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Couldn’t resist popping on to fellow teacher Olivia’s class the moment she announced her it was Voguing to Janet Jackson’s Throb 😍  Thanks O!!!& Copyright Credits: Song: Throb - Janet Jackson Choreography: Olivia Cheesbrough  Dancers: Anna, Olivia, Amy, Leah Studio: Julie’s Dance Studio Crew: Neptune Girls
Reflecting on an incredible weekend... It’s not often you get to fly to Italy with your bday buddie and 13 other hens to celebrate her getting married... 😍... Loved every minute. 💗💗💗 👰🏼 🤵🏻 The count down begins now...!!!!!!!
The start of a fantastic weekend. 🤵🏻👰🏼 🥂 ✈️ 🇮🇹
It’s the small things in life that mean the most sometimes... 🙃 Thank you Gab, Paul, Dad, Justin, Rach, Steve, Mum and Louise for all being complete superstars, love you all.  Now starts the unpacking & organising!!! 🤣xxxxxx #gotitdone
No filter.  This is my half-way-there makeup before the Neptune Shoot.  I suddenly thought...I quite like the half way look... what do you think?  Less is more? #nofilter
Shame.  Sometimes you just gotta delete. There’s a quote which I’ve always disliked...”Some people aren't loyal to you. They are loyal to their need of you.  Once their needs change, so does their loyalty”. Unfortunately I actually feel this today... Disappointing. (#shamelesspassiveaggressivepost 🤣 😜) Moving swiftly on... Something I have learnt though, we ALL have feelings.  I’m as positive as I can be, I like to inspire and motivate others as much as possible, but you know what?  It’s ok to feel the more negative emotions at times...let them out!  The world is not perfect.  It never has been.  People are not perfect.  But with these two statements comes an interesting and ever-developing experience that we humans call life 🙂👍🏻🌍 #real
If there’s one thing I love it’s colour... bright colour... and bright flowers?...😍 Some people know me so well 💐
Love these pics.  What a great day at #prettymuddersouthampton!
To everyone who’s written to me I can finally say YES.  Yes we are coming to a town near you!  Demand is HUGE so please inbox me for specific areas and we will do our best.  Keep your eyes and ears open for updates!!!🔥🔥🔥❤️💚💛💜🧡💙
Love this girl 💗💃🏻💃🏻. What a great day, what a great movement. #neptunegirlsdance #teamwork #empowereddance
It’s really not about you!  Ooooooo this one felt good.  Well done to all the dancers tonight. Beginners class, you smashed it!!! 🔥😍 #neptunegirlsdance  Song:  Not about you Artist: Tsar B Choreography: @annadockerayofficial  Dancers: Southampton Neptune Girls Beginners Studio: Julies Dance
Definitely did that last night!  This weekend is such a special one.  Family reunited 💗💗💗
Join me tonight at #neptunegirls beginners class. Details at www.neptunegirls.com
Is it a sign?  Always open for the chat Olivia... message me! 🤞🏼☺️
Part 1... TBC... #neptunegirls  Copyright: Tsar B  Song: Escalate Choreography: @annadockerayofficial  Dancers: Southampton Neptune Girls Performance Team
Sometimes you just gotta throw yourself in 😉🤣🚘🚘🚘
One of the best vegan meals I’ve ever had 😋
Had this waiting on the insta line up for some time... turns out I might not need it now 🤷🏻‍♀️😉 We’ll see, fingers crossed eh?! 😉😂🤞🏼 Single ladies, feel free to steal... he is out there! #princecharming