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🐾Coco - female mini #dachshund 🌳UK 🎂16:10:17 👸🏻Mum - @lorraineanneeccles ❤️DM/Email for collabs ❤️

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Happy #tot hope these make you giggle 🤭 swipe for more
Monday won’t find me in here!! Where do you hide from Mondays?
Sundays are for snoozing. That is, before it starts to rain!
How is your weekend going furriends? I had a lovely time playing with doggies and children at a big bbq.
I hold my paw up for dinner mummy!!
This weeks throwback is called ‘big fat puppy belly’ ENJOY 😊 tell me which is your fave!
Hello again #tot day! Can you tell the weekend to hurry up?
But you pawromised I could have that treat if I stood still for a photo!!
Do Your Ears Hang Low? Do They Wobble to and Fro? Can You Tie Them in a Knot? Can You Tie Them in a Bow? Can You Throw Them Over Your Shoulder Like a Continental Soldier?
Another throwback you say? Well why the hell not?? Baby me licking my fave sweet treat. BANANA!!! 🍌
Now I’m soooo sleepy after my walk!! I just go to sleeps now.. okay!!! Keep it down pawrents.
Growling at all the invisibles on my walk. See how the hair on my back stands up when I get excited about walkies... mummy says it makes me look like an anger pussy cat. Oh and I like to bunny hop all the way along 🤣🤣
You ready for this guys??? I call this weeks throwback ‘PUPPY EYES’ prepare yourselves and swipe to get all the feels 😍😍
Can I get 1000 likes and 100 boops?? Swipe to see LOOOAADS of my snoz! 🤣
Something got stuck to my nose on my walk today and I couldn’t get it off so I just started trotting around with it stuck on the snoot 🤣🤣🤣 ( mum said it looked like a bird had just exploded!! )
Squirrels squirrels I see squirrels. Let me has them SQUIRRELS!!!
Look into my eyes and tell me a secret! I might tell you one back 😋
Why is grass soooo yummy?????? Anyone else just sit and chew on it?