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Ellen Rose


BROOKLYN⚡️Designer & Artist SVA Products of Design grad student

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A mere 60 sketches to get the ideas flowing ✨✏️✨
AFTER PARTY 36” x 36” is complete! It’s going to its new home soon 💖
AFTER PARTY detail 36” x 36” ✨ some of those splatters are glow-in-the-dark, yup
Summer is over. Grad school is on fire✨✏️I’ve made 80+ drawings this last week, which means that I’ve completed my 100 Day Project, and then some. This series of drawings illustrates business concepts like Fundamental Attribution Error, Loss Leader, Greenwashing, etc.
I’m selling this amazing Louis XV-inspired golden velvet couch! Sam and I are moving soon (within Brooklyn—don’t panic), and we’re shedding some furniture items. $200. Also, anyone need a queen bed frame & mattress? ✨✨✨also also, ✏️63/💯
21st century Midas touch yo ✨ ✏️62/💯
Stand on the shoulders of giants: discover truth by building on previous discoveries.✨✏️61/💯 Wikipedia just let me know that this concept has been around since the 12th century, well before Isaac Newton
⚡️EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT⚡️I’ll be participating in this magical, diverse event in October: musicians, visual artists, healing practitioners and more. I’ll have some paintings on exhibition. Advanced tickets are available now on EventBrite. Event curated by @deathdoulaband 💖 also, promo materials designed by yours truly 💖
“Nimbus III” might actually be the largest painting I’ve ever made, at 30 x 48 inches. I love miniature things, so this is a big deal for me 🐘
I make straight lines with threads ⚡️ detail of “Nimbus III” (30 x 48 in)
Back to class. Back to daydreaming about what to have for lunch. ✨🍕✨ ✏️60/💯 (If I daydream in my evening class, after sunset, am I nightdreaming? Or does it go back to just regular dreaming?...even if I’m awake?)
Back at it again ✏️
Until next time, Colorado 💖 thanks for the chance to clear the city smog from my lungs
You would think I was deliberately trying to fry my eyeballs given how much of my day I spend in front of screens 😳 ✏️59/💯
It’s all about perspectives. ⚡️ 58/💯
✨finished!✨ it’s titled “Willow,” named after my friends’ beautiful baby who was born in July. Congrats again @kittybromhead and thanks @nikkiclark for the inspiration 🌸
I’m so grateful to have had the entire past month to rebuild my portfolio site at the Wix Design Playground. Designers and artists are always too busy to work on their own stuff, but I had the chance to do it thoughtfully and thoroughly. Take a look at EllenHillRose.com 💖 Thank you @thevuongtong and @yotiroboti
It’s so hard to curate one’s own work! I decided to show only my top 4 design projects on my updated portfolio that I built at the Wix Design Playground this past month