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Maddie🇬🇧| 1.2k🍃


•Attempting to do xc to a showjumper •Aspiring to event •Fly high Danni •#zafiralaceygirl •@pukkapacaponies •Sponsored by Charnwood Forest Alpacas

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Short edit of xc a few weeks ago ❤️❤️
#failfriday , I don’t even know what zaf was trying to achieve by having a tantrum in the middle of our sj round 😂 #zafiralaceygirl
Struttin her stuff Got a xc this Sunday with the whole yard! So excited 🤙🏻
Very proud mum right now ❤️ Thank you @emmatye  for the photo ❤️
Mine and zafs first ever sj comp yesterday and we came home with a first!! - Had a xc clinic today so only did one class. - Xc clinic was good! Managed to get zaf down a step into water! - Feel like we are really coming together this season ❤️
What an insanely cool pony today ❤️ Edit coming soon !😍 #cdrawspickme
Super happy with the ponio today ❤️
A nice #failfriday for you all 😂 Zaf was not a fan of her first ever corner  I did actually stay on belive it or not 😂 #zafiralaceygirl
Good lil ponio out riding tonight❤️❤️
Happy 9th birthday to my sass queen!! ❤️ She was fabby at out first xc of this year ❤️
Omg extremely rare footage of Zaffi trotting in an actual outline??? Could it be?😂 - Zaf schooled really nicely today ❤️ - Xc at newbold tomorrow!!! 🤞🏼
A huge #tb to the start of last summer and my first #failfriday fall off zaf 😂 Turn audio on at the end for my mother being super worried about me as usual 😂 ( not ) #jkpbrookelegacy
Little raw of zaf at out lesson on Saturday ❤️ Edit of her in the lesson and at Willoughby lodge coming soon! ❤️ - Wearing my @brookelegacyequestrian baselayer @stockinjur hatsilk
#failfriday from yesterday when I lost a bit of control of zaf and we were not on the bests of strides but it’s ok cos my pony is very quick on her feet and saved our asses.  #zafiralaceygirl
“She’s so extra” 😂😂 - Zaffi was a super star today, completely powering around which resulted in me not having a lot of control 😂 She was so much like the old zaf and I’m so happy with her ❤️#zafiralaceygirl -  wearing my @stockinjur hat silk🌿
She’s the cutest ❤️ - Going xc tomorrow and I’m actually buzzing 🤞🏼 #zafiralaceygirl
Waiting for summer 🤞🏼 - FINALLY found a xc course that’s open and going on Thursday 😀 - @tara_j_lee  took this photo ❤️ #zafiralaceygirl