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George R R Martin, the author of the A Song of Ice and Fire, is however on board! David and Dan are a huge part of Game of Thrones and are the reason for the shows creation. It will be interesting to see how a new person handles it. It isn't known yet what the series will be based on, people have speculated that they could use either the Dunk and Egg novels, Roberts Rebellion or even the Dance of Dragons as source material. • • What do you think the series will focus on? - -  Follow us: -@gameofthrones.wintees Via: @gameofthronesfacts Thank you so much !  #gameofthronestattoo #gameofthronesseason7 #gameofthronescake #gameofthronesgifts #gameofthronesbr #gameofthronesseason6 #gameofthronesedits #gameofthronesfan #gameofthronesshirt #goldenglobes #gameofthronesbooks #gameofthronestheme #gameofthronesfandom #primetimeemmys #asoiaf #gameofthroneshumor #gameofthronesbar #gameofthronesconcert #gameofthronestime #gameofthronespop #cerseilannister #khaleesi #jasonmomoa #daenerystargaryen #gameofthronesinspired #gameofthronesseason4 #gameofthronesita #emiliaclarke #peterdinklage
I will upload it shortly in two parts!! The trailer shows us the leaders of the realm each walk to their own thrones to "Sit Down" by British rock band James. It doesn't look like it is footage from the next series but rather footage specifically filmed for the trailer similar to the season 1 Iron Throne tease. Edit: A first look at Daenerys in Dragonstone is what I meant to say πŸ‰ • • What do you think of the trailer? - -  Follow us: -@gameofthrones.wintees Via: @gameofthronesfacts Thank you so much !  #gameofthroneslive #gameofthroneslovers #gameofthronesmemes #gameofthronestheme #gameofthrones4 #gameofthronescake #gameofthrones5 #gameofthronesbooks #gameofthronesedits #gameofthronescosplay #goldenglobes #gameofthronesfandom #gameofthronesbrasil #gameofthronesfanart #kitharington #gotseason4 #asoiaf #gameofthronesbar #seanbean #asoiaffamily #gameofthronestime #gameofthronesbeer #gameofthronesconcert #gameofthronesislife #gameofthronespop #gameofthronesph #asongoficeandfire #gameofthronesday #alfieallen
Hey Guys its @asongoftheories and @iron_from_ice from @gameoftheorists here! We'd like to introduce you to our new Theory Thursday here on this page, where we'll be posting a different theory every week. Also, special thanks to the admin for giving us the chance to share our theory's with you. So without further ado, lets get right into this! This week's theory will be all about the "Valonqar" - the "younger brother/sister" who will kill Cersei in the end. It's all part of a prophecy from Maggy the Frog, whom we met in the S5 premiere. Although the Valonqar bit has been cut out, that's not really a surprise- given that the show lives with surprises. But who could it possibly be? There are two main possibilities: Jaime Lannister and Arya Stark. Tough Jaime used to have nothing but affection for Cersei, it seems that he may start to rethink his relationship with her in the following season. His love for the Mad Queen is the only thing he has left, but look at her actions now- she blew up a Sept full of innocents. Cersei has done the very things that made Jaime kill Aerys Targaryen. He will continue to support her, but her later actions will only divide the two. Instead, Jaime will join the Fray in the North, to finally redeem himself for his actions and play a role in the great war. Will he kill Cersei though? We don't think so. It seems too predictable; too cliché. We imagine Jaime as a lone survivor of the series, an anti-hero who leaves in a cliffhanger sort of way, far abroad- in exile. Arya, on the other hand, whose whole storyline began with Cersei, seems a much more likely candidate. We think that Arya will indeed return home, but will later realise that Winterfell, nor Westeros, is a place for her. She may plan on leaving Westeros for good in the end – just like it was foreshadowed in one of her conversations with Lady Crane – but before she does, there's just one more step she must take on; finishing her list. And what's a better way to do so than by