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Alexi Fife Photography 🔆


photo game strong 💪🏼 DM for inquiries 💛 📍bay area, ca 🐻 personal: @uhhhhlexi 🔆

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little town, little quiet village...
all in a day’s work. 🛠️
welcome to my house... pitbull, you're not invited.
MEETUPS are going great! it's my daily dose of photography for the day, regardless of if i have a gig or not! morgan has been such a good sport in allowing me to keep my goals! i really would love some new faces, though! let me know if you can meet with me 10-15 minutes someday this week! ♥️🔆🤟🏿
today, take a deep breath && reboot. putting your whole heart into things is so much better than giving half effort.
if you wanna make an impact, you need to start with yourself.  photo collab with dark star photography. @logan_h_cox
where's waldo?! $5 off to the first person to spot!!! 😂😂😂
what a stellar duo! isn't it so great when two fantastic humans unite?!
just a lil dip 💦
you GUYS!!! it legit doesn't matter if you don't know how to pose.  it legit doesn't matter if your hair is a little messy.  it legit doesn't matter where we go, or even what time of day it is. I PROMISE. we will get pictures that represent YOU && that you LOVE.
shutupppppppppp i married a modellllllllll. makes practicing photography such a dream. guys. i'm so pumped about my new goals with my photography && i am committed to giving more content on a consistent basis!!! eek yay!! hit me up if you're wanting to shoot!
one of those life changing mornings...seeing a childhood dream become reality. what a blessed, blessed summer.
um yes. please && thank you. iso: COUPLES!!! please contact me if you'd like a shoot with your siggy other! we will make magic happen! ✨
there is no mount that we cannot summit!!!
i know a lot of people love posed pictures but it's these kind of shots that i'm a real sucker for. raw, candid moments that reflect personality && relationship. this is what life is made of. 🔆
corgi in the middle! the new monkey.
sittin waitin wishin for y'all to book with @alexififephotography cuz legit it'll be better than a jack johnson concert ;)
taking it back to my first engagement session EVER (over 6 years ago!!!), with a new edit 🔆 it's so fun to see your progression in a skill... don't give up on something if you love it!!! it's taken me a long time to develop the confidence i now have with my photography, but it's been OH, SO WORTH IT! guys... SRSLY. GO FOR IT!