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NASM/NESTA The Ultimate Guide To Greater Glutes V2! WWW.BRITTANYPERILLE.COM Legion ⚡️Athletics Supplements 👇🏼

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Make stretching a priority!🧘🏻‍♀️ SMFR, Yoga and stretch out session 💆🏼‍♀️. Each pose, stretch and movement is centered around regaining a wider range of motion through lengthening of the muscles. Repetitive short/small range of motion movements performed in lifting can cause the muscles to tighten and shorten. This is why I spend a little time each day flowing through a sequence of poses and stretches. I always look forward to my Sunday mornings ☕️ when I can spend over an hour flowing before I take the little 👩‍👦to Church ☺️. My sessions include a ton of down dogging, hamstring lengthening, hip opening and spinal twisting/rocking 💓 . Link in my bio for the supps I take @legionath My Personal Training Programs 👇🏼 www.brittanyperille.com
Husband ordered me 🍕 in bed last night 🤷🏼‍♀️, ‘twas good for my soul ☺️ #mombod
How do you hold mass/build muscle in your glutes while Breastfeeding?! 🤯 I read this over and over again...🤷🏼‍♀️ SO hard for many of us! It has been a real challenge to continue nursing/weaning my 15 month old 🤱WHILE trying to build/hold mass in my gluteals and shred every where else 😓! Triiiickkyy BUT I am ridiculously determined! Try these!👇🏼 🔥Glute Focused Landmine Lunges- my arm is extended to help with balance and I am driving my heel hard into the floor. 🔥Glute Focused Landmine DL- again, driving hard through your heel. 🔥Banded Abduction into Leg extension- at the top of the Abduction, extend your leg laterally. 🔥Banded Straight Leg Lifts-band is placed at or below the knee. Link in bio for all supplements I take @legionath My personal Programs-www.BrittanyPerille.com
Abductions!! 😅 Gluteus Medius work is suuuper important in highly developing the 🍑. Every single one of my gluting sessions will include medius exercises 👍🏻 . 👉🏼Cable Abductions 👉🏼 Banded Lying Bench Abductions 👉🏼 Seated Abductions . Click the link in my bio for the Whey+ Protein I drink @legionath Recharge is also 20% off until tomorrow! My Personal Programs-www.BrittanyPerille.com
Take me to the gym with you! 🙋🏼‍♀️ All my programs are now available in mobile 📱 viewing! It’s time to get to work 💪🏻 ladies!! www.BrittanyPerille.com
First Mommy works 😅 and then Baby 🙆🏼‍♀️🤭🤫 . . . Click the link in my bio for the supplements I take @legionath My NEW programs 👇🏼 www.BrittanyPerille.com
🙋🏼‍♀️Let me help you Build Your Glutes!! My Ultimate Guide to Greater Glutes V2! An enhanced version with MANY more of my gluteal exercises to get you that 🍑 booty just in time for summer! It has a more comprehensive nutrition guide with tips and a dozen sample meal plans! This is my PERSONAL ROUTINE that helped me achieve my results, even after pregnancy!💁🏼‍♀️ 📧Email me if you need help choosing between my programs! Visit my website: WWW.BRITTANYPERILLE.COM
Who’s ready for it?! 🎉😱 My ALL NEW Ultimate Guide to Greater Glutes V2 🍑 is now live on my website! Check out all the details of both my At-Home and Gym Based programs at www.brittanyperille.com Happy Booty Building Ladies!! 😍 . *This is why I have been so absent from social media 🙆🏼‍♀️☺️
Dumbbell Warmup Sequence 🙋🏼‍♀️ Those buns and inner thighs will wake up real quick 🤗 ⭐️DB Squat 🌟DB Goblet Squat ⭐️DB Lateral lunge to Sumo Squat . Flash Sale on Pulse Pre-Workout!! 20% off Link in Bio 💪🏻 @legionath
Training back is more important to me than ever before!  1- I am constantly holding or bending over to pick up my 13 month old. Don’t get me wrong, I am cherishing EVERY single second of him wanting mommy 🤱to hold/snuggle him ☺️ (killing me he is growing up at ⚡️speed 😰💔). 2- Pregnancy has caused not only my hips to widen but also my waist. So it is absolutely crucial for me to build up my back as wide as I can to offset a slightly wider waist. 👍🏻
Part 2-Building a Healthy Booty 🍑 www.brittanyperille.com
🔥 Gluteal Superset Part 1 My face reviewing these clips 😳... I have never held this much mass in my lower body in my entire life, just rolling with it at the moment 🤷🏼‍♀️ DEATH to your Glutes👇🏼👏🏻 •Cable Prone Angled SL Kicks -Foot does not kick straight up. It should travel slightly towards the opp. leg. • Bench Prone Triangle Kicks -Knees drop down & in the direction of your elbows. Contract your gluteals as hard as possible when your feet meet. • Ball Feet Together (🐸) Hip Thrusts -Press the soles of your feet together to help with greater gluteal engagement. For all my programs and personal cueing, visit my website www.brittanyperille.com @Legionath for all Supps I take! Click my Bio!