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Maddie🇬🇧| 1.2k🍃


•Riding and Producing my 14.2hh Appaloosa X , Zaffi •Aiming for BE •Fly high Danni •#zafiralaceygirl •Sponsored by Charnwood Forest Alpacas

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She’s been completely awful lately but I still seem to love her ❤️ just wish she’d go forward 😕
Pretty 😍🤞🏼#zafiralaceygirl
Beautiful pony ❤️ Had to cancel Aylesford tomorrow but got a lesson at eland lodge with my instructor on Monday evening 🤞🏼 #zafiralaceygirl
Hacking a very dirty pony this evening ❤️ Giving her a bath tomorrow and going Aylesford xc on Sunday x #zafiralaceygirl
Long overdue edit of our 65 round a couple of weeks ago. I’m honestly so happy with her at the minute. She’s feeling amazing ❤️ #zafiralaceygirl  #maddiemacedits
Zaf was mega today in our first ode including our first ever dressage test ! We got 4 faults in the showjumping as zaf stopped because I rode like a potato so I made her go over it at a standstill 😂. Then went clear in the xc with zaf giving me the best feeling ever! She was so honest and nailed the time section! We came home with a 2nd and I couldn’t be more proud of my sass queen ❤️ #zafiralaceygirl
Legend 💪🏼 #zafiralaceygirl
Usual weekend scene ❤️ Zaffi schooled absolutely fab today, staying in a consistent outline. Got a dressage lesson tomorrow to actually learn my test for the ode on Sunday 😂🤞🏼 #zafiralaceygirl
Very happy with the pony out sj today! Both classes clear and Came 2nd in the 55cm and 3rd in the 65cm! She was such a superstar and was taking of on all the ridiculously long ones I asked her to 😂❤️ All ready for the ode this weekend 🤞🏼 #zafiralaceygirl
When I ride like a complete potato and mess up the striding #failfriday #zafiralaceygirl
How gorgeous does she look in this photo 😍? Got another sj competition this weekend so I’m very excited 😆#zafiralaceygirl
Best view 😍 Zaf has lost a shoe so no jumping or hard work until it’s back on on Tuesday. Just hacking for the past few days. Got a jumping clinic followed by a show this weekend #zafiralaceygirl
Short edit of xc a few weeks ago ❤️❤️ #zafiralaceygirl #maddiemacedits
#failfriday , I don’t even know what zaf was trying to achieve by having a tantrum in the middle of our sj round 😂 #zafiralaceygirl
Struttin her stuff Got a xc this Sunday with the whole yard! So excited 🤙🏻 #zafiralaceygirl
Very proud mum right now ❤️ Thank you @emmatye  for the photo ❤️#zafiralaceygirl
Mine and zafs first ever sj comp yesterday and we came home with a first!! - Had a xc clinic today so only did one class. - Xc clinic was good! Managed to get zaf down a step into water! - Feel like we are really coming together this season ❤️ #zafiralaceygirl  #maddiemacedits