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Writer. I look at things. https://sensitiveskinmagazine.com/kalis-day-by-bonny-finberg-a-review/#crushedandtwisted #mask #LouLou

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Premiere of #johnlutheradams #inthenameoftheearth @cathedralofstjohnthedivine Unfortunately, my phone ran out of storage. I should’ve waited to film. It was spectacular, what a cathedral is for—transcendence. Audience moved around the space as six choruses were stationed at four directional points and two in front and rear of center. If you click on #inthenameoftheearth there are many videos uploaded to Instagram.
My #dreamdress. by #jeanpaulgaultier @ the #metropolitanmuseumofart #heavenlybodies
#francisbacon  David Sylvester : "The image of sides of meat is obviously one that means a great deal to you." Francis Bacon: "Well, it does. But, of course, one has got to remember as a painter that there is this great beauty in the color of meat." David Sylvester "Indeed, of course, Rembrandt used a carcass of beef hanging up almost as a stand-in for the Crucifixion, intentionally or not." Francis Bacon: "I never think of that. And I never think of it as a carcass of beef even. The odd thing is that I don't think that carcass of meat is one of Rembrandt’s great pictures, because I don't think it's very much like meat. It looks to me like a lump of wax hanging there. I don't think it's a great painting of meat. I don't know what the great paintings of meat are".
#johnchamberlain Baby you can crush my car.
#philipglass’s first European tour. He accompanied #richardserra as his assistant to help with installation. He worked for three years as his studio assistant and played his music at the galleries showing Serra’s work. Most audiences loved his music but... #wordswithoutmusic #autobiography
#gothamrealty #reality #nyc
#caconrad @ #themothership #woodstock
Misty mountain morning.
Goin’ up the country with my besties. And my beasties #weirdzombieeyes
Happy Birthday #pennyarcade! You sure know how to throw a party.  #pangea