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assistant manager, mariposa, marlborough mall

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tu ex novio marijuanero aka DJ forbidden bong aka moi is playing reggaetón and r&b next week at @bardatcha avec @obsoletecollective ☯️
nothing on the internet makes me laugh anymore but i don’t think i’ll ever stop laughing at this
i’ll be DJing with @elle_barbs at le “goth villa” aka @ssensemontreal for the launch of @editorialmag’s latest issue ~ 👁 candy by @colekush3d ~  prepárense para PeRrEaR 🤠⚗️🧛🏻‍♀️🥀🦋🛸 7 p.m. xo
forgot my performative work bra at home today so my nipples were out at the office, what have u selected to adorn ur flesh prison with today friends???
all the guys i used to party with just hang out with younger girls now
golly gee i just love living in MILE END
image description: me in a black gown drinking champagne and cackling next to an extremely expensive japanese floral arrangement
u sucked the last dregs of my heart out with a straw like a piss flavored slurpee
ask me something inappropriately personal
an actual literal photo of my GOLDEN aura ass learning to LOVE MY DAMN SELF by regularly meditating, learning how to cook, reading pema chödrön, giving my body palo santo smoke baths, doing hot yoga, asking my God every single day to show me i am worthy, only investing in mutually reciprocal friendships that meet my needs, and FINALLY going to therapy to unpack my unresolved childhood trauma and learn about boundaries so i never ever ever ever ever ever EVER commit to someone who gaslights me, lies to me, cheats on me, steals money from me, and never goes down on me EVER EVER EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel like i’m just now emerging from emotional hell and although it’s still hard sometimes i’m living my hard femme dad north node in capricorn in the first house truth more than ever before and i thank God, the angels, the aliens piloting this simulation, and everyone who’s had a kind word to say to me every day. if we’re friends know that even if i don’t see you a lot guaranteed i’m thinking about you, talking to God about you, sending love to you with my heart when i remember. and even if we’re not i still think about you, all of you, people i may now know but who mean so much to me. i do tonglen for all of us and affirm that my water bearing aquarius moon heart belongs to myself for the world and nothing can ever extinguish that. anyways i’m going to go eat some lucky charms and take a very satisfying shit, toodles
why do all mile end dudes look like this