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Allen Taylor


We love trees and we are looking for customers who share our passion. We are based in Seattle and provide an array of tree care services.

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Enjoying the nice cool morning. Climbing trees is just so much fun.
Notice the re-grafted branch? Great fun today voulnteering for Plant Amnesty and  Seattle Parks and Rec. The London Plane  trees were a blast to climb and prune! #treesurgeon #plantamnesty
How does that saying go? Variety is the spice of life? It's fun working on trees of all sizes. Weather I am working with a 20ton crane to cut down rotten trees or squeezing a lawn bag of Japanese maple clippings into a freight elevator. Trees are the best!
It's a window decal... get it? We are proud to be an SDOT approved tree service provider.
What a nice day today!
Had a fun day today teaching the kids at the Cedar River Montessori School about wildlife snags. Had the chance to try creating bird boxes for the first time as well, hopefully they attract some birds!
Before and after a laceleaf Japanese maple pruning. Second great transformation this week. The goal was to remove dead branches, thin, and shape crown to improve appearance.
Rainier is hard at work this evening. Come on buddy, those TPS reports aren't going to collate themselves!
Making all sorts of friends at the #nwfgs.#arblife #treesurgeon #treesofseattle
Day three at the show. Here is some amazing bonsai work by Anthony Fajarillo of Redwood Builders Landscaping. Also as for picture number four... It's amazing to see old ladies strolling around the show with wine and bloody marries. Old ladies know how to have a good time! I'll be here all day and through the weekend. Swing by and say hi. #nwfgs #arblife #treesurgeon #redwoodbuilders
Had the chance to check out the show this evening. So many amazing trees! This laceleaf took the cake though. Amazing work by Dan Robinson of Elendan Gardens. #arblife #nwfgs
All ready to go for the NW Flower and Garden Show. Stop on by, I'm in the Southeast corner of the north hall. Look for Fred (my bonsai juniper) I'll probably be there too but we all know how Fred likes to steal the show. I have a few extra wrist bands, message me if you are coming and maybe I can help you out. Will be there weds-sun day. #arblife #treesurgeon #seattletrees #nwfgs
Fun project for today moving a laceleaf Japanese maple from a friend's house to ours.  It wasn't going to fit with their new landscape plan and it was too nice not to save. It fits perfectly at our place, fingers crossed it takes to it's new home. Thanks for the tree Joey and Elise! #arblife #treesurgeon #treesofseattle #conservationtreecare
First sign of spring!
Was so excited about CTC's new battery powered husky that I put it together in the kitchen. Couldn't even make it to the garage. #arblife #treesurgeon #seattletrees
Rainier was very disapointed that the new chip truck is a diesel '06 international 4200 and not the prototype Tesla electric truck he was expecting. I had to explain to him that change doesn't happen all at once and that I needed to be careful how I utilized my finite resources during the startup phase of the company. I have the distinct impression that the pathos of my argument just wasn't getting through. #arblife #treesurgeon #tree #seattlearborist #seattlewa
That's better than a picture of a bunch of wasted cardboard. Thanks for the call out Tyler. #arblife
This is what happens when you order traffic cones from Amazon. #arblife #treesurgeon