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▽ Life+Leadership Coach ☼ Creator, HILE Coaching Method™ `ღ´Cultivate high-vibrational thought, shift old paradigms of being, live intentionally.

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You’ll find me in the mountains tonight star gazing at the incredible meteor shower that will be taking place. Grab a cozy blanket, a camp chair and get outside tonight and look up at the sky in wonder. ✨ - - #gyspysoul #mountainlife #stargazer #newmoon #newmoonenergy #newbeginnings #meteorshower #sunday
August 11 is a Super New Moon. The August New Moon will pass in front of the Sun on Saturday morning, August 11. . The Super New Moon in Leo is all about finding your authentic self. It’s about self-discovery - reconnecting to your passions, creativity and exploring what you want to create more of around love + romance. . To understand more about a New Moon, let’s quickly give some context to the Moon and its cycles...The moon goes through phases as it orbits the Earth. The New Moon is the first phase, the first day of a new 29 day lunar month. For my ladies out there, our menstrual cycles are synced up with the waxing and waning of the moon. If you’re synced with the moons cycle (as women were centuries ago before modern day living), you will menstruate around the New Moon and ovulate around the Full Moon, but that’s an entirely different post. 😊🌙 . The moon in astrology represents our emotions, feelings, inner nature, intuition, and our mother figure, among other things. The cyclical nature of the moon has an effect on our sense of environment around us and how we react to that environment. . A New Moon inspires us to start something new, different or make a healthy change in our lives. It energetically beckons us to let go of anything that wasn't serving us in the past. The New Moon is a perfect time to set your intentions for the next month or few months. Write down all of your goals, and begin a new project. . While there’s A LOT going on energetically right now (partial solar eclipse and Mercury is still in retrograde), try to anchor into the energy that the New Moon holds. Self-reflect with intent and work to close doors, patterns of being or thinking that are no longer serving your highest good. Onward and bravely we go, into the New. . Namaste 🌛 #newmoon #newbeginnings #intentions #release #align #moon
Your feelings matter. They are always valid, regardless of the circumstance. Your feelings are emotions and your emotions give you important information about your inner state. Your feelings are a barometer for what you need. - -  It’s so important to validate yourself and your pain. We do this by becoming aware and being non-judgmental about how you truly feel. - -  Surround yourself with people who don’t try to fix you or your pain, or your process of moving through the pain...you’re not broken. Surround yourself with the souls who allow for the temporary darkness to be revealed, who encourage you to let it have a voice, who are not uncomfortable or afraid to wade in the murky waters with you. - -  But above all else, you cannot abandon yourself during these times — minimizing or negating how you truly feel, pretending everything is OK when it is not, pouring yourself into your work, other people or substances to avoid your own pain, are all ways of abandoning yourself. - - Dig deep. Become attuned to how you feel. Acknowledge it. Release any judgement around your pain. Learn to be-friend and love the aspect of your humanness that is temporarily in the dark. 🙏🏻- - #healing #higherconsciousness #bethelight #pain #abandoned #selflove #human #spiritual #lifecoach #healer
I genuinely believe that the soul chooses to come to earth to fully experience being human and all that it offers us...the good, the bad and the ugly for purposes of soul evolution and ultimately, ascension and growth. - - I believe we’ve all been here many times before - some of us, more than others. It’s comforting to me to know that although my soul knows the blueprint of this life I now lead, I am empowered to practice free will and accountability to create expansive thought and thus, a life-path of my choosing.- - Feeling deeply grateful for the life I’ve consciously worked to create and continue to develop, all the while surrendering to the good moments, the bad and the ugly, knowing it’s all for the greater good of my commitment to ascension at a cellular & soul level. 🙏🏻 - - Throwback to our 5 days in Switzerland, flowing in the clouds. - - #createalifeyoulove #consciousness #higherconsciousness #5thdimension #divineorder #leadership #lifecoach #yogi #balance #soulcontract
A friendly, loving reminder for this Friday. 🌸 - - #friday #selflove #selfcare #tunein #reflection
A big portion of my work is partnering with managers/leaders to help them be more effective + conscious Coaches for their staff. - . In my experience, most leaders/managers are not great Coaches. I say that with love + a whole lot of respect for my leaders/managers out there. But hey, we all have weak points - lord do I have many. Having weaknesses is simply a part of being Human. - - The reason Coaching is a weakness for many leaders/managers (not all) is because Coaching is a hard skill to master and something that requires intense practice, presence, patience and emotional awareness. This isn’t something you are born with, it’s something you learn, hone and develop over a long period of time. So, it’s no surprise to me when I consult with leaders/managers who struggle with the complex skill of Coaching. - - One straight forward, 4-step formula I teach leaders/managers is:  1. Challenge Discovery - pin pointing the real issue/challenge with staff members. - - 2. Impact of the Present State : facilitating self-reliant thinking/awareness, by exploring the present state of the challenge and quantifying its impact on everyone involved.- - 3. Ideal future State: My fav part of the process is getting leaders to help their staff to imagine the ideal state in the future, looking past the challenges today and focusing on the problem/issue being solved and its implications. This is where encouraging self-reliant problem solving comes in.- - 4. Forward Intention: Once the vision for the ideal possible future is formed, we set up intentional and accountable goals/steps to keep them moving forward. Happy Coaching!! 📖📚🙌🏻- - #conscious #leadership #coaching #lifecoach #coachlife #createalifeyoulove #intentionalliving #higherconsciousness 📸: @ericaandjon
Cheers to a happy, stress-free + safe 4th! 🇺🇸- - #4thofjuly #bethelight #independenceday #gratitude
Colorado, we’ve missed you, but boy are we stoked to be back. Happy, full, light-filled and grateful heart. 🙏🏻 - - #createalifeyoulove #colorado #bethelight #snowbirds #hike
Raising your vibrational frequency is the best thing you can do to start to improve any area of your life. - ✨ We have to remember that we are light/energetic beings, in human form that live in a vibrational/energetic Universe. Vibration is influenced by thought and how we’re feeling about those thoughts. Our thoughts are often products of our beliefs systems that we’ve learned as we’ve grown up and those we’ve adopted later in life. Often times, the thoughts we have are unconscious thoughts, therefore we have little to no control over our vibration. - ✨ When we choose to become more conscious/aware of being more affirming, encouraging, positive, grateful, etc., your life will respond. When we take charge of the vibration we’re emitting out, big shifts will start to happen. As we’re applying conscious awareness from moment to moment, our vibration will rise. It’s also likely that other people will start to notice this shift in you and want to be in your presence more. - ✨ So, to raise your vibration in short: PAY ATTENTION to your beliefs and your thoughts. Notice if you’re seeking validation from the outside world verses discovering and CLAIMING your worth from within. Realize you are the creator of this thing we call ‘life’ so take responsibility for your part in what you’ve created thus far and what you INTEND to create in the future. And lastly, give yourself permission to receive abundance, love and so much joy in your life. You ARE sooo worth it, love.- ✨ #raiseyourvibration #energy #thoughts #higherconsciousness #5thdimension #awareness #lifecoach #bethelight #lightworker
Let the refining and improving of your own life, keep you so busy that you don’t have time to criticize, judge or envy others.- - #speaker #leadership #coaching #lifecoach #tranformation #higherconsciousness #personaldevelopment #bethelight #training #educator #friday #groupsessions
Hi loves. Friendly Monday reminder: Be kind to yourself this week. And remember, doing your best does not mean working yourself to the point of a mental breakdown. Seek balance in all you do. 🙏🏻✨ - - #mondaymotivation #mindfulness #work #balance #selflove #innervoice #higherconsciousness #selftalk
My face as I catch up on my soul work. For those who have reached out via DM while I was away, thank you for your patience. I’ll be getting back to you this week. Sending love + light to all. ✨- - #lifecoach #personaldevelopment #leadership #selflove #coaching #higherconsciousness #soulwork #createalifeyoulove #balance
And this is why I do what I do. 🙏🏻 I’m deeply humbled + grateful for this work I live + breathe. I’ve known for awhile now that one of my gifts during this earthly experience is to prepare people (mentally and spiritually) for their next chapter - whatever that may be. This is typically the type of client that I attract; the one that has awakened to wanting the absolute best for themselves and is ready to make a big shift in their lives, which is always associated with making lasting behavioral change for their ultimate well-being. - - Together, we tackle Fear and all of its baggage, navigate through the rough waters of mental questioning + chaos, prepare the emotional, mental and psychical bodies for the energetic shift, and finally - transition and arrive at the desired next stop triumphantly and most importantly, authentically. - - The soul knows when a change is needed or near in one’s life. It’s a feeling you get deep within. It lingers and whispers until we choose to listen and then take that nerve racking first step forward. The best part about making any big life transition...you don’t need to do alone. #lifecoach - - #higherconsciousness #createalifeyoulove #journeywithin #balance #intentionalliving #leadership #5thdimension #testimonial #grateful
Sometimes, a slight shift in perspective makes all the difference. ✨ - - #hike #switzerland #yogi #bethelight #headstand #travel #gypsy
Before we left for our Europe trip, this concept kept coming up as a theme with a few of my clients...We discussed that from a spiritual perspective, we have drawn in people, circumstances and events that reflect back to us a mirror of things we may need to work on within ourselves. This can be a tough reality to grasp and something I too struggle with from time-to-time.- - What often happens is when someone else is triggering us, pushing our boundaries, being difficult to manage etc., we want to place blame on the other person. We say things like, “They should know better!” or “I don’t have time for this.” or “How are they not aware of how they’re making me/others feel?!” etc., etc. - - What we forget is that at a deep subconscious level, you’ve attracted this person and their behavior into your world to help you grow - if you choose to be open to growth. Our Spirit Guides know this, they’re rooting for us to learn quickly to offset our self-inflicted suffering. They are cheering for us to wake-up and learn to inwardly reflect, as opposed to projecting our unmet expectations on others or blaming others. Not taking any accountability or blaming others is easy. When we do this, we create a justifiable argument that we don’t need to do anything different...”they’re at fault, therefore THEY need to change.” - It takes much maturity and self discipline to slow down, quietly reflect, and ask ourselves, “What is this person’s behavior trying to teach me about myself? What is this person triggering in me, that may need my attention?” Once we get the lesson, it becomes easier to manage other people’s behavior toward us without the emotional charge that we often carry in our energetic bodies. - - From this place you can speak, move and act in alignment with your expansive higher-self, instead of the limiting and often offended ego. - - #lawofone #higherconsciousness #bethelight #lifecoach #leadership #coaching
Old Town Zürich Switzerland really WOWed us. We were only in town for 24 hours but in those sacred hours we discovered that the Old Town can be characterized by its gorgeous cobblestone pedestrian-only streets and picturesque houses. Some structures have been standing there since the Middle Ages!- - We learned that some parts of the historical quarter, such as the ‘Lindenhof’, were built on an area where human settlements are documented since as early as the 1st century BC. Other buildings in that area are of a much later date, though. The oldest ones have been built in the 13th century AD.- - We stayed right in the heart of Old Town Zürich in a 700 year-old boutique hotel called “Marktgasse Hotel Zürich”. When they remodeled the building, they kept some of the original columns and intricate ceiling detail that was authentic to the structure.- - We had signature cocktails at the bar next to our hotel called, “Baltho Küche & Bar” and had the pleasure of talking to the delightful bar manager, Louis, about his special bar and the philosophy behind the experience of creating and serving speciality drinks with pride, precision and love - it was quite a special evening.- - If you’ve ever been interested in exploring Zürich, I highly recommend you check it out. - - #zurich #switzerland #travel #createalifeyoulove #gratitude #gypsylife #photography #connection #loveothers
I’m learning that Danes are some of the happiest and most satisfied people on earth. This is also reflected in several international studies. This apparent satisfaction with life is often credited to 'soft factors' – culture, leisure time and family life.- - They believe in the multi-faceted, whole human being. Sure, careers and business opportunities are central to a good lifestyle, but they believe that life is also about family, friends, leisure activities and your very own private time – values weaved into the fabric of a life in Denmark. For example - by law, Danes are required to take 5-6 weeks of vacation/holiday time per year.- - So take your darn vacation time, loves! And remember, your work/career is just one of the MANY multifaceted expressions of who you are. And who you are is a divine being of love + light, who signed up to come here to FULLY experience human life during this particular time period, on planet earth, so...create a life you love. 🙌🏻 ✨- - #perspective #balance #worktolive #bethelight #higherconsciousness #europe #travel
So much love for this man and this amazing city. We’re considering acquiring dual citizenship. 🇩🇰🇩🇰 🤗- - #copenhagen #denmark #createalifeyoulove #neverstopexploring #createyourexperience