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Portland OR Foster Kittens


My daughter @daisycatphotography & I foster w/CatAdoptionTeam, Sherwood OR 177 fosters 2011-present Current fosters: Hazel+6 #hazelschocolatechips

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We volunteered in the bunny area today. They also had 6 guinea pigs. They allow sleepovers for bunnies, dogs & cats.
First day at Best Friends
Simon's "I'm hangry" mew.  He's always hungry & now he's the biggest (or should I say most round). #hazelschocolatechips
Sister love...Delilah & Posey #hazelschocolatechips
The chips are busy this Caturday morning. [Mabel beating up Gus😹] #hazelschocolatechips
I’m really going to miss these guys the next five days. Tomorrow @daisycatphotography & I are heading to volunteer at a animal sanctuary in Utah for a girls get away. We planned this nine months ago & had no way of knowing we’d have #hazelschocolatechips  Luckily our mentor is going to kitty sit for us while we’re gone. They are in excellent hands. Sorry, she doesn’t have a foster IG account.
Dem blue eyes❤️ Delilah 🌺 #hazelschocolatechips
Happy 4 week Birthday to #hazelschocolatechips Pic 1 is week 4 & 3 Pic 2 is werk 2 & 1
Check out the new choppers on Posey! I see weaning in the near future. #hazelschocolatechips #kittenfangs #kittenteeth #chompers
*New Kittens at Clackamas PetSmart* Just arrived...siblings Dizzy (male) & Staci (female) plus Dopey (female). All 4 months old & ready to go. #catadoptpdx #catsofportland #catadoptionteam #pdxcats #blackcatsrule #catadoptpdx #adoptdontshop
I spy pee in the litter box! My daughter saw Simon going in it earlier today. Looks like a couple others are following his lead. #hazelschocolatechips #27dayoldkittens
Mabel loves her mama. A bath, not so much.👅 #hazelschocolatechips
I thought Carlisle was going to be the first to use the litter box, but it was a false alarm. He had the gang cheering him on tho. #hazelschocolatechips
The 3 boys joined the 1# club today. Simon 1 lb .7 oz Carlisle 1 lb .6 oz Gus 1 lb  #hazelschocolatechips
Delilah 🌺 #hazelschocolatechips
Carlisle cleans his magic toes👅  #hazelschocolatechips
Sweet Posey girl🌸 #hazelschocolatechips
Milking machines🍼 #hazelschocolatechips #26dayoldkittens