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Portland, OR Foster Kittens


Fostering Kittens for Cat Adoption Team Currently fostering #HazelsChocolateChips

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Meet Brie & Berry!! @fosterkittenpdx and I volunteered at Best Friend’s Bunny House today and got to bring these two cuties back to our cottage for the night. They are sooo soft and love treats & their cardboard house.
@fosterkittenpdx & I are going on a trip to Utah for the next 5 days. Our CAT mentor will be babysitting Hazel & the kittens while we are gone. We will be leaving in the morning, so the kittens will be going over to her house later tonight. #hazelschocolatechips
GusGus looks so cute with his new green collar! πŸ’š #hazelschocolatechips
Mabel & Simon #hazelschocolatechips
It’s #blackcatappreciationday so I thought I would share some pics of the cutest cat family we fostered around the end of 2016. We picked up Robin & her 3 lil bears (Alfie, Lola, & Marnie) when they were 8 days old.
#hazelschocolatechips are 4 weeks old today! They are getting chunkier and cuter everyday.
Carlisle & Simon were cuddling, and I may or may not have squeezed Gus in between them so I could take a picture 😬 #hazelschocolatechips
I was going to square crop this picture, but then I saw Carlisle in the background. What a weirdo! Delilah looks so over it. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #hazelschocolatechips
Miss Mabel is the drama queen of the group πŸ‘‘ #hazelschocolatechips
Posey’s sleeping in my lap and purring 😭 #hazelschocolatechips
Mr. Carlisle has some white fur above his nose now! And yes, that is Gus in the background. #hazelschocolatechips
Hazel & her mini-me Posey #hazelschocolatechips
Here’s GusGus with with his white cheeks and mittens!! I think the dark coloring on the kittens is starting to look more chocolate brown than grayish brown. #hazelschocolatechips
Simon’s showing off his big paws. He was the smallest when we first brought them home, and now he is one of the biggest. #hazelschocolatechips
Delilah is still my #1. She rolls around like this for belly rubs, and she makes the most ridiculous faces. #hazelschocolatechips
I tried to get a family photo. Shoutout to Hazel for actually looking unlike everyone else. πŸ˜‚ #hazelschocolatechips
Mabel’s passed out at the milk bar 😴 #hazelschocolatechips
Six kittens is a lot to take care of, so the kittens get some supplemental feedings to help Hazel out. Please look at the second photo because Posey looks extra pudgy and it’s kinda the best thing ever. #hazelschocolatechips