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treasure coast FL & beyond documenting life, living & love for adventurers, the crazy in love, & the in betweens photos@caitymarie.com

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the in-between moments have my heart
THE look.. It is evvvverything + more
A million little moments woven together with grace, redemption, laughter, tears & most of all love.  Happy Mothers Day to all of you beautiful mamas, you are one of a kind 💕
Oh hey Friday 👋🏼 Popping in to reintroduce myself a bit before this craaazy month ahead takes over. Here we go! 😅 . May is the anniversary month for CMP.  YAY for 1 year! 🎉 . I'm afraid of heights-deathly afraid, but  oddly fascinated by airplanes 😆 . I dislocated my kneecap 10 years ago during my first high school volleyball game & its never been the same since. . D🍩nuts are everything . I beat a song to the pulp. I discover it, obsess over it, then hate it. Woops 🤷🏻‍♀️ . The color sage is everything to me. It covers my interior walls, my branding, & more if I let it . My go-to pick me up is an iced latte, liiiike every day, sometimes twice a day . Comfy dresses are my thing. Pants are overrated . I leave every session imprinted from all that I meet & and their stories . I'm critical of myself and my work, but when I love an image, i reeeeeally love it 😉  Til next time friends 👋🏼
In the year I've been doing this, I have yet to leave a session without warmth on my heart.  This day in particular, though, was nothing short of a wonder. Little B shared with me her grins and giggles from beginning to end. It was all you'd need to make your day a little brighter. A very happy 1st birthday to this sweet girl
leaving you with this angelic face and contagious smile as we head into the weekend 😌
Waiting a minute for the rain to pass was the best decision I made this day.. This little merbabe just crossed the 7 month mark 🌊
being a witness to the love between two I could just do this forever
Stay wild child 🍂
Soon to be mommy to three.. No matter how many times you experience it, it is still so incredibly special and beautiful each and every time you welcome a new life.. Little man is on his way here any moment now
Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together make this world a beautiful garden 🌼
The very last frame of the evening, and quite possibly my favorite. It looks nothing like the rest, yet says so much.  Proof that a mothers arms are more comforting than anyone else's
Me ^ Because it's not just annny Friday, it's Good Friday! And a Good Friday it shall beeee  Beginning with weekend adventures.  We'll be heading somewhere familiar and fun & be back just in time for some good ol Easter egg hunting. I hope every bunny has an eggstravagant holiday weekend! 🐣
This duo will soon be a trio!  safe to say baby brother will be one loved little guy
No love like a mamas love
another week down! & a busy one at that. So here I am taking a quick minute to show face (literally) 😋 That's me up there, Caity! Creative behind all you see here. Today's #fridayintroduction is brought to you by the bit of inspiration I've had lingering on my brain lately. I've thought to myself recently about how to consistently better my business here that is my love for documenting all of the things.. To never become complacent, but to continue to challenge myself even if in the smallest of ways. If you don't, you may never realize what you can become.  And what a difference I've not only seen but felt.  There is so much to be done & I am so looking forward to what I can cross of my little list of to-try's!
a quick dip into a milk bath to celebrate the halfway mark to 1 year, because why not? 🤷🏻‍♀️
witnessing the unbreakable bond between momma & her babe..it is something so effortless & natural . . scroll to the left to melt your heart a little 💕