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Ellen Rose


BROOKLYN✨ Artist & Designer Currently at SVA Products of Design graduate program (future-thinking industrial design). 🌞✨ This summer @wix

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One of the many goals I set for myself this summer is to make a chair. There’s a cliché that all designers must have designed a chair, and so I take that as a challenge. It’s already mid-July though! ✏️36/💯
⚪️ a composition ⚪️ photography & styling workshop with @bubicanal at @wix
hard day at work yesterday 🙃 photo & styling by @martaurbez as part of an amazing workshop led by the inspiring @bubicanal
New Yorkers, can we at the very least agree to not use our phones while we walk up the subway steps? ✏️35/💯
Here I am, swimming deep in a pool of plastic balls, which is a good metaphor to use for today, which is my birthday: I am swimming deep in the love of my friends, family and partner. Thank you for the support and sunshine you bring to my life ✨
imposter ✏️34/💯
Hope you’re having a blast ⚡️ ✏️33/💯
We’re live! These paintings need good homes. ✨ Come by! Come buy!
We’re live! These paintings need good homes ✨ Come by! Come buy!
Installing! ✨ come by today 3-6pm at The Living Gallery Outpost 246 E 4th St Manhattan (not Brooklyn, guys)
Thank you to my non-American husband and my immigrant friends who make this city my home. Happy 4th. Open your hearts and your worldview, America.
Sunday. This Sunday. Gemstones and artwork at the Living Gallery Outpost ✨💎✨ 246 E 4th St NYC 3-6pm. Come!
I made a ton of gemstones for you ✨💎✨ come get them at my art show celebration this Sunday 3-6pm at Living Gallery Outpost 246 E 4th St NYC
Sunday! This Sunday. At Living Gallery Outpost, 246 E 4th St NYC I’ll be having an art show celebration, and you should come ✨💎✨pick up a homemade keepsake gemstone. 3-6pm
The bunny: animated ⚡️ I’m posting this 3x because I’m SO ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT IT ✏️ 32/💯
The bunny: animated ⚡️
The bunny: animated⚡️Super thanks to @gur_m for giving my drawing life!
Heat advisory today: all popsicles, ice cream cones, and other frozen treats must stay inside. 😬 ✏️31/💯