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Have Camera, Will Travel. LDS•Photographer•Speaker•Director #chrisburkard

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Been waiting a long time to see this place. I never totally understood why the canyon was a physical & spiritual gathering place for so many indigenous people, now it all makes sense. @navajomylo you are as a good a teacher as photographer. Grateful to know you & spend some time learning from you.
Just big Ants playing in dirt.
The grassy toadstools below Mitre Peak don’t offer much in terms wind protection. Vertical drop offs on both sides & non existent flat spots made pitching a tent pretty heinous. We put every piece of gear inside we could including rocks, this resulted in tearing the bottom of the tent. 5 of us huddled around pieces of grass & rock atop this false summit below Mitre for the night. @coreyrichproductions barely brought sleeping gear. We lucked out with windless conditions which barely happens in these mountains.  1 right out of bed, straight to taking pictures of the inversion. 2 @snackfarmer after finally weighing down the @blackdiamond tent.  3 Dinner! Miso Soup 4 me shooting the sunrise with a @hoyafilterusa graduated neutral density filter  5 stylish sun protection near the summit :) 6 sunrise! One of the best in my life. Packing up to get a higher vantage.
The Golden State. California’s nickname originated from it’s vast fields of yellow poppies that bloom in spring as well as the iconic Gold Rush era that in many ways put the west on the map. As a kid I was enthralled by the history of California & how the west was won. For many, the western frontier represented the freedom & ability to raise ones social status & standing if you were just willing to make the journey. Some still feel it.
When it seems like a once in a lifetime moment, warm evening sun breaking through the thick Big Sur fog, there is something special knowing you weren’t the only one to experience it. Look closely & you will find em.
Fire in the Yosemite backcountry.. We often think of fire as such a destructive force. But perhaps the most amazing adaptation is that of evergreen trees, specifically Pine & Sequoias, that need fire to release their seeds to sprout. Literally melting the thick resin of the pine cone & clearing the ground for germination. Wilderness has been a pretty good teacher.
Alaska. Simply put, a place I am ill equipped to put into words. My earliest experiences left me hungry for more, & I can honestly say I’m still trying to process my last trip. Being left without words for the way we feel can be a really special thing I’ve learned, that’s where images come in.
iPhone Summit views last night atop Steck Salathé. While sitting at the base of the climb we debated whether to bring the real camera or not... it seems like every time you do the camera never comes out or is just extra weight, but then every time you don’t the sky turns to fire & you’re just left soaking it all in.  I guess less time with the camera pressed to my face is a good thing these days, every detail seems a bit more visceral, and I’m forced to really take it in to preserve the memory.  @tedhesser
Face muscles stop working pretty fast when you are in cold water. The excitement from this session could only be heard every so often when a guttural yell would come from each of us after a set wave. We were covered head to toe in 6mm of rubber, with a tiny circle for the mouth and eyes. We probably sounded like cavemen trying to communicate as we yelled back and forth with a partially frozen smile. I loved every minute of that session.  @mikeydetemple
During the brief moments that the sun hit our cold bodies, Alaska felt almost tropical.
Navigating through dense ice requires patience and skill. The @auroraarktika moved at a snails pace, weaving through puzzle pieces of pack ice, forcing us to enjoy the moments of stillness where all we could do was wait, and take in all of our surroundings. When the wind stops, it was surprising just how warm it could be. That’s the beauty of this method of travel, you literally become a part of the environment, even if just for a moment.. @ritonkulous on the bow of the Arktika
After hiking 23 km over a Fjord in Greenland, the Arktika was a welcome sight. Arktika is a Dutch built ketch-rigged oceangoing sailingyacht that is fully equipped and certified to sail around the world. The hull shape is directly derived from the famous Colin Archer which is known for good sailing characteristics in northern waters. I’ve  learned a lot about this boat during the weeks I’ve spent living on it. I don’t consider myself much of a sailor or even a seaworthy person at heart but I’m always happy to call this home.