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From idea to final film A woman-owned production company collaborating with clients across advertisement and storytelling to create films that matter

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Time for holiday soon?  Not here... While the rest of Denmark goes on holiday I’m going to work on some new projects for this fall. It takes persistency and work to get to where you want to be, so stay focused and move one step closer every day. Even when it’s summer and good weather outside
Listening to some good music and editing for @godownsize - A new client with lots of interesting videos out there
What happens when you sit down with a pen and just give yourself time to come up with ideas...?
Der er lys i kagen fordi jeg fejrer, at mit første online kursus er blevet lanceret. At det nu er tilgængeligt, og kan hjælpe iværksættere og virksomhedsejere med at lave videoer. Det som startede med en ide i november 2017 har udviklet sig hen over månederne og efter flere foredrag er det blevet formet. Det var dog ikke før jeg mødte Maria at mine ideer fandt en side og et sted at holde til. Derefter gik det stærk, og optagelse, redigering, feedback loopet har kørt siden juni måned. Og nu er den så klar og kan findes hos @kanselvvilselv - Et online kursus til iværksættere som gerne vil lave bedre video på deres smartphone 🎉🎂
Nothing is better than spending a day at the beach to get new inspiration.  Where have you spent the day?
Have you seen the video tip that has been posted on @kanselvvilselv ! It’s about your audience and how important it is to think about them before you start to produce a film
I love when I get to film events and situations like that. It requires me to be in the moment and really focus 100% on what I film since most things only happen once and there therefore only is one chance to capture the moment.  Couldn’t we say the same about life in general? ❤️
This is the best time a day.  Let’s get something done 💪🏻
Light and happy days at NorthSide festival in the beginning of June.  What if we used some lighting in your film to make it look extra aesthetic?! 🔥
How does lavalier microphones work?  Hear more about how to set up and use lavalier mics in the online course: “video on your smartphone” which will be launched on the 8/7 🎉
Spent yesterday together with my WorkAway group. Last time I saw them was in Barcelona, now we are back in Denmark, talking about projects - and enjoying our meeting outside (as it is actually warmer here now than it was in Spain then) 💥
Are you interested in getting better at making videos? Or interested in knowing more about how to use your smartphone to film with?  I have created a whole online course on this specific topic together with @kanselvvilselv which you can find when the new platform launches the 1/7 🎬💪🏻
I’m working on making an online course for @kanselvvilselv. ⠀ It’s about making mobile videos and how to go about it. ⠀ Now the script is written and the speak will begin. Much more will be revealed soon
Thinking about last week’s film project and what a great festival it was. ⠀ Have you seen the video? 🎥
Hvordan så det ud bag kameraet i går til NorthSide? 🎥 Masser af kram og godt humør
Så er det igen tid: Jeg er at finde på NorthSide de her dage, hvor jeg render rundt med et kamera og filmer. Det ser utrolig lovende ud, synes jeg 🎥