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Bushwick Street Cats


Helping community cats through TNR in Bushwick, BKNY. Adoption events every Sunday 1-5 at 447 Graham Ave in Williamsburg! Come to Meowmania July 21st:

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It's #spayday for Flimflam! I told him we were going to the cat food factory, he was nonplussed. #floofykitten #kittensofbushwick
Our boy Alley-Oop has been confirmed positive for Feline Leukemia. This means he won't live as long as most cats, but it doesn't mean he shouldn't get to enjoy life while he can. We need an adopter or long-term foster who has no other cats. Alley-Oop is very friendly and loving and is in great health otherwise. Please consider helping him land a space where he can play and cuddle with a human or two. We're happy to work with you to help cover supplies and vet care as needed. We just want this guy to get the life he deserves! #felv #adoptthiscat #fosterneeded #gingercatsofinstagram #catsofbushwick #catsofbrooklyn #bushwick #nyc
Don't sleep on MEOWMANIA! This Saturday! See below for more info. ---- @bushwickbarkOur 2nd Annual Meowmania Party & Animal Rescue Fundraiser is going to feature some pretty awesome vendors with kick ass food and merch from: @dromahair_printing @betterthanjam @homocats @kittenlidz @princessmonstertruck @straycatsocialclub @riverdelcheese @allthebadcats and of course @bushwickbark ! Please join us next Sat July 21 from 2-6pm at @pineboxrockshop for the best CAT PARTY of the year - all to benefit cat rescue!! @whiskers_agogo @bushwickcats @northbrooklyncats #bushwick #bushwickpets #bushwickcats #catsofbushwick #kitten #kittens #cat #cats #catsofinstagram #adoptdontshop
Always nice to meet an eartipped feral while strolling through the neighborhood #tnr #eartip #feralcat #bushwickcats #itshiptobetipped
Meowmania is heading to @pineboxrockshop this Saturday! Join us with @northbrooklyncats, @whiskers_agogo and @bushwickbark with adoptable cats and kittens plus a bunch of fun cat stuff!
Meet these guys right now at @muddypawsny and adopt some/all of them! We're here until 5! 447 Graham Ave in Williamsburg. @northbrooklyncats @whiskers_agogo #adoptionevent #adoptdontshop
8 days until Meowmania! #meowmania2018 @northbrooklyncats @whiskers_agogo @bushwickbark @pineboxrockshop
A happy footnote to Foxy's sad story: the three kittens in the crate are from the litter belonging to Foxy, the cat who was found paralyzed the other day. One kitten has been adopted by the caretaker (who also has Foxy's sister). And they trapped the other 3, whom we're hosting until they're big enough to fix. Reluctant step-mom Hollywood is keeping a close watch ... on the kittens' food. #kittensofbushwick #feralkittens
Meowmania is heading your way! Our annual feline fest lands at @pineboxrockshop July 21st. Check out the info below. Clear your schedule!  _________ CALLING ALL FELINE FANATICS: It's that time of year! Join your favorite local cat rescue groups for the cat party of the year at PINE BOX ROCK SHOP in Brooklyn.  @northbrooklyncats , @whiskers_agogo  and @bushwickcats have teamed up with @bushwickbark to throw a cat-tastic fundraising event to raise money that will help us save more kitties!  The party will feature: -Adoptable Cats and Kittens -NYC's Best CAT SWAG Vendors -Drink Discounts (with purchase of a special wristband, proceeds of which go to our rescue groups) -Selfies with Kittens -Contest for Best Cat-Themed Outfit -Raffles for Amazing Prizes for You and Your Cat  Most importantly.... PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO LOCAL CAT RESCUE ORGANIZATIONS!! ***ALL AGES WELCOME BUT MINORS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT***
Flipflop and Flimflam vie for the title of Cat Dancer Champion #adoptthesekittens #kittenbros #floofykittens #polydactyl
One of our adopters found this lil' guy outside his apartment all by his lonesome. It was too hot and too exposed to try to wait for the mom cat to return so we took him in. Turns out he's much older than we first thought, just exceptionally runty. He's being cared for by our friend @nicolebaturin and will be available for adoption once he quadruples his weight! Photo by @evalovescats #kittenseason2018 #kittensofbushwick
Meowmania is coming July 21st! Check out the awesome logos and mark your calendars!  #repost @bushwickbark (@get_repost) ・・・ A HUGE thank you to everyone who submitted a logo for #meowmania2018 !! 1. Emma Jean @sallyhandsome  2. Hope Glastris @hglastris  3. Ian Clyde @ianwilsonclyde  4. Christine Liao 5. Tiffany Kuan @woofoscar 6. Danielle Ancrile @danico888  We’ll have plenty of Meowmania merch at the event on Saturday, July 21 at @pineboxrockshop! Come by and support local rescue!! @whiskers_agogo @bushwickcats @northbrooklyncats 😽
UPDATE: She did not improve overnight, and in fact got worse. We met with the vet who confirmed nothing more could be done. We made the tough decision to euthanize her. Vet now believes the issue originated in the brain: a stroke, tumor or even some kind of parasite. Thanks for everyone's kind words, suggestions and donations. We hope we made her as comfortable as possible until the end. --- This cat was found unable to walk or even move. She seems to have paralysis in all 4 limbs. Added to that, she seems to be blind AND has no teeth. She is only around 3 years old. The only positive sign so far is that she ate a little food on her own. Vet thinks it could be trauma or some kind of severe infection. We wonder if it could be poisoning too, though there aren't many of the usual symptoms.  We are holding her overnight in the hopes she will improve. We have seen some movement in her toes, so we will continue supportive care for now. Frankly, it doesn't look good but we're hoping she can turn it around.
Broseph shows off his handball skills. He'd love to give you an in-home demo ... forever! #adoptthiscat #fivcat #catsofbushwick
Doozy can often be found on the top-most perch on his tower these days. He traded in his bland perch coverings for some super fancy handmade mini quilts from @thekittycatfarm ! They donated several different prints, we went with the "jolly elephant" motif for contrast 😹 It's okay Doozy, we can tell your appreciate the gift! #helpdoozy
Breakfast time #backyardcolony
A brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal #backyardcolony
Doozy's bloodwork came back mostly good with one glaring issue: a glucose reading of 287. There normal reference range is 64-170. We brought him in for another glucose test and it was 322. So we think he may be diabetic.  Now if he was a regular housecat we could give him insulin injections, but this guy definitely does not want to be touched, let alone stuck with a needle. So we're going to try to help him via diet and see if that helps get the numbers down.  Ironically, this is our first diabetic cat in all these years. So we'll be doing some research on how best to care for him. But as you can see, in just over a week he's really perked up and is looking better every day! #helpdoozy