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🌜Eda Nefelia 🌛


I belong at a rave in the woods with a vegan burger and a PS4 controller. // Aspiring artist //

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Oh look, we're somewhere in the world looking at some cool scenery again together 💖
I am missing out so much being vegan!! 😭 Chocolate honeycomb monster shake and a hot dog pastry from @mister_nice_guys_bakeshop  A fully vegan bakery in Melbourne, Australia 🔥🐾
I did a lame pose at the beach and edited it to make it all fancy. Sorry I cannot instagram 👎 but see the way the sun glints off my boob? That's something cool I guess. Eating vegan cake at sunset on the beach at St Kilda is one of my favourite things to do, gonna miss it so badly! Only a month left in Melbourne and Australia, then I'm going to New Zealand!
After being in non stop tropical heat for the past whole year, I cannot wait to be cold again...I've discovered I'm not much of a heat person but I still enjoy beaches because of the sea breeze 🌊  Can't wait to be cosy and snugly again with jumpers and hot choc ☕️#vegan
I cook once a year and sometimes it turns out good. 🍲 Coconut curry ramen from @minimalistbaker #vegan
Recently spent a week in a magical realm where everyone was free to be their best forms and nudity was the norm, as it should be 💖 Check my video on my bio for an after-movie! ✨🦄🎉🌈☀️
Some mushies in pen! So fun to draw 🍄
Current anime: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shikufuku wo! A NEET boy dies and gets the chance to be reborn but into a fantasy rpg style world and he has 3 crazy girls in his party. Yes it's fan service-y and ridiculous but in the best ways. Also it's an anime and a video game in one, so perf for me really. 8/10!
Gonna start sketching daily from today on. Let's see how this goes!!
Current anime; Little Witch Academia. Harry Potter but with cutesy girls, yes please 🔮 6.5/10!
Messy hair is my life every day now...but I'm gonna dye it soooooon 🔥🌿🌲
The local shop full of teas and herbs 🌿🍄. If only I had a glass tea pot! 😭
I've ordered a purple wig because I don't wanna bleach my hair to death anymore so gonna fake it. Normalise wig wearing plz 🔮
My original role models 💖.🔮🌿🌙. I still knows all the lyrics by heart and if anyone is able to sing along with me we are soul mates
Throwback to my time exploring a park in Perth, kinda miss my ginger hair 😭
~*~✨🌿 LAVENDER OIL 🌿✨~*~. I love using this on my pillow before I go to sleep to help me relax 🌙
This is my home for the next few months 💖🌿🌲✨
I just ordered a wig and I'm so excited to take new pictures with it!! Now I just need some prosthetic elf ears to go with it 😁🌿🦄 (Also I can't listen to music without  headphones anymore, have I become a bass snob?!)