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USMC Vet 🇱🇷 Personal Trainer 💪🏻🏃

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Start to finish.. I won’t be doing commission for anyone anytime soon but it’s pretty good for three hours work.
**Sorry for the long post** That face you make when you finally hit your 20 pound weight loss goal. Today, I left work in tears because life reminded me that I don’t have it all figured out and I can make a million plans for my future but it will work out the way it is supposed to.. which isn’t always the way I thought would be perfect. I had to be reminded that if I want something in life, I have to fight with everything I have to make it work. Some days life will be rainbows and sunshine and some days you won’t be able to see any light.. just darkness. You have to keep going though. If you find that love that you didn’t know existed, hang on with everything you have because it will be worth it. Don’t waste one day not pursuing exactly what makes you happy. Be a badass in everything you do in life. Eat your veggies, go to the gym, love fiercely, don’t let the sun go down without letting someone know how you feel, and last, but not least, love yourself.. you’re beautiful! #ashleyhornertransformyou #behappybehealthy #loveyourself
I will always tell people to give all you can to help someone or to make someone happy. Sometimes, I give and it comes back to “bite me in the butt” but it is always worth it. It hurts so much when you give your heart to someone and the feelings are reciprocated but don’t give up. Love with all you have, no matter what the outcome.
First up-cycling project that I’ve successfully completed. (I forgot to take a picture before I started, so I got the picture from the website). This started out as a worn, wooden serving tray and turned out as a sign for my favorite fisherman. I am pretty happy with the final product. #upcycling #palletproject #craftsy #diy #diyhomedecor #fishingdecor #gonefishing
My entire life I have always wanted to be that girlfriend that was referred to as “good looking.” While those compliments are great, this compliment meant so much more to me today. I’ve always worked so hard to impress people by my outward appearance.. fake nails, fake hair, hair extensions, and on and on and on, but recently I have realized that none of that really matters to me. While, I think that it’s perfectly okay if you need all those things to make you feel pretty, I just don’t need them for myself anymore. I have been working on loving myself for who I actually am and having this man in my life has only made things that much more amazing. He compliments me every day on how attractive he thinks I am, but days like today he give me the best compliment he could give. He will likely hate that I posted this but I just want everyone to know how amazing I think he is. #hesmyperson #hesmyfavorite #imoneluckygirl
What’s it like having two pit bulls?... well this I how we spend every Saturday morning.. all three of us piled into one recliner. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. #pitbullrescue #pitbullsofinstagram #brotherandsister #odinandtheia #spoiledrottenpups
I’ve always been one to do all my makeup and make sure all my “flaws and freckles” were covered. This past week,when getting ready to go to dinner, he says to me “don’t put all that makeup on babe. You really don’t need it.” I just stared at him.. kinda in shock and disbelief because he didn’t want me “all-done-up.” So I spent the next few days just going without any makeup. Now, I’m in love with just being natural. I couldn’t be more grateful to have such an amazing man in my life that always builds me up. #imoneluckywoman #hesmyperson #ashleyhornertransformyou #rebelliaselflovechallenge #behappybehealthy #loveyourself
I don’t think this will ever get old. I can’t wait to be able to come back and visit this beautiful city again. This was the perfect ending to a perfect week😍
The “good-byes” seem to get harder every time. I’ve never met anyone who sets my soul on fire like you. You are so full of life and happiness that it makes me happy just to be around you. I had an amazing time with you and can’t wait until our next adventure. You make me truly happy. It’s not good bye, just see you next time. #hesmyperson #hesmyfavorite #distancemakestheheartgrowfonder
When you finally get all the boxes checked!! 🎉🎉 #31andfinallydone #imgraduating #december2018🎓
Just some thoughts for the day #loveyourself #behappybehealthy #ashleyhornertransformyou
They definitely have two opposite opinions of how much they enjoy being at the vet’s office. #shesnotfatjustoverlyhealthy #hesalwayshappy #pitbullrescue #pitbullsofinstagram #odinandtheia
Be who you truly want to be. Then man who truly cares will love you no matter what. You have to love yourself before you can truly love someone else. #behappybehealthy #loveyourself
This is so very easy for me to do. After a little soul searching, I realized I’ve almost lost myself again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still happily in love. I still look forward to talking to him or seeing him but I’ve lost focus on the things that I’m passionate about. I guess I realized he fell for who I was not who I think he wants me to be. So I said all that to say, don’t lose yourself in someone else. Chase life with an immense passion and fire that no one can put out. People will love you for who you are. Don’t try to be who you think they want. #loveyourself #chaseyourdreams #neversettle #ashleyhornertransformyou
Well, I signed up again. I am determined to stay focused for the entire 10 weeks this time. I have every planned and I have an amazing support system. I can’t wait to see the changes over the next ten weeks. #ashleyhornertransformyou #behappybehealthy #loveyourself @transformyouchallenge
Humans will fail you on a daily basis but dogs... dogs will comfort and love you no matter what. #sogladtobehome #shesmygirl #pitbullrescue #pitbullsofinstagram
Well Hawaii, you have been a blast but it is time for me to return back to my puppers in Texas. #soclosebutsofar
People matter. Don’t be a dick just because you’re having a bad day.. a simple smile or a “hello” goes a long way. #peoplematter #itjusttakesasecond #dontletanyonedullyourshine