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The S-Works Turbo Levo Is Beautiful and Comes With An App —- The Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo isn’t your typical mountain e-bike. And by that, we mean it’s actually looks like a mountain bike, and not an e-bike. Sure, there’s a small motor and battery compartment hidden in the bottom of the frame, where the pedals reside, but other than that, there’s nearly no indication that this bike has any kind of assistance. READ MORE AT www.gearforlife.com @iamspecialized @iamspecialized_mtb @iamspecialized_road @bicycle_nomad @bicycletouringpro @bicycle_touring_apocalypse @bicycle.club #ebikes #electricbikes #mountainbikes @cycling_gram @globalcyclingnetwork
The Echo Link Is Amazon’s Entry Into Audiophile Ready Sound —- By now, virtually everybody has an Amazon Echo in one way or another; whether it’s the original model or one of its many, many variants, they’re practically ubiquitous. And while the original Echo had decent speaker (for the size – and the price…), it was always lacking a little bit in music capability, and never really on over any serious audiophiles. For that, the Echo needed something a little bit more heavy-duty – and a little bit higher end, which is why Amazon just unveiled the new Echo Link and Echo Link Amp. READ MORE AT www.gearforlife.com @amazon @amazon_echo @homegoods #amazonecho #amazon #amazonprime #amazonechoshow #echolink #technology #future #inventions @brilliantinventions
Polaroid’s latest OneStep+ Instant Camera Meets Portrait Mode – and Bluetooth —- Remember the Polaroid OneStep2? Polaroid’s new throwback instant camera that actually printed photos instantly on i-Type and 600 film, just like the cameras you grew up idolizing? Well, it turned out to be a major hit, and Polaroid has decided to continue with the platform, upgrading it for late-2018 with the new OneStep+ – which adds Bluetooth and app connectivity to the OneStep 2’s instant camera capabilities. READ MORE AT www.gearforlife.com @polaroid @polaroidoriginals #polaroid #polaroidcamera @photography_dailydose @photographmag #cameras #bluetoothcamera #photography #photography📷 #camera
Forsake Range High and Low: Stylish Sneakerboots For The Casual Adventurer —- Sneakerboots are becoming more and more popular all the time, with everybody from Timberland to Under Armor getting in on the action. Forsake, a Boston-based outdoor lifestyle brand, makes sneakerboots like no other; shoes that actually look as casual and stylish as an everyday pair of sneakers but don’t sacrifice one lick of performance. Case in point: The Forsake Range High and Range Low. READ MORE AT www.gearforlife.com @forsakeco @bootsandsuits @climbing_exec @climbingmagazine @climbing_dreams @hiking.of.the.day @hikingculture @hikinglocations @hikingtheglobe @hikingdogsofinsta @hikingwithdogs_ @hikingadventures.gram @hikingdogsofinsta @hikingram #hikingboots #hikingadventures #hiking #boots
COMPLETE GUIDE: 6 Best Kayaks On A Budget – and How To Pick One (Buyer’s Guide) —- Like kayaking? So do we. Kayaking on open water – whether a lake, river or the open ocean –is probably one of most sublime experiences known to man. Just you, the water – and the kayak you’re sitting in.  Or maybe you’re an adrenaline junkie and see kayaking as one of the most thrilling experiences known to man – in which case you’ll probably lean towards a faster, slimmer, sleeker kayak for racing down river. READ FULL GUIDE & RECOMMENDATIONS AT www.gearforlife.com @kayakbassfishing @kayak_fishing_daily @kayakandhikeacademy @kayak_love @kayaking_is_mylife @kayaking.love @kayaking_upload_ig #kayaks #kayaking #kayak #kayakfishing #kayakingadventures #kayakingfun #kayakers
WELL.....yep. This sounds out of this world. —— Grab A Bottle of Jameson Cold Brew As The Weather Cools Down If the thought of Jameson Cold Brew causes you a good deal of simultaneous excitement and consternation with you, you are not alone. Is it a coffee with whisky in it? A whisky with coffee in it? A whiskey-flavored Cold Brew Coffee? Or just a fancy take on the classic Irish Coffee – a warm drink for a chilly evening, if there ever was one. READ MORE AT www.gearforlife.com @jamesonwhiskey @whiskey @whiskey_and_guns_1791 @whiskeyexchange @whiskeyworldwide @coffee.funnies @coffeeshopsoftheworld @coffee @coffee_mastery @coffeeholic.us @coffee.life.love @baristadaily @bartendersportal @tipsybartender #coffee #coldbrew #bartending #bartender #bartenderlife #hikingadventures @mens_gear_and_style @mensgiftstore @life #whiskey #brew #barista
Randolph Concorde Sunglasses: Vintage Style With Military Heritage —- Ray Ban might get all the attention when it comes to Aviators – and they definitely have the history to back that up. But they aren’t the only brand out there with a history of making aviators, and when it comes to those actually being used by pilots in the US Military, Randolph Engineering is where you actually want to look. —- READ MORE AT www.gearforlife.com @randolph.usa #sunglasses #style #sunglassesfashion #sunglasses😎 #aviatorsunglasses #aviators
3 Knives (and A Wine Key) We’re Looking At!! ——- It’s no secret. We love tools.  Whether they’re survival knives, pocket-sized EDC knives, kitchen utensils or handy little gadgets that make the dinner party easier, if’s made of steel and carbon, we’re looking at it. Here’s a few that caught our eye today. READ MORE AT www.gearforlife.com @knives_n_tools @knives @knivesandtools @knifenews @knifefanatics @knifeguys @blades_n_bullets @blade.addict @blades_n_things @blade_magazine #blade #blades #knives #knivesofinstagram #knivesdaily #knivesweekly @survivorman123 @wusthof #gourmet @survivorman123
It’s all about comfort! —- Fall’s Here. Gear Up With The Truckee Jacket From Taylor Stitch Taylor Stitch knows how to make clothes, and all their pieces of apparel seem to meet at the intersection of rugged, masculine style, bombproof quality and functionality that works both on the trail and on the town. Their Truckee Jacket is no different; made from an ultra-soft, kinda-fluffy recycled polyester blend and named for the famous area and river of the Sierra Mountains, it’s a warm, casual jacket ready for virtually everything, whether that’s running errands, heading out for a drink with a friend or wearing it around the campfire on your next camping trip. READ MORE AT www.gearforlife.com @taylorstitch @mens_gear_and_style @menshealthmag @mensjournal @mensfashions @gruntstyle @truewoods_clothing @outdoorsurvivalgear @outdoorindustry @outsidemagazine @natgeo @natgeotravel #clothing #jackets #jacketstyle #hiking🌲 #hikingadventures
Have a Lot of Money To Spend On Cookware? This Copper-Infused Collection From All-Clad Fits The Bill Ask several different chef’s what the best material for cookware is, and you’ll get several different answers.  Stainless Steel is durable and easy to clean but doesn’t conduct heat all that well. Aluminum has excellent thermal conductivity but isn’t quite as durable as stainless steel and can warp over time at extremely high heats. Cast-iron is awesome, but heavy, brittle and impractical for most everyday cooking. Then there’s copper. READ MORE AT we.gearforlife.com @williamssonoma #williamssonoma #williamssonomahome #cookware @cookinglight @nytcooking @cookingchannel @mrcookingpanda @cookingvideos @cooking @cookingforbae @cookingnakedtv @chefchaya @chefstablenetflix @chefsplate @cookingclassy #recipes #cooking #cookinglite
TRIVIA TIME: What is 2 inches long, is 0.74 oz., and produces 700 lumens? 🔦 🔦  Dang! Fenix E16 Compact, High-Performance Flashlight. Grandpa wouldn’t believe this—he may still have his mega light that struggles to produce 20 lumens.  DETAILS AT www.gearforlife.com —- @nowthisfuture @edc.company @edchanddumps @edcpocketdump @edccoffeeco @edc_gear_freak @edc_showcase @edc_specialties @daddyo_edc @edccooperative @thebestedc #everydaycarry #everyday_tactical #gifts #lumens #flashlights #everydaycarrycollective @everydaycarrycollective @brilliantinventions
Oh, Man!  Apple touts the new iPhone as “beer resistant”! IPX68–amazing! —- The Apple iPhone XR is Here–And It’s “Beer Resistant” The annual Apple Event happened this week, and as expected, the tech behemoth dropped the latest version of their flagship device. This year, they ditched the monstrously-oversized iPhone X and gave us three new models – the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max – each a different size and geared for a different target market. READ MORE AT www.gearforlife.com @apple #iphonex #iphone #mobilephone #mobilephonephotography #apple @brilliantinventions @nowthisfuture #technology #inventions
Rab’s New Microlight Summit Jacket Is Here For Fall And Winter —— Summer is winding down, and maybe it’s already over in your neck of the woods. That may mean the end of barbecues and other warm-weather activities, but it certainly doesn’t mean the end of your outdoor expeditions; Fall and Winter are prime time for alpine excursions, and we’re just getting geared up for another cold-weather season. So is Rab, who just released the Microlight Summit – a rugged and ever lighter version of their trusty MicroLight Alpine down Jacket. READ MORE AT www.gearforlife.com @rab.equipment #mountainwear @hikingculture #downjacket #expedition #outterwear #mensfashion #mensstyle @menshealthmag @outsidemagazine @adventure @mens_gear_and_style #mensstyle
THIS GUY IS AN ANIMAL! —— Belgian Ultra-Trail-Runner Karel Sabbe Just Set The Appalachian Trail FKT (Fastest Known Time) On the afternoon of Tuesday, August 28th, Karel Sabbe, 28-year old dentist from Ghent, Belgium, broke the previous speed record for the completing the Appalachian Trail when he summited Mt. Katahdin in Maine. By completing the Appalachian Trail in 41 days, 7 hours and 39 minutes, Sabbe shattered the previous speed record of 45 days, 12 hours and 15 minutes, set by Joe “Stringbean” McConaughy just less than a year prior. @karelsabbe @runningterritory @nikerunning @runnersgonewild  @runnersworldmag @runnersbe @runnersglobe @runnerspace @top_running_page #running #fitness #worldrecords @guinnessworldrecords @appalachiantrail @appalachian.trail @apalachain_royalty_ @appalachianmountainclub #appalachaintrail #trailrunning #amazing
Suit Up With The Iron and Resin Enduro Denim Jeans —- Most people don’t put a lot of thought into their jeans; they just grab a decent pair that fits, comes in the style they’re looking for, and has a dye they like. Which is totally fine, because not every piece of clothing in your wardrobe needs to be some high-end piece of gear that you spend half a week’s paycheck on. When your Levi’s wear out, just get another pair. If, however, you do enjoy putting some effort and additional pride into the pants you wear every day, and want to spend your money on the best you can get, it’s time to look into a pair of jeans that will last a lifetime, and look impeccably good everyday of that lifetime. In other words, Enduro Denim from Iron and Resin. @ironandresin @mensjournal @menshealthmag @mens_gear_and_style @mens_gear_and_style @nytimesfashion @fashionnovamen @ilovejeansusa @camping.adventures @campingwithdogs @campingcollective #mensstyle #mensfashion #jeans #jeans👖
The Hartmann 7R Is The Ultralight Suitcase Frequent Flyers Need —— Carbon fiber may be the most popular of the ultralight materials out there right now, but it’s not the only one; there’s a whole host of other materials out there that provide just as much strength at the same thickness. This supremely light but tough suitcase from Hartmann is one of them. READ FULL DESCRIPTION AT www.gearforlife.com @hartmannluggage @natgeotravel @travel.through.the.world @travelandleisure @travelandcampcollective @travelawesome @travelbloggeres @adventure @travellingthroughtheworld #flying @americanair @united @virgin @hawaiianairlines @southwestair @airlinepilotmemes #flying #luggage #frequentflyer #frequentflyers
This melts our hearts! Not even close to being an owner but admiring is free... How Did We Almost Forget About The New Ferrari 488 Pista Spider? When the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance hit last week, we were pretty stoked about Audi’s new electric supercar – but we somehow forgot about the new Ferrari that was just announced.  The 488 Pista Spider is the legendary Italian sportscar maker’s latest creation, a 710-horsepower beauty that also happens to be the company’s 50th convertible model. In our opinion, it’s also one of their most beautiful, and when you think of all the attractive vehicles they have produced over time, that is quite a compliment. @ferrari #ferrari #ferrari488 #ferrari488spider #ferrari488pista #convertible #coupe #supercar #fastcars @caranddriver @autocamp @automobilemag
The PurTek Put A Water Filter Inside A Hiking Pole. Genius. We’re always on the lookout for ways to cut down on weight and superfluous gear, but we’d never thought of this…The PurTek does something brilliant, but almost so easy we wonder why we hadn’t seen it before: it combines a water filter and hiking pole into one piece of kit. READ MORE AT www.gearforlife.com @kickstarternews @kickstarter_nation @kickstarter @kickstarter.projects @hiking.of.the.day @hikingtheglobe @hikingculture @hikingdogsofinsta @hikingwithdogs_ @hikingtexas @hikinglocations @hiking @hikingram @campinghiking #hiking #hikingadventures #hiking🌲 #hiking_daily #hiking👣 #hikingpoles #hikinggear @natgeo @natgeoadventure @natgeotravel @menshealthmag @mensjournal @outsidemagazine @natgeoadventure