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HECK YES I wanted the freaking beach icecream.  But honestly it wasn't the solution.  It wouldn't reverse our unplanned morning or change the fact that we basically have to stay dry at the beach.  It would slow down my goals, help me to wallow more, and not enjoy the time we did enjoy at the beach today.  Glad I'd already packed my superfoods for a beach lunch and STUCK TO IT!
Because puzzles on vacation🏖 wasn't enough of a tradition... ...this year we started that for each week we're here 1 person goes to the ER.🤦‍♀️ This week it's our turn!  So much for a long, relaxing😎 beach day...
Because: 🍦I'm still in vaca mode 🍦This is THE BEST homemade icecream🍦It's National Icecream Day 🍦My nutrition plan starts tomorrow  Most importantly, just BECAUSE.  I'm not into diets, I'm into enjoying life 😋🍦
Hey you!  Yeah, YOU!  Stop looking around thinking its someone ELSE just watching 👀 and waiting ⏳ for me to call YOU out.  Have you signed up for 📸VIP access and the exclusive test group with the 🏋️‍♂️trainer and creator of this new program?  Did you decide yet if you wanna join my accountability 👭group and take that first step towards meeting your 👊goals?  Maybe you're just waiting to try these amazing 4 day 💪lift and hiit 💃workouts first before committing yourself to it.  YOU'RE IN LUCK🍀! Sign up by MONDAY and you get a preview workout AND access to my group for nothing more than your word🙂. Now what's stopping ya?
Rest day got me like...
2 days until the big KICK OFF!  Don't know what I'm talking about?  My next workout isn't simply your typical at home workout program.  It's 32 UNIQUE training sessions for YOU!  Giving you the opportunity to learn how to lift and hiit effectively to achieve your BEST possible results!  We're in the final countdown to start, prep week done, and workouts for week 1 are LOADED!  Think you're ready to start?  You can jump in right NOW!  Get ready to find your strength using a REALISTIC and most importantly FLEXIBLE approach.  All it takes is about 35 minutes 4 days a week.  If you wanna jump in now and set some major goals, comment "let's hiit it" to get you started!
Water first and veggies most for a LONG day at the beach!
Confidence in 1 hand 👈 and my 👉gogojuice in the other.  Not a bad way to kick off a beach workout sesh.  Only 20 minutes and all body weight exercises was the perfect excuse to get out on the sand 😎
We've got about 1 full day left... can we do it?
An afternoon well spent.  Icecream date followed by a coffee date!  Gotta live it up on vacation this week before my new program starts next week and I reign in my nutrition.
We're only FOUR days away from the early access VIP launch and exclusive test group👊! But things are already kicking💃 off to best prepare us for this 💪new program.  The private test group offers some AMAZING benefits as we all begin something new! - daily posts to ask questions and keep ACCOUNTABLE - breaking down the SCIENCE of the lift send hiit combo - SIMPLE nutrition, no overthinking things,  and even guidance on treats - special guests explaining BENEFITS of other products  And that's only the START of what you'll gain.  But the ULTIMATE prize can only be  out of what you GIVE to this group.  Results are possible when you put in the WORK!  Question is🤔....WILL YOU? 🤷‍♀️ Tag a friend for additional details to get you both in it TOGETHER 👭
Got out alive with 16min to spare and took Mrs. Farley's jewels with us!
I'll admit, I'm "working" on vacation.  But it's not the run you ragged job, but the lift you up helping others type.  Setting up the girls for my next accountability group watching the sunrise this morning. Not a bad office view!  Summer isn't even halfway over so there's still time to join us in my 3 part summer series.  Round 2 kicks off Sunday and I've got only 2 spots left!
These results are AMAZING and I can't wait to be the next transformation along side them!  The good news is...YOU CAN BE, TOO!  I always notice a transformation in my face, but I'm looking to scorch the belly pooch this time!  Ya feel me, mamas?! IT'S POSSIBLE!  So join me next week not only in this program, but also with the support and motivation of my group!  Is this the time you finally comment ⬇️YES⬇️
Do you really expect anything else to get accomplished this afternoon when you put 2 engineers in front of a partially finished puzzle....
What's your #1 excuse for skipping workouts on vacation?  I busted my #1 with these weight blocks!
We probably have a pic just like this from our wedding day 7 years ago.  Beautifully candid and still in love.  Ok, that's as sappy as I can get. 😘
Seafood for dinner last night AND breakfast this morning.  Can ya bet which one was tastier? 😉🦀🐬