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He is still learning about life... #Pray&Believe.👣

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Kids see ghosts, sometimes.
My first dream adventure in Macau was the last thing I did -- and achieved -- before I flew back to the Philippines. Ever since I saw this Macau-Taipa Bridge, every cell that I own immediately fell in love with it. I was thinking if it is impossible for a person to go to the island of Taipa from the island of Macau Peninsula through walking on its side roads because people are not allowed to walk on the two other bridges from its right and left side. By the time I confirmed that it is possible, the adrenaline started to rush through my veins and did not stop commanding my neurons to force me to do it. However, I was busy doing other activities, visiting other places and happily wasting my time with nothing (hahaha). Furthermore, I was also waiting for the right time -- and perhaps, the best time -- for me to do it.  Until before the day of my return in the Philippines came -- and I left with no choice but to turn that dream into reality.  I prepared myself -- I was equipped with one liter of bottled water, a Chinese bread, a handkerchief, an extra shirt and a set of strength, passion and love for this.  At 5:30 in the afternoon, I was already at the mouth of the bridge, ready to begin my walk but I did not start until exactly 6 pm. It was a sunny day; the wind was mild; the temperature was 31 degree Celcius.  Step after step; photo after photo. Thought after thought; song after song.  Finally, I was victorious with my goal to walk on this three-minute drive bridge. I could take it for 30 minutes but due to many extra-curricular activities, I made it in an hour -- with the skies were already dark and the city light were already on.  More than being tired, what I felt were satisfaction and happiness. It is because once again, I gave life to another dream trip of mine.  And in another chance, I proved to myself that I can do things on my own -- with the guidance of the Lord from above.
A toy story.
So another dream adventure of mine in Macau just turned into reality three days ago -- when I reached this red pagoda that is standing at the feet of a mountain along the lips of the sea. It took me almost an hour to finish this trail that started from the part of Cheoc Van Beach to Hac Sa Beach. It was a very hot day but I endured that heat for a goal that was always lingering in my mind. And thank God, I did it all by myself.  PS. Now I know I am stronger than ever.
This temple is just 5-minute walk from our house. I had always wanted to go inside of it and see what is its difference from other temples here in Macau. Today, I battled my laziness to go there and luckily, I found what I was looking for -- in this angle: an endless door going to the grand statute of buddha. Well, this temple built in 1952 is nit famous not only for its fine architecture but also its history as a stopping place for Mandarins visiting Macao and the surrounding area.
Working below the hype.
The Four Faced Buddha
My restlessness from sleeping woke me up today. I opened my eyes to see light but I saw nothing but the times I wasted and the chances I took for granted. For the first time, they all came to my mind -- not knowing if it was kind of a simple wake up call for this day or a real wake up call for the life I have chosen to live.  I remember, last night, I prayed to God to wake me up early in this morning -- and he did. But now I am praying again: Lord, please, let me just sleep again.  PS. Ayan, nakapikit tuloy ako sa picture 😣😂
We came here too smart that we forget to go home with a heart.
"the worst thing you can believe is that your happiness lies within someone else you never put your happiness in the fragile hands of others you put it in your goals your achievements you put your happiness in your passions in the things that matter because people will never reward you like dreams will do."
The weather today is a clear image of fire in hell. I am tired of hiding from the rays of the sun from the outside or pretending that I can still bear the boiling temperature inside the house; so I said, I need to do something. And I did it -- I embraced the summer heat through climbing on top of the Guia Fortress. It was hot but I could barely feel it because of the fresh air and the view of the oldest western style lighthouse on the China Coast.
The gold, the rust -- everything that you see that shines upon this land is her manifesto. And she -- the prophet, the protector -- she is nothing but your queen, your goddess of seafarers.  Mazu is the name, but you owe her some respect; call her A-Ma for god's sake.
Urban vibe at dusk
Liberal dreams in the wilderness
Sun bathing × Sand bathing 🌞🌊🏊
With this Art Space here in Taipa, I have found myself dreaming once again. I am so grateful to witness some foreign movies and touch some of film making materials that were once used on some movies shot here in Macau. But more than anything else, it makes my heart so happy that this chance reminds me that the fire is still burning here inside me.
Some old stories are now the new tales. This is what Rua da Felicidade, formerly known as Street of happiness, wants to tell to the world. Who could imagine that after so many years, this bloodless blood-shaded street which was the center of nightlife in Macau would serve today as one of the main attractions in the entire peninsula? Well, it is not that impossible because those old houses, the aged road and the antique stuff within it are this modern world's dream nowadays.