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A M Greenaway Tailor


Savile-Row-trained tailor, based in the Cotswolds. Suits, shirts, womenswear.

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I’ve got my dressmaking hat on today: making a copy of a favourite summer dress for a customer. The original has been loved and worn until it is falling apart at the seams. Time for a new version! #lovedclotheslast
Love at first sight. πŸ’– What would you make from this gorgeous silk satin?
Buttoning shirts. βœ‚οΈ βœ‚οΈ Everyone likes a crisp white shirt, but personally I find a cream colour really flattering and just as versatile.
Thanks for all your feedback on button choice! I changed the blue button to a white Mother-of-Pearl button in the end. I decided subtle rather than a vibrant red. βœ‚οΈ Hope you like it! βœ‚οΈ
Made-to-Measure shirt dresses now available! πŸ’ƒπŸ» Possibly the perfect summer outfit: Short sleeves (although it’s made to measure so they can be any length you like), cool cotton, choice of lots of lovely fabrics and button shades. And tailored for you so it fits properly.
Happy Pride one and all! #pride🌈 #pride #loveislove
Always keep a spare thimble. A tailor’s thimble is different from a dressmaker’s: it doesn’t have an end, and we wear them on our middle finger. It takes a bit of getting used to at first, but now I find it weird to sew without it! βœ‚οΈ βœ‚οΈ βœ‚οΈ #toolsofthetrade #handsewing #thimble #tailoring
Yesterday I put some of the finishing touches to this charmingly quirky cotton jacket. My question for you guys is, should I change the button to a red one? It’s blue, just looks darker in the picture. βœ‚οΈ 🚴🏻‍♀️ βœ‚οΈ
Made-to-Measure Bike print shirt looks great basking in the sunshine. This is one of my favourites of the shirts I’ve made. 🚴🏻‍♂️ 🌞 🚴🏻‍♂️ 🌞
Playing around with silk, because #promseason. βœ‚οΈ πŸ¦‹ 🌸
TBT mid-summer mayhem in my favourite @amg_tailor ivory wool cropped trousers with pink silk waistband...with added flower crowns. 🌸 🌺 🌹
Does anyone else improvise for pattern weights?  My very high-tech solution is stones collected on a beach in Scotland. Previously I’ve had antique cast-iron irons, old brass baker’s weights...I don’t think I’ve ever bought an actual proper pattern weight! βœ‚οΈ βœ‚οΈ #whateverworks #toolsofthetrade
It’s all about the details...smokey grey mother-of-pearl buttons on this silk and wool made-to-measure ladies’ jacket. βœ‚οΈ βœ‚οΈ βœ‚οΈ
Loving this pink bamboo shirt with flamingo details! (There needs to be a flamingo emoji.) βœ‚οΈ πŸ’– βœ‚οΈ #womenswear #womensshirts #madetomeasure
Friday joy: Cloth delivery from @dashingtweeds. Gorgeous British wool and silk mix destined to become an extremely dapper jacket.
Pattern drafting day.
An outdoor sewing set-up is pretty appealing... 🌞 βœ‚οΈ