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WELCOME to the Community of Neeks! This page is dedicated to a unique mix of posting primarily Marvel, DC and Football!

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FOOTBALL NEWS: A sad day for all football fans and those especially of Juventus, as the LEGENDARY Gianluigi Buffon played his final game for Juventus, a club he has so loyally served for 17 years, leaving in pitch in tears but also happiness as he lifted their 7th Scudetto in a row which is absolutely bonkers! Surprised he's not actually retiring, rumours say he might be going to PSG😱. GRAZIE GIGI! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Well a bit of a surprise considering their recent bad form but Chelsea FC have won The FA Cup! I think they deserved it, they completely outclassed Man Utd the first half but had to defend for their lives in the second half, Utd had chances but completely wasted them with poor decision making. Chelsea defended to perfection and were far more lethal on the counter attack. Hazard absolutely electric, slotting home a penalty that turned out to be the winner and caused Utd's defence all sorts of problems. It did raise the question as to why Jones is going to the World Cup but Smalling isn't, he was actually excellent today. United were a bit unlucky, they played nice football in the second half but that was a true Antonio Conte tactical masterclass! Credit to @btsport @ballinfc , go follow him as he posts fantastic football images!
PSG: THOMAS TUCHEL IS THE NEW PSG MANAGER! Overall a good replacement for Emery. He has a very positive style of football, he got Dortmund playing some truly sensational attacking football and pretty much all the players really enjoyed playing under him, so I think the enthusiasm for playing under him will continue! My only concern is that he hasn't really got the European pedigree, something which I feel we need to win the UCL. But Dortmund were never really expected to win it and he did get them to the quarter finals last season which was a decent run. But I'm looking forward to his period of management and perhaps his positivity is what we need in Europe. BIENVENUE TUCHEL ET ALLEZ PARIS!
PSG: Our season is now finished and it ended with our 3rd domestic quadruple in 4 years which is blumin brilliant! We won the Coupe De France midweek 2-0 against a little known team called Les Herbiers who have unfortunately just got relegated to the 4th division in France. But our great captain Thiago Silva invited the Les Herbiers captain to lift the trophy with us, showing his incredible sportsmanship and class. Goals from Lo Celso and a penalty from Cavani sealed the victory. We celebrated the homecoming of the league title which is fully deserved after a pretty bad campaign last year so we have really picked ourselves up. The signings of Neymar and Mbappe have been a stroke of genius, we are on the verge of Europe's elite. Looking back, I do think we were a bit unlucky against Real Madrid, we really didn't deserve to lose 5-2 on aggregate. Plus, they are the back to back champions and are in the final again so no shame really! But we HAVE to get to the semi-finals next season or this project will be questioned. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Last night had some sadness though as the legendary Thiago Motta retired from football, after almost 7 amazing seasons with us. Without him, we would not have had the success we have had, a true leader and midfield general with a calming influence and impeccable touch and passing. Zlatan, Silva and Motta will forever be the backbone of our teams success. His incredible success with Inter Milan winning the treble will also be remembered forever. MERCI THIAGO MOTTA!!
RANKED: Welcome to my new series, RANKED! I'm quite busy at the moment but next month this should become regular as I enjoy seeing ranking videos of movies, TV series etc. The first entry is my ranking of the 9 Star Wars movies! This is just MY OPINION so don't get annoyed if you think one's better than the other because it's just my views. I'll provide a quick summary of my thoughts/opinions on each one so it's not a full review. Let's go! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #1 Star Wars The Last Jedi  Surprisingly mature, thoughtful storyline that features the best character development of the series. Acting is excellent, amazing action scenes (Kylo/Rey VS Snoke's guards😱). Despite Rose being possibly worse than Jar Jar Bink's, I absolutely love the attention to detail and character development, especially for Kylo Ren. Also, Poe Dameron 100X better in this! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #2 Return of the Jedi  Excellent end to an iconic trilogy, Mark Hamill gives by far his best performance in the trilogy as well as Carrie Fisher. Awesome action featuring an amazing fight between Luke and Vader that still holds up and is one of my favourite scenes from the saga. Solid character development and the best CGI out of the trilogy. Tough call between this and Empire Strikes Back, but I have more childhood memories of this one. Great film! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #3 Empire Strikes Back  Major improvement on A New Hope, Han Solo is at his badass best in this one. A seriously iconic and amazing Luke Vs Vader fight and the introduction of Yoda which I find to be brilliant and hilarious. Darth Vader is a serious badass as well. I rewatched this the other day because
MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU! Two stunning pieces of artwork of the iconic Jedi and Sith for you guys (wish I could draw like this). I'm a big Star Wars fan myself and I will be watching either Empire Strikes Back or The Force Awakens to celebrate! For Revenge of the FIFTH, I will do my ranking of my favourite Star Wars films and hopefully it's not Last Jedi controversial 😂😂😂 May the Force be with you!
UCL REVIEW: The UEFA Champions League final will be Real Madrid Vs Liverpool! Two teams with a long European history, Real making their 4th final in 5 seasons which is INSANE! It was not easy however for Real, as they were up against a well organised Bayern Munich team, who had the most possession and played better football over the two legs. Kimmich scored in both legs, Ribery showed his class and James Rodriguez made a bit of a statement against Real, as he was a metronome for Munich and scored in the second leg. But, Real's vast experience, individual quality and Zidane's seemingly magic touch for this trophy ultimately trumped Munich. Bayern wasted a huge amount of chances but Real were far more clinical. Two HUGE mistakes by Rafinha and Ulreich the goalkeeper cost Bayern dearly, with Asensio punishing Rafinha's mistake in the first leg whilst Benzema pounced on Ulreich's blunder, which is possibly the worst goalkeeping mistake in UCL history. I have to say, Benzema was fantastic in the second leg and for once performed in a big game, scoring two vital goals. Ramos and Varane were an IMMENSE duo at the back, constantly throwing their body on the line. Real Madrid have the chance to win their 3rd UCL in a row, 4th in 5 years and 13th in their history which would be truly astonishing! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Well who on earth would have thought Liverpool would make it to the final at the beginning of this season? They have played electrifying football, scoring heaps of goals and a certain Mo Salah being world class! The passion and dedication Jürgen Klopp has installed into this team has marked a potential long awaited return to Europe's elite, their last UCL win being in 2005. It wasn't easy though as Roma played very well in the second leg and managed to catch out a sloppy Liverpool defence in the last 10 mins of the first leg with 2 goals. It was the
NEWS: A couple days after the release of Avengers: Infinity War, we got a dope new poster and trailer for Ant-Man & The Wasp! This film looks exactly like what it should, a heist comedy with insane visuals and awesome chemistry between the actors. What's funny is that Scott Lang looks like an amateur in comparison to Hope Van Dyne when he's the one that's been doing it for longer😂😂 the poster also teases Janet Van Dyne played by Michelle Pfeiffer, so looking forward to flashback scenes between her and Hank. The bad news about this film is that's it got delayed by a full MONTH in the UK due to the World Cup. A shame but I can understand it, Europe and especially the UK is a huge market for football and Marvel know they won't make as much money if they release it at the same time so it's understandable. However, still very much pumped for what should be an excellent sequel! Leave your thoughts below!
NON SPOILER REVIEW: The BIG review is finally here, it's quite hard to talk about specifics without spoiling anything, so would you guys like a Spoiler review next weekend, because hopefully everyone has seen it then! Here we go... •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Wow this film is such a rollercoaster of action and emotions, it is a spectacle that needs to be seen to be believed. The opening 5 or so minutes throws you immediately into the story and doesn't waste anytime in setting the tone and style of the film which is dark, edge of your seat and shows you that you should expect the unexpected. There is a bonkers Hulk Vs Thanos fight that shows the skill and power of Thanos without the Infinity Stones, the menace of him is firmly established. The Russo Brothers said that this is a Thanos film as much as it is an Avengers film and oh boy Thanos steals the show on many occasions. Thanos, for me, is now the best Comic book film villain of all time, yep, even better than Heath Ledgers Joker (controversial!). His character development is amazing, you discover that he's not just a mindless creature who wants to destroy half the universe just because, he is actually a being with compassion and empathy which are really highlighted with his excellent scenes with Gamora that gives the character a huge amount of depth. When he fights the Avengers/Guardians it is a spectacle to behold, the way he uses the infinity Stones is mind blowing to see, the destruction and chaos he sows is something never seen before. There is something that he says to Gamora that actually really makes you reflect and think, "Has this guy actually got a point"? Also, the way he causes the ending is so evil but so masterfully done, but I won't spoil yet! His Black Order are pretty cool especially Ebony Maw but are given nowhere near the amount of development he is given, but that doesn't bother me
FOOTBALL NEWS: Yesterday, a tearful Andres Iniesta announced he is leaving Barcelona after 22 years. Despite my mixed feelings towards Barca as a club, this guy is the definition of The Beautiful Game. His one touch passing, silky dribbling, sublime assists, leadership and some very important goals for Barca makes him one of the best players of all time. For the Spanish national team he is also a legend, scoring that legendary World Cup final winning goal as well as being the brains behind back to back Euro wins. FC Barcelona would never have had the success they have had in the 21st century, he was the genius of Barca for many years. In my opinion, him and Xavi are the best midfielders of all time and Iniesta should have won a Ballon d'Or (2010 anyone?). The football world thanks you, @andresiniesta8 for a marvellous 22 year career with FC Barcelona. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• PSG manager Unai Emery confirmed that he is leaving the club at the end of the season, which means that he will have seen out the entirety of his contract. This is the right thing to do, ultimately we have gone backwards with him in Europe and ended our league winning streak but at least he got it back this season and he should have won us another domestic quadruple which is a solid achievement. But it's clear he doesn't know how to make us win the UCL and doesn't instill a big game mentality at all, so PSG need to get a manager with European experience. Khelaffi, in my opinion, has made the right decision to not extend his contract but I wish him all the best at his next club!
Late post on this but here is the main part of the new Venom trailer that came out a few days ago! 100X better than the first trailer, the relationship between Eddie Brock and the symbiote looks well executed and we finally get the reveal of Venom and he looks pretty DOPE! Bit of CGI work left to do on him to touch him up but awesome reveal and very excited! Avengers Infinity War review tomorrow!
ITS HERE, AVENGERS INFINITY WAR! I AM OFF TO GO SEE IT AND I SERIOUSLY CANNOT WAIT!! I will try to get a review up this Sunday, 99% sure it's going to be positive! AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!
The FA Cup final will be Manchester United Vs Chelsea!! Cracking semi-finals, with Utd coming from back from an early Dele Alli goal to get a well deserved 2-1 win, with two excellent goals from Sanchez and Herrera, with them two and Pogba being the outstanding players! Chelsea played a quite even game against Southampton but Giroud used some wonderful trickery in the box to score the opener, with Morata getting only his second goal this year to ensure their progression! Who do you think will win? On current form and Mourinho's know how on how to win these big cup games, I think Man Utd will be lifting their 13th FA Cup. But it will certainly be an entertaining game and looking forward to 19th of May!
Last weekend my team PSG wrapped up a thoroughly deserved Ligue 1 title! Our 7th in our history, we have simply been outstanding domestically this year, ripping apart pretty much all the teams. Neymar, Cavani, Silva, Mbappe and Di Maria our stand out players this season. I'n addition to this we reached a 4th consecutive Coupe De France final, beating Caen 3-1. Mbappe scored twice, including an outrageous flick over the defenders and he finished an excellent team move! Another domestic quadruple is almost complete! ALLEZ PARIS!! ICI C'EST PARIS!!!
TRAILER: The Final Trailer for Deadpool 2 dropped and it's absolutely hilarious! The Thanos and DC references by DP are fantastic, the tone and action of the film looks perfect! Looking forward to seeing X-Force in action and very glad it's not too long after Avengers Infinity War. MAY 18TH IS THE DATE!
UCL: The Champions League semi-finals have been decided and we've got two crackers! We have the two big boys going up against each other in a repeat of last year's quarter-final, Bayern Munich Vs Real Madrid! Tough to call who will go through this, both teams are on great form but Bayern have probably been the better team this overall season whilst Ronaldo is in incredible form. My prediction, each team will win the home leg 2-1 and we go to extra time but then I've got no clue! We then have the two underdogs and surprise packages of this season's competition, Liverpool Vs AS Roma. Salah is returning to his former club but will probably continue to be ruthless. I would have said Liverpool but Roma shocked the world producing the most insane comeback ever against Barcelona. I think due to Liverpool convincingly beating Man City who have been the best team in the prem, Liverpool will just edge it but Roma will make it tough. Can't wait to see these two ties! What are your predictions?
MARVEL, THANK YOU!! Infinity War is getting closer and closer, hard to believe it's been 18 movies and 10 years! These incredible actors are simply the BEST!
UCL REPORT: A simply extraordinary night of #ucl action, with quite possibly the best comeback of all time... ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Well no one expected this but AS Roma pulled off Mission Impossible beating Barcelona 3-0, advancing to the quarter finals thanks to Dzeko's away goal! Barca completely underestimated Roma's strength and passion right from the start and were very slack. Roma capitalised on this early on, with Dzeko brilliantly pouncing on a long through ball, catching Ter Stegen by surprise. Roma continued to fight for the impossible and Pique made it possible by committing a clumsy foul on Dzeko. De Rossi brilliantly put the penalty away, making up for his unfortunate own goal in the first leg. Roma only needed one more and it came late on as Manolas produced a very clever header from a corner to complete the dream! Thoroughly deserved for Roma, far more committment and passion, Barca were very lucky to win the first leg 4-1 as they didn't play that convincingly and haven't been that impressive at all in Europe for me, even Chelsea exposed problems in their defence and midfield. Brilliant commentary from Peter Drury sums up an INCREDIBLE night for Roma and the Champions League. Taste of your own medicine Barca! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Liverpool put in a very professional performance to make sure no slip ups occured, beating City 1-2 which rounds off a miserable week for City after getting trounced 3-0 in the first leg and Manchester United producing an astonishing comeback to win 3-2. It looked like a scare might happen as Man City piled on the pressure right from the start and paying off as Sterling teed up Jesus for a 2nd minute goal. City continued to attack relentlessly but Liverpool's much improved defense held on. It should have been 2-0 to City