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✺ Active lifestyle 🏋🏻‍♀️🌱 ✺ Dreamer☽ ✺ Future Holistic Health Coach 📚 ✺ Creating + Spreading Consciousness✨ ✺ Seeking an Adventure ➵ ⎈

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Exercising and staying healthy should be fun and enjoyable ! It’s never about who you could beat but about how much better YOU can be 🙌🏼 . . 🚨Come join us at bootcamp this SATURDAY @ 1:30 pm @athletixsportsgym. Guaranteed to have fun and best of all, you’re guaranteed a great dripping sweat 💦💪🏼 p.s there are modifications for every level, everyone gets to workout without having any pressure to do what they feel they can’t!
The beginning is always the toughest part… .  If you’re asked roll a tractor tire from point A to point B the biggest amount of energy used will be when you’re trying to get the tire up and rolling. Once its up and rolling it just keeps rolling a lot easier with less pressure and exhaustion. If the tire falls over, that doesn’t mean you’re a failure. It means it’s time to push up once again… In reality that fall is making you stronger, its requiring you to use the strength you haven’t been using. Remember, just because you experience failure doesn’t mean that you’re a failure.
“Not eating a pound of meat saves more water than not showering for 6 months... one meatless meal saves 133 gallons of water” This is just one example of the huge difference a small action of yours can have 💚 Our future generations, our kids and their kids depend on us to take action. Don’t think that by only having one meatless meal you’re not doing anything, you’re actually contributing a vast amount of change one meal at a time 🌱 . . Today aim for a #meatlessmonday meal & be sure to feel dam proud of it 💚
We’re just moments in history... very little ones
Another successful day 🙌🏼 Thank you all for coming out again and also to those who came out for the first time ! We had 2 guys this time 👏🏼👏🏼 . . 🚨Also congrats to all of you won the 5 day passes ! I’ll be giving away more at our next bootcamp on Wednesday at 7:30 pm 🚨@athletixsportsgym
I heard someone once say, “you don’t know where you’ll be in week” and I realized this week that I was further away from an ugly dark place I didn’t want to be at just a week ago. It took some stepping up, speaking up, asking for what I wanted, and going after it. Those lows teach us where we really want to be and where we don’t! Go after what you want today, power through the lows. the best is yet to come.
So proud of everyone who came out to bootcamp yesterday 🙌🏼 These girls killed it along with my one guy who went out there to represent the rest of the guys!  Hope to see you all again this Saturday at 1:00 pm @athletixsportsgym 📌 If you couldn’t make it to this one I can’t wait to see you this weekend!  Leave a 👋🏼 down in the comments if you were there, I would love to know who you are 😊
▫️ ELEVATED SPLIT SQUAT PULSES (30 sec each leg) ▫️ SINGLE SKY BRIDGE PULSES (30 secs each leg)  Don’t be fooled by those exercises that look easy & simple! I die slowly inside each time I do these... It’s all about the slow & controlled movement, focusing on the squeeze 🔥🍑 Give these a try I promise you’ll feel it like no other ! And if you’re at home, these are perfect for you too 🙌🏼
If you never try you’ll never know what you’re capable of ! You’ll never be 100% ready, It won’t always be comfortable but doing whatever it is you’re afraid of will always guarantee growth.  Happy Monday ! Remember it’s the small steps that lead to the big results 🙌🏼
Believe in the unfolding. In the waiting. Embrace the uncertainty. Stand firm for your visions, your dreams. Enjoy the beauty of becoming... When nothing is true, everything is possible ✨
You can’t go back to change your genetics or how you were conceived. But your condition, you can change right away.  One cup of coffee changes your condition. One glass of green juice changes your condition. A year of healthy meals really changes everything. A decade of healthy eating or doing exercise or being in a spiritual practice changes your whole condition. You REbuild yourself to be a whole different person... one decision at a time 💚 Happy Friday everyone !
Where’s there’s a challenge there is a change. You will fail, fall or miss before you get it right but the same amounts of times you fail are the same amounts you keep trying. It all begins & ends in the mind.
Everything is a work in progress, don’t let perfection get in the way. We don’t have to be perfect right off the gate to make an impact.  Without struggle there is no progress  Without progress there is no success.
Good energy. Sincere smiles. Love. Lots of hugs. Compliments. Laughs. Warmth. Spread the simple things all around you ✨ Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.
I’ll confess, there’s many times I feel very unmotivated & discouraged by not seeing quick results. But I’ve learned that out of eagerness & desperation nothing comes out only a bunch of frustration. A little advice for those who are just staring in this lifestyle, you’ll need 3 things: determination, discipline & lots of patience ! As long as you’re putting in the work the results WILL come 🙌🏼 Don’t wait till Monday to start on your goals, start today. Go at your pace but go at it hard!
I’m curious... would any of you be interested in seeing more workout videos❓ Some people have ask me what workouts would be good for certain body parts or what workouts should they do at home. And I always tell myself I’m going to record my workouts at the gym but I end up getting carried away with them and end up with no videos 😬 . . If you would want to see more let me know 🙋🏻‍♀️ Don’t be shy! I want to create more content and have more stuff to better be able to help any of you who may need it or want it. Happy Thursday, don’t forget to move today 💦
Have you ever tried tofu? Or have you been curious to try it out? Personally when I first heard about it I had no idea what so ever how to cook it. All I knew was that it was a funky cheesy looking piece of chunk with no flavor. But since it has no flavor it means you get to give it WHATEVER taste you want... you can even make it into a cheesecake if you’re trying to get boogie with it 🍫 If you’ve thought about cutting down on your meat or have been thinking about going vegan, tofu is a great place to start 🙌🏼 ▫️ I created a guide to help you experiment with tofu, it includes ideas and different ways to eat it! If you’re interested in it send me a DM with your email. I’ll be more than happy to share it with you 🥙🌱 . . This one is a sesame ginger stir fry tofu covered with sesame & sunflower seeds, inspired by @workouts_by_katya 💜
I remember sitting in front of the mirror counting all the moles in my face when I was younger. I used to zoom in to every single one 🍪. I would overwhelm myself. I would sit there stressed & angry planning the day I would get to do surgery to remove them. I would wonder why god would give me so many, like wasn’t a few enough?lol. It so crazy how self-conscious & critical we can be with ourselves sometimes right? Funny thing, now those moles I used to hate are my favvvvv things. I just love them. I wouldn’t feel like me without them scattered all over. Embrace your quirks, your differences, your body! Wake up everyday and be proud of who you are ✨ #happymonday #loveyourself