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✨A M A N D A 🦄 A G U I R R E✨


INFJ 🔮 Latina on a journey to vegan🌱🍴, environmentalist🌎🌊, Cat Mama🐈 who's #ChasingGREATNESS✨ Join me! Let's get there TOGETHER! 💪

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Trying to switch my mindset about life happening TO you into life happening FOR you. Which also means that I have to trust the universe, and what it brings to my plate, as being ALL for a reason.
Lately I've been doing yoga in the mornings. I haven't been showing it because I've been on this thing about just being in the moment and not really thinking about taking photos for anything. Hence, the kind of drop in photos. Regardless, trying to bring some peace back into my life.
Time to repost this again.  #repost @lbsurfrider ・・・ Repost @natgeo 📷 and caption: @justinhofman | This is a photo that I wish didn’t exist, but now that it does, I want everyone to see it. What started as an opportunity to photograph a cute little sea horse turned into one of frustration and sadness as the incoming tide brought with it countless pieces of trash and sewage. This sea horse drifts with the trash day in and day out as it rides the currents that flow along the Indonesian archipelago. This photo serves as an allegory for the current and future state of our oceans. What sort of future are we creating? How can your actions shape our planet?  #riseaboveplastics #surfrider #longbeach
"Badassery is a daily practice, not a result". . . If badassery is one of your goals, if any of this resonates with you, and you're ready to achieve your health/fitness/ nutrition goals, then I need you on my team! #teamawestruck✨ . . Because believing in your own magic can help others believe in theirs.
Happy mother's day to me! Who spends half my grocery bill on one bag of grain-free, raw dry food for my furbabies because they refuse to eat wet food. But that's not the point.  The point is, there is more than one type of mama out there! So Happy Mother's Day to all the Cat Mama's, Dog Mama's, Grand Mama's-Raising-They-Grandchildren, Single Mama's, Dad Mama's, Step Mama's, Adopted Mama's, Surrogate-Mama's-Who-Gave-Others-The-Opportunity-To-Be-Mamas, Sister's-Picking-Up-The-Slack-For-They-Own-Mama's, Foster Mama's, Drag Mama's, and anybody else I may have forgotten! ❤ You are ALL queens! 👑
👑🔮Harmony 👑🔮 Energy 👑🔮 Healing 👑 🔮Clarity 👑 🔮Calmness
She cute! ❤ 👧🏽 👧🏽 👧🏽 #tbt to when I was 3/4 years old and obsessed with bothering my neighbors because they had Andes chocolate.
Also, a great big Happy Birthday to one of the men who inspire me, @therock .
We have a new Mindful Eating program that just launched ✨TODAY✨, and I'm going to be switching up my nutrition and trying that way of eating while I do my workouts. Don't worry, I'm still on my way to vegan! 🌱 I'll be hosting a group for anybody who wants to do it along with me!👫👭 No measuring, no counting calories, no macros, just learning to eat in a way that nourishes you! AND, you don't have to workout to join! 🛀🏽 In fact, working out is extra credit! This program is for people who really struggle with nutrition and nothing has worked for them! Or people like me who enjoy learning new things! 📖✏💭 This is a unique opportunity to go through the program with me from day 1⃣. If you'd like more info, full out the link in my bio (Mindful Eating Group), drop a 🍓 below in the comments or DM me your email address! Who's ready for FOOD FREEDOM??
Ever since I started my journey to plant-based eating, I've really learned to LOVE vegetables 🌽🌶🍄🍋 (not that I didn't before) but it's a whole new level now! And although I don't eat healthy all the time, I still can't resist a slice of pizza 😫🧀🍕, eating healthy isn't isn't about being on a regiment or being strict. It's about what makes my body feel good. 💯 I love food and can't wait to help more people achieve this mindset around food next month with the launch of our newest program that's all about FOOD FREEDOM! 😍 More details soon!
Beach night
You know, @Beyonce and @therock have some damn good fitness motivation. 💪🏽 #shiftintosummer