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Make you move like an animal Make a noise like an animal Scottish, 30.

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@east.block out here feeding my fetish #shalom
Went to see The Black Lips at 1am but my favourite bit was The Chats coming on at the end.
Met an Israeli #jew this morning, met him again in the evening and he said I was the loveliest person he’d met and then I went on his motorcycle. Thanks @east.block #jokes
Serene sweetheart
It’s been a long day so I paid £12 so me and @fordette could have a booze #onlywithshelly #yeahyeahyeahs
Frieda “great with kids” Strachan
Bruce Nauman 👅
Family reunion at the tattoo shop. Last time I saw my brother David I was 18.
“The only walls we build are walls of death!” 💀
Horny wolf by @icarrynightundermyarms (hard to get a good photo) Note - if I stop tucking my tshirt in when wearing high waisted jeans, assume something bad has happened.
“Fit hiv yi deen tull yir airims?” - I love being Scottish. I spent the afternoon with some really rare auld Doric mannies. The man playing bones used to be a blacksmith. A mannie said he played spoons and I asked if I could see and he went out to his car to get them so he could teach us while the judges deliberated the harmonica competition at The Strichen Festival. That first guy, Sandy, is maybe the kindest person I’ve ever met.
One time @russellbain kept a newspaper cutting of a photo of Bert Fowlie and a pun o’ mince for three months to gift me after a summer in Australia. Maybe the best gift I’ve ever received.
Baby #municipalwaste
This morning I met John, an 86 year old retired trawlerman in Torry. Asked him about his tattoos - he got them age 18 in Picaddily Circus when doing his Royal Naval Reserve training. The ones on his inner arm were “practice”, the outer arms were “real professionals”. A rare mannie #oldtattoos
🇺🇸 Great post arrived from Gianni & Zoei today 👑