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Rico Cerva


22 Years old :) Apple Data Recovery. Based in London and repair for the world. Micro soldering is my thing πŸ€“If nobody can fix it I probably can!

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Every day is a battle day till 4pm so I can get as much as I can out for next day delivery! #microsoldering #datarecovery
iPhone 6 Plus greyed out WiFi repaired! #microsoldering #datarecovery
iPhone 6s error 9 fixed by replacing nand with a free storage upgrade! #microsoldering #datarecovery
Sony x sent in for data recovery  tech damage! Replaced QFE! #microsoldering #datarecovery
Enjoying my one day off before I fly back tomorrow. Jetskis with @smart_tech_innovators #microsoldering #datarecovery
Eyyy this iPhone X having a bad day πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† #microsoldering #datarecovery
Wowww. Just received this gift from @mrtechcoach  This is the thinnest tool I have ever seen. @stgrepairs and I are so excited to use this! Thanks bro! #microsoldering #datarecovery
What an amazing 4 days workshop here in Miami with @stgrepairs Thanks for coming guys all the best with your new skills. Time to put it to practice and join the microsoldering game! #microsoldering #datarecovery
iPhone 6 Plus quick baseband fix. #microsoldering #datarecovery
1 hours work. Headphones on and just go! #microsoldering #datarecovery
🀣🀣 this is an iPhone 8 Plus Logic Board !. Spot what’s different! #microsoldering #datarecovery
Another awesome day training! Teaching resistance with the @stgrepairs! Sign up for the October training. Link in bio! #microsoldering #datarecovery
Microsoldering workshop here in miami. Sign up for the next course in October! Link in my bio #microsoldering #datarecovery
What a successful first day! Students did great! @stgrepairs and I showed our tricks for the dead phones and charging issues! Link in bio to sign up for the October class! #microsoldering #datarecovery
The August workshop is ready for tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting everyone and showing the secrets of microsoldering with @stgrepairs #microsoldering #datarecovery
iPhone 7 error 3 fixed. B.B. PMU replaced 🍝 #microsoldering #datarecovery
iPhone 8 not charging fixed here in Miami!  The Tigris is failing on the X and the 8 now instead of NXP #microsoldering #microsoldering
Check out the new YouTube video guys!! iPhone 6s gets REALLY HOT fixed. WiFi replacement and nand reprogram. Total repair time 16 Minutes! #microsoldering #datarecovery