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German Collector / Nerd, der Spaß am fotografieren seiner eigenen Figuren, Filme, selbst Erlebtem hat, dies aus Freude daran hier mit anderen möchte

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I was tagged by @teelaholic for 10 images - 10 Movies - 10 Days - no explanation - Day 3 I tag @simonthesorcerer87
I was tagged by @teelaholic for 10 images - 10 movies - 10 days - no explanation. Day 2: I tag @fred76x
I was tagged by @teelaholic for 10 images. 10 movies. 10 days. No explanation. Day1: I tag @tobsi78
Ash is ready for a Pokemon Battle 👊
I was tagged for my #top5toys, here they are:  1: StarLord: he was the first HotToys figure, I fell in love with, loved the details and everything on this figure and I've never paid more for a figure until this moment 😀 2: Swimming Donatello: Love the gimmick, that he can swim in water, in the #90s more figures hat gimmicks/featurettes like that, I missed that at today toys 3: my first MotU Classics Figure: Stratos. Randomly I found this figure 2009 by searching for Motu Stuff (just for fun). I saw this figure, the presentation, it was just "Wow, I must have this". As I ordered this figure, the seller contacts me again, if I am also interested in future classics releases and so began my collection of Masters of the Universe Classics 😉 4: Stinkor: Loved him, loved the gimmick as child, that he can smell so much. I didn't have the one from my childhood, but so glad he is released again in Classics with his feature👍 5: FanMan: loved the figure as child in the Cartoon Series and as it ne announced in the classics line, I was so happy, that this figure was also the first one, I bought twice to have on MOC. It also is the first figure in Classics which is a never been released before figure from the Filmation line
I was tagged by @orkowl and @david.k.c for #myfirstmotu figure - nothing spectacular, it was the Two-Pack of He-Man an BattleCat. Stinkor was the only figure I also get. In my childhood not many friends/classmates had Master Figures to play. So there is not that much of Nostalgie, we watch more the He-Man Cartoons. My figure time begins with the Real Ghostbusters and Turtles 😉 I tag @andrehohne @tobsi78 @fred76x  to show us there first motu figure 😊
Thor 🔨 to the rescue
Die Masters machen einen Ausflug 😉
Teela vs Hoover Robots
Tonight's Movie 📽 Scream 😱
My Chip'n Dale Rescue Rangers Figures at Adventureland at Disneyland Paris
Teela, Stridor and Fisto
Tonight's Movie 📽 Some like it hot 👙
Epic Battle  Fisto and Stridor battle Jitsu and Night Stalker
@orkowl want's to see the backside of the packaging, here it is 😉
Fisto waits so long for the release of Stridor, now he finally arrived 😀
"Waiter, there's a fly in my Mojito"😅 Fun with my Rescue Ranger Figures at Cafe Fantasia at Disneyland Paris June 2018
Star-Mouse and Captain Duck celebrating the Marvel Summer of Super Heroes at Disneyland Paris