #summer
• DEEPEST APOLOGIES •  I am so sorry to all my clients I have had to cancel this week and sorry I have been quiet with the post. I have been the doctors and I have bronchitis. Thank you for all being so understanding, I will get you all booked back in as soon as I am back on my feet.  Thank you, Toni 💜
•THE ZEN DEN •  A beautiful space where you can come and literally switch off from the world, be who you want to be, feel how you want to feel, relax and receive some beautiful reiki healing or crystal healing.  The den gives you that hour of escapism for you to be able to recharge your batteries, heal and open up to a whole new way in thinking.  I am sure my clients would agree everyone could do with an hour in here it’s beautiful.  Welcome to The Zen Den!  #reikihealing #crystalhealing #healfromwithin #investinyourself #emotionalhealing #specialspace #beautifulenergyinhere #thezenden
Available appointments for this week for Reiki healing or crystal healing 💫  DM to book in 💕  #reikihealing #crystalhealing #universalhealing #healfromwithin #thezenden
• sending an abundance of gratitude out•  Thank you to all my beautiful clients that have been to visit the Den this week and thank you for choosing me as part of your journey.  Sending Love, Light and Happiness.  #sendinggratitude #thankyou #namaste #thezenden
Always........ never let your Happiness depend on anyone.  Find your inner contentment don’t depend on your partner, job, friends etc.  Work on your solar plexus chakra stand in your own power, build your confidence, create your own happiness.  #findyourownhappiness #solarplexus #chakras #reiki #reikihealing #crystalhealing #healfromwithin #thezenden
•Availability for the rest of June•  Wednesday 20th at 9.30am, 11.30 & 1.30 Thursday 21st at 12pm Friday 22nd 9.30am and 11.30am  Monday 25th at 9.30am, 11.30am and 1.30pm Tuesday 26th 9.30, 11.30am and 1.30pm Wednesday 27th 9.30am, 11.30am and 1.30pm. Friday 29th, 9.30am, 11.30am and 1.30pm  Please Direct message to book in as comments aren’t always seen. Any of these sessions can be booked in for reiki healing or crystal healing.  #investinyourself #healfromwithin #reikihealing #reiki #crystalhealing #thezenden
Sooooo this happened yesterday.......... I became a reiki master!!! Had the most overwhelming, beautiful day with the most beautiful people.  I can’t thank @vctherapy_ @lalunahealing33 for you beautiful guidance and love yesterday.  They say as one door closes another one opens. I fully believe In synchronicity and a year to the day I opened @_the_zen_den I lost my job where I had worked since I was 18.  A job that I hold very close to my heart and have many amazing memories so to say I was gutted to be made redundant was an understatement, I have been very sad and full of mixed emotions. But I have to sit back and trust what the universe had in store for me and now I get to flourish in what I loved to do and go full time in the den.  I couldn’t be happier and I thank all my beautiful clients old and new for choosing me on their journey. You know what they say as one door closes another opens - all for the greater good.  So greatful right now!  #sendinggratitude #reikimaster #reikihealer #asonedoorclosesanotheroneopens #thezenden
Make every day count ✌🏼 #healfromwithin #practicegratitude #reiki #reikihealer #thezenden
•Attunement day •  The power to heal is within all of us.... when we step into the light with courage and awareness we begin to speak our truth. We embody and express this universal healing power within our soul.  We spread the love and light in our own unique way and being healing to the planet.  This is how we awaken our magic 💫  #suchaspecialdayforme #reikimaster #gratitude #nextstep #progression #followyourpath
Letting go of things that no longer serve you also brings you the same sense of satisfaction. You will notice the inner rewards that comes to you when you are doing things which bring you happiness and joy, that you will no longer attract toxic or negative situations.  #letgoofwhatnolongerservesyou #beyou #itsok #healfromwithin #reikihealing #crystalhealing #thezenden
Trust your process ✌🏼 #reiki #reikihealing #crystalhealing #thezenden
* Reiki heals what the EGO conceals •  Part of the healing process is to loose the facade and drop the ego. Theirs nothing worse that creating a person that’s not truly you. You start to live a double life and become some your not, just to seek approval of other people. If someone doesn’t like the person you are then their not for you (simple as that). Never strive to impress, stay true to you. Don’t get caught up in the materialism, the want for superficial things and the need for the next big thing. Heal, start to find true contentment, find the natural flow of your life and everything else will fall into place.  #droptheego #findyourinnercontentment #dontstriveforapprovalofothers #reikihealswhattheegoconceals #reikihealing #thezenden
• sending an abundance of gratitude out•  Thank you to all my beautiful clients that have been to visit the Den this week and thank you for choosing me as part of your journey.  Sending Love, Light and Happiness.  #sendinggratitude #thankyou #namaste #thezenden
• Cancellation •  Tomorrow at 1pm DM to book in.  #reiki #reikihealing #investinyourself #healfromwithin #thezenden
When you realise how POWERFUL the chakras are to our emotional and physical body, you will begin to understand your feelings and thoughts a lot more and will be able to deal with them better. Practicing reiki brings balance and alignment to your chakras.  #reikihealer #reiki #chakras #balance #alignment #thezenden
WHAT IS CRYSTAL HEALING?  Crystal Healing uses the vibrations of crystals to heal. Each crystal has different properties and natural healing vibrations. The unique healing vibrations are introduced to your body and energy field to reenergise,heal and balance.  Crystal Healing sessions explained; 1. Each session we choose crystals that are most appropriate for you. 2. I then place the crystal on/around your  chakras and body. 3. I will then use a pendulum to see what chakras need working on and if there is any stored up energy that may need healing and releasing. 4. Followed by reiki healing to clear and boost your energy field  and chakras. 5. I will then leave you to absorb the healing/ feel the vibrations from the crystals and let your senses come alive. 6. Lastly I will return to your session and we will end with a short guided meditation.  I am now taking bookings for these  beautiful sessions this is 1 hour of intense healing and it's £30 for the hour. 💫
Stay in your own lane, who CARES what people think, don’t strive for the approval of others, they could be leading you astray. Follow your own goals and stay true to you ✌🏼 #healing #reikihealing #crystalhealing #thezenden