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Cars, guitars, beer. Riveting stuff, I know.

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Pretty pumped about finally getting into the hi-fi game. I’ve been spinning my small collection of vinyl ever since I got it all set up yesterday. Love that carbon fiber tone arm on the @projectaudiosystems turntable. Group the turntable with some @dalispeakers and a @rotelhifi amp, and you’ve got a recipe for sweet, sweet listening.
Sipping some @3fonteinen Oude Kriek while listening to the new hi-fi setup (more on that later, maybe). So fancy. This example is a little over a year old, and it’s fantastic. Beautiful red color and wonderfully tart with raspberries. 5.6% ABV.
Scored some more liquid gold at @bomtocraftbeer. I could never find the fancier @firestonewalker beers back in the States, so when I saw these available here in Germany, I snatched them up. Pretty darn pumped. Also, Cantillon. Not much more needs to be said. All Cantillon lambics I acquire are automatically dedicated to @hannahkcatan and @emilyluzum (@iamdrunkemily).
K is for Koenigsegg _______________________________  I’ve already posted some Ageras so here are some other cars from @koenigseggautomotive.  1. CCXRS 2. CCXR 3. CCXR Edition 4-5. Regera (driven by Christian von Koenigsegg himself) 5. Cluster of Koenigseggs (and a couple Ford GTs)
J is for Jaguar _______________________________  I’ve been slacking. Here are some more cars. This time we have some classy Jaguars:  1.Mark II 3.8 S 2.E-Type 3.XJ220 4.XJ220’s super-90s interior 5.More E-Type curves 6.XK120 7.SS Jaguar 3.5 hood ornament 8.F-Type SVR 9.XE SV Project 8
Noodlin’ with #bae. She’s probably sick of me playing the same stuff over and over.
If someone has ever made a fool of you, this one’s for you… Happy April Fools’ Day…
If you’re in Luxembourg, do yourself a favor and head over to @hoppyliciouscraftbeerstore. You won’t be disappointed. Phenomenal.
Celebratory finger of @lagavulinwhisky 8. Amazing.
I haven’t posted in a bit, so here’s a beer. I usually post with a glass of beer beside the bottle, but I wanted to keep everything intact to show off the artwork. @kuehnkunzrosen really caught my eye with this one. Tasty beer too: Mystique IPA. 6.5% ABV.
I’ve been trying to replicate the pasta aglio e olio dish @jonfavreau whips up in “Chef “ with the help of @bingingwithbabish’s book “Eat What You Watch” and his YouTube channel. The crucial element that I missed the past couple times was the alcohol with the garlic-peeling portion; it truly enhanced the experience. Thanks for the tip, and thanks for the solid IPA, @thegardenbrewery. Love this simple, delicious dish. The hardest part is trying not to eat both servings. Oops.
@3fonteinen Oude Geuze Cuvée Armand & Gaston. Blend 18 - Season ‘16-‘17. Geuze. 5.5% ABV. It took me long enough, but I finally have a lambic under my belt. Intense. Sour. Dry. Delicious. I really want to try more to get a better understanding of the style. I guess I’ll have to hop on over to Belgium soon. Also, I’ve posted way too many beer photos. I’ll try to change it up next time. Maybe…
La Chouffe tap takeover at Hop In!
@weyerbacher_brewing 22. American Strong Ale. 11.1% ABV! Had to drink a strong American beer for one of most American days of the year. Had to drink a Pennsylvania beer for my dad and the Eagles! Happy Super Bowl Sunday from the other side of the world!
@mikkellersd Beer Geek Vanilla Shake. Imperial Stout. 13% ABV! Does it really taste like a vanilla shake? Not really. Is it delicious? Absolutely. The description on the can, “brewed with coffee & vanilla,” gives a more accurate description of the taste. I love me a good stout this time of year, and this one is hitting the spot. Both flavors mentioned above come through, especially the vanilla. It’s pretty sweet, but what’d you expect from something called “vanilla shake”?
🇫🇷 Bonne Année de Paris! Take me back… 🇫🇷
My current situation didn’t really allow me to wrap many gifts this year, so I had a little fun with the ones I did get to wrap. #wrapgame #strong
Strasbourg, je t’aime! I can’t wait to see more of France. 🇫🇷