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Talk to me about kids glasses..... experience, brands, favorites, pluses, minuses, what you look for.... I know NOTHING about eye issues but this sweet thing is jumping into the world of glasses today 🤷‍♀️
I post one 🦄 cake and y'all go wild!  Two cakes this week, one next, and a 4th the following.  Who wants to claim mid to late October?
2 doctor appointments this week.  2 new challenges to rise and conquer with my big girl.  With the help of a little chocolate I survived nap time appointments and will handle the rest!
Rest day on point! 🛌slept in 🎂baked cake 🙂stretch and foam roll 📺kids entertained ✌👊
I'm well aware that the green stuff isn't actually ooey, gooey, buttered noodles, too.  I'll never tell you zoodles are JUST like pasta because I'm fully aware they are two different foods.  Two different foods that feed my body two different ways.  I'm all for smart substitutions though!  So I had a small side of my favorite pasta and bulked up my meal with a full zucchini.  It's not the big changes.  It's not giving up your favorite foods.  It's not pretending a veggie is pasta.  It's allowing yourself some give and take and appreciating the changes to your nutrition outlook!
#twinning  Left: my thoughts on them matching Right: my husband's feeling on it 😂😂
About that cake.... Nah, I wasn't worried about indulging in a slice of the birthday girl's cake (I mean I'd fasted for 16 hours - biometric screening) because I knew this afternoon I'd be right back on track.  I'm not gonna lie and say this was better than the cake because, DUH CAKE (be still my sweets living heart), but this PB twist is pretty much a new fav for the nap time hustle.  You feel me, girl?
9 weeks of a whole new STYLE to my workouts.  1 week prep - 8 week program. 🚫No long workouts. 🚫No STRICT nutrition plan. 🚫No picking between lifting or cardio.  It's amazing how freeing this style of fitness can make you feel to actually take CONTROL.  Next week I'm sharing all about it a private group.  So feel free to snoop, ask questions, or be a fly on the wall.  Sound good?
Maybe taking my 3 rest days in a row wasn't the best decision because these new weights are feeling EXTRA heavy today.
LOVE the concept of this month's challenge group 🙂. Pick an outfit and work heard on your health and fitness to better for in it after a few weeks.  It's totally possible if you're willing to work for it!  Heading into week 2 (for my Accoubtability Group and my workout program) and we're pushing for results! The ladies and I are setting weekly goals that will get us real results.  Does this sound like something you could do, too?
Bye-bye Daddy's car!  You were good to us.... our first big purchase as a couple,  getting us married, bringing home these girls, and so much more!
I almost forgot how relaxing a morning without kids can be.  No regrets on taking this as a rest day!  But honestly when I sleep really long/late I feel so lethargic all day.  So I'm downing this bad boy for some energy!  Time to get all those little things I've been meaning to get to finally done!  Organization makes me happy.
No kids this weekend, so while my husband was taming the mud pit (patio is coming....) I got to sit down in SILENCE with my YUMMY shake and crank out some biz stuff.  #lovemysidehustle  It's amazing how many new ladies this coaching business has introduced me to.  My coach who is inspiring me to make big leaps, these ladies who kicked butt on a rainy day workout in Indy with me, and most especially to YOU maybe.
Hit a few "hills" on this morning's run and kept reminding myself these tree trunks can do it! 👊 They've done far more and accomplished much larger challenges. 😮been 40lb heavier 👭carried 2 babies 🇮🇹walked all over Italy 🏚🏡🏘moved into 3 homes 👟ran 3 half marathons 🥁walked countless parades  I got this ✌
Wanna know what's super exciting?  I got my gas paid for (empty tank on a mini van) with a bonus for taking a big leap forward in my coaching biz!  For me it's not about paying for the mortgage or making a car payment.  It's the day to day expenses that add up.  Ready for new opportunities to open!
Anyone else? 🙋‍♀️🤣😍
Eeek, this was scary 😶 to post!  I know I shared that I completed my program, but I didn't share my results yet, because it makes me so nervous!  I might have "only" lost 4lb, but I also dropped 5.5", too.  1 in each of my thighs, 🙌 holla. (Ok, my runs helped there)  But the best part is these 4 workouts a week were totally manageable, varied,  and honestly FUN to do each week.  You want in on this with me🤔? Check out my stories for even more pics 📸
This is the only workout I've seen less advancements on with my strength and it's kind of annoying.  But then I reminded myself I have to take it slow here because my chiropractic care almost a year ago revealed my back problems had mostly to do with compounding in my neck/shoulders.  So yeah, I can't do it all either. You might look at me and think it's much easier for me to wake up and workout.  For me to say it's a lifestyle change so suck it up.  For me to enjoy lifting heavy weights.  But truth is....I started at 5lb too, then I got knocked down and had to restart, yet here I am.  Here YOU can be too if you only got started finally or kept that momentum going this time.