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Anna Crowe


Attempting BE QHPC Meelickisland Lad Gatsby

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Gatters was brilliant doing some polework last night! I put out a couple of exercises which really helped him engage his quarters and make him more supple planning to do one polework session a week as they’ll really help his core and backend.
Gatters was brilliant today! ❤️ Once I got over my little mental breakdown he jumped really nicely and we made it over fillers, also for some reason Gatters thinks it’s easier to give the jump loads of room instead of bending his legs Thanks you for putting up with me @francescapageeventing
Opal flying round the XC @horseandhound 3 day Event last year! Excuse the first fence and how flappy I am he was backing off a lot at the start but once we got going he gave me such a good ride and felt amazing, we both had so much fun that weekend! ❤️ • The physio came out yesterday and I’m so happy! Opal was completely sound on a hard surface and on the lunge and had no heat or swelling in his leg so we will continue with 4 more weeks of trot work and then the vet will come out to check his leg, I’m so glad opie is feeling better and is back to his cheeky and forward self let’s just hope he stays sound 😊🤞 • The physio also had a look at Gatsby who was tight in a few places especially behind his shoulders, that’s probably from using them a lot to make up for not using his bum as much but we’ve got some more exercises to strengthen his quarters and stretches to keep him from getting tight so hopefully he’ll feel better now 😄 #meelickislandlad
Gatters popping some fences at Milton Keynes ❤️ • Gatsby had his vaccination today so had a well deserved day off as obviously he can’t get sweaty afterwards
Massive throwback to xc schooling at someford in winter 2016 💙 Opal has been out of work for 8 months now!! But he’s started trot work and is sound so far so hopefully it won’t be long before he’s in work! • Day off for gatters today, schooling tomorrow and then a busy weekend ❤️ #meelickislandlad
The boys were absolute stars going on a little hack today. They’re getting so much better at ride and lead together and opal seemed to be  sound 😄 • The boys had a week off last week as I was away but Gatsby was still a star in a jump lesson yesterday lots of schooling and hacking this week then going to Brooksby for some UA SJ at the weekend. Aiming to get out Eventing by the end of July/start of August just need a bit more work XC schooling as I’m still getting used to going XC on a big bold horse compared to little opal but can’t fault gatters at all he’s being brilliant and opal is sound atm and has no heat or swelling in his leg so fingers crossed that continues 😊 #meelickislandlad
Happy 11th Birthday Opie ❤️🍰🎉 Sorry for leaving you half clipped, covering you in purple spray and ruining your mane and I know sleeping is your absolute favourite thing but please come sound so we can go out and have more fun together  Love you lots little racehorse xxxx
Gatters popping through a sunken road to a little brush at the weekend  Very well deserved day off today for Gatsby after a busy weekend 😊
Gatters was back to his happy self XC schooling yesterday! After being very stressy and not himself last time I was very pleased he was nice and relaxed yesterday. I wasn’t riding very well but he was still super popping a few 90/100 fences ❤️ Thank you @francescapageeventing • Excuse the dodgey stride
11 weeks to go until the London Capital & Finance Osborne Horse Trials on the 25th & 26th of July! ☀️☀️ Get your tickets now: www.bede-events.co.uk @bedeevents
Gatsby was brilliant at Eland today! Only had one stop at the planks but apart from that didn’t look anything and only had one pole but considering I kept getting horrible strides he was so careful and honest ❤️ It was boiling so didn’t do loads and we were just there for fillers really but jumped round a nice course at the end would have liked to do a little bit more but gatters had been so good and we were both too warm so very happy with him! • The horses have settled in perfectly at the new yard they both seem very happy 😊
Thank you so much @equiiteddy /@digital.charlotte for his amazing edit of me and Opal! I love it😍😍
Gatters schooled really nicely on Tuesday especially considering he’d had four days off ❤️ Ignore me flapping about I’m still getting used to a dressage saddle but he’s feeling much more supple, balanced and although his contact isn’t perfect it’s much more independent! SJ schooling at Eland on Monday and hopefully xc schooling next weekend if that all goes well think I might take him out to do some combined training before we get out Eventing 😊 • Opie isn’t doing much as I’m quite busy but still going on little walks a few times a week just not sure if he is going to be sound in trot work 🤞 • @l.ucynowicki Elvis and Georgie’s song 😓😓😪😭
The weather has absolutely killed the ground 😩 • I’ve been away on d of e all weekend so Gatsby has had a few days off he’s still not quite himself so going to have a quite week this week and try and work out what’s making him stressy ❤️ Opal is still in walking work but going to give it a bit longer before I start trotting as have been quite busy so not been very consistent but he is moving well atm and there has been no swelling or heat in his leg 😄
Popping some baby fences in a and out the water 🌊 No clue what I’m doing over the second one 😂 • Gatters was really not himself today not quite sure what’s up with him but hopefully he’ll be feeling happier soon bless him ❤️
Gatsby has schooled really nicely over the last couple of days! He’s not falling into downwards transitions and is getting much more supple Ik there is lots to work on but we’re getting better ❤️ Doing lots of stretching, transitions and leg yield atm with him and I am also getting used to riding in a dressage saddle and not riding at xc length 😩 so excuse my position I keep trying to bring my legs up!
Gatters was very happy to be xc schooling on grass finally! Excuse that we’re on the wrong leg and me getting left behind he’d been chipping in a lot before this and I wasn’t riding well.  Didn’t jump very much or big as he and I haven’t been out properly xc schooling together before and he’s not been on grass for ages! He was quite strong to start with and going xc on a powerful and excited 16.2 is very different from a 14.2 but very happy with him, he was really bold and put up with me riding badly being super honest on awful strides 😂❤️ I’m away at the weekend so jumping him mid week might do some gridwork but I’m thinking of going xc again won’t jump loads but just to get us more confident and used to each other 😊 • Also took opal on a little walk he was very happy and super chilled just love being able to ride him he’s so fun even just walking and hopefully he’ll stay sound in trot work at the end of the month ❤️
Gatsby was good tonight doing some pole work 💃 Starting to feel more supple and responding to my legs individually better just had one pathetic little moment when he wanted to be sassy but he’s also really lazy (swipe) when he decided the top of the school was scary  but was much less spooky and concentrated well! Opal is plastered in mud, he’s very pleased with himself 😏