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Creating Happier, Healthier, Stronger Women since 2013! www.hannahsfitnessandtraining.com

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Which would you prefer? 🤔 ☆ • Looking great, or • Avoiding having photos taken because you are disappointed in how you look? ☆ • Feeling fit, happy and strong, or • Lacking the confidence to take part in fun activities, and feeling like you're missing out on life? ☆ • Having the energy you need to stay focused at work, or • Feeling sluggish and just wanting to hibernate your way through winter ☆ ☆ No doubt you want the best life possible, and I want that for you too. My Winter Wellness Team Challenge is designed to keep you on track over Winter, and have you looking and feeling AWESOME! This isn't just some generic thing I'm doing - it's specific for you, tailored to your goals and lifestyle. Let's make some magic happen for you, sign up today! Link in bio 😁
A few words to inspire you as we head into the new week! • • • #repost @women.of.fitness (@get_repost) • • • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #goals #motivation #inspiration #fitwomen #strongwomen
We should never assume that everyone wants the same thing. • The fitness industry will generally assume that if you're a female, you want to lose weight and get toned. If you're a male they will assume that you want to get jacked / ripped / buff (a.k.a: super muscly with no fat). • I agree with Kristy (the lady who said the quote in the image). When I program my own workouts, I program with healthy body fat levels and functional strength in mind. I know it's not healthy to have too much fat, but I also want to be fit / strong enough to keep my gymnastics skills for as long as possible. • My size does not determine my worth or my value. It does not determine my ability as a Personal Trainer. Your size does not define you, your worth or your value. The fitness industry is here to help you achieve what YOU want for yourself - not what society says is acceptable. • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #fullbodytraining #cardio #selfworth #confidence #girlsgonestrong #strongwomenlifteachotherup #strongpeoplelifteachotherup #fitness #truthbomb
Good morning world 😊 It's a great morning to stretch! This morning I'm doing my stretches that my awesome Exercise Physiologist gave me for my posture, but I'm also doing some stretches for my splits! • As a PT and a gymnast, I know just how important being flexible is for both your chosen sport and your life in general. And even though I'm not formally training as a gymnast currently, it's important that I maintain as many skills as I can! My sister taught my splits when I was 2, and I can still do them now 😁 But! I need to work on my front splits, and make them better! • Have a fantastic day, remember to stretch! • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #stretch #flexibility #gymnast #gymnastics #mobility #thosewhodontbendbreak
Dancing is one of my favourite things to do! Especially when it's with friends as awesome as these 😁 Why settle for traditional cardio when you can have fun with others, laugh and create awesome bonds? • Thanks ladies for a super fun night! • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #cardio #dancercise #dance #funwithfriends #happiness #laugh #getactive
🍉 Food for thought 💭 on your Monday morning! I take this very seriously. Our motivation for our health and fitness goals go deep, and the way we try and achieve them not only stems from lack of knowledge or poor knowledge (through no fault of our own a lot of the time), but also through multiple events throughout our lives. • WHY is a very important question to ask when it comes to what your goals are. It helps me to understand the importance of your goals, but also helps me to understand how you feel about yourself. How you feel about yourself is a big indicator on how you will react to food in general, food in social situations, after meals, and also how you see exercise. • If food and exercise is used as a reward / punishment system because of your self worth at any given time, there's a good chance you've eaten or exercised in a disordered fashion at some stage of your life, or could do in the future. Let's eat and exercise because we are worth good health, and long, happy lives 😁😁😁 • What I'd like to know, is how these stats are for the men? I wonder if they are different? • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #nutrition #exercise #workout #healthy #food #goals #motivation #strengthtraining #health
At long last, 18.5 has been completed!! It's been a frustrating 2 weeks. First my foot is strained, then I strain my calf muscle when we packed up our camp site at easter 🤦‍♀️😒 • So now, it's back to normal. Normal being: battling the every day things that crop up and get in the way of what I enjoy doing 😁 exercise, food and resting! Oh! And helping you guys of course 😁😉 • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #fullbodytraining #18point5 #motivation #fitness #health
The day has finally come! #gc2018gymnastics
I'm looking for THREE women aged 20-50 years old, looking to reach or maintain a healthy weight over winter and are willing to invest in their fitness. • I'm looking for women who want to: ▪ look good ▪ feel fit and strong ▪ improve their confidence • Places in my program are very limited, and I'm only looking for ladies who are ready to make a change now. To apply, simply head to my bio and click on the link! I'll be in touch if you meet the requirements 😊 • #femalespecifictrainer #strongwomen #womenshealth #womensfitness
Had a great walk this afternoon, such a shame my foot didn't like it. With about 1km to go the deep ache started... yaaaay 😒 • Looks like 18.5 is on hold for now and I'll be making a trip to the physio if it doesn't improve 😭 • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #injury #feet #walking #rest
Compulsory #18point4 selfie! All I can say is I'm glad I did most of my housework BEFORE I did this 😂🤣 Once again scaled and tweaked due to ability and equipment, but I'm proud of myself for getting done what I could in a very short 9 minutes! Shame I didn't get to do the bear crawls... maybe I'll do that part sometime this week! • Also thank you @crossfitgames for reminding me of my weaknesses so I can turn them into strengths 👊 • Now it's time to stretch, eat, and ride high on those endorphins 😁 • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #holiday #crossfitopen #justtryit #deadlifts #pushups #fullbodytraining
The cheat sheet for today. How will I go? Who knows! But I'll give it a good crack anyway 😊 Facebook live here I come! • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #crossfitopen #18point3 #18point3scaled #preparetosweat #feeltheburn
It's safe to say that Jaime from @studio57polefitness has earned her rest (and her stretching)! She will be feeling her legs and glutes tomorrow, that's for sure! • Effective workouts don't have to be complicated (and effective workouts are my specialty 😉) • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #legday #plyometrics #cardio
The workout is done! I love these kinds of workouts, 3 exercises lumped into one to give us a nice and quick workout 😊 My form is definitely not perfect but it'll do, practice makes perfect! • Remember - we are all busy and tired and need to focus on what we CAN do instead of what we (think we) DON'T have time or energy for #littlethings • Thanks to @thegirlsgonestrong and @_coach_karen_ for the inspo 😊 • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #fullbodytraining #kettlebellworkout
You know, I never ever thought I'd get excited about drinking my apple cider vinegar, lemon & honey drink, but I so do!! So good for you on so many levels 😁 • 🍋 lemon is good for your liver, as well as having plenty of good vitamins for a strong immune system 🍎 apple cider vinegar is known (and proven) to have a positive effect on your blood sugar levels and has even benefited many people with type 2 diabetes. It can also have a positive effect on your cholesterol levels too! 🍯 raw organic honey (ideally sourced locally to you) is packed full of antioxidants, phytonutrients and is also a powerful antibacterial and antifungal. • Thanks to the awesome folk at @farm.and.co for supplying me with a new batch of honey and some awesome juicy lemons 😁 • #hannahsfitnesstraining #nutrition #healthyhabit #organic #lemon #honey #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining
Things are gonna take a turn from fitness for a mo, enjoy 😊 • Hugs are beautiful and wonderful in so many different ways. I'm a hugger 😊 • However - as a hugger, and normal human living life on this planet, I've learned a few things about hugs. • Hugs bring us closer together. No brainer, right? But it's an important thing to note. Even huggers have boundaries. A lot of the time, I won't hug males. Maybe you think that's a bit weird, but I don't. There are boundaries that I want to respect, and until I know that male well enough, and feel comfortable with sharing my personalist of spaces with him, I don't want to hug him. • Sometimes it's best to ask before you hug. One client of mine was having a particularly tough time at home, and during a session she actually broke down in tears as she shared what had happened. My immediate reaction was to hug the living daylights out of her because I know for me hugs are just the bees knees when I'm sad, but once again - boundaries. So I said "if you'd like a hug I'd like to give you one". I felt super corny saying that but it felt better knowing that I wasn't forcing something on someone that wasn't going to be appreciated. Anyway there's a happy ending. We hugged 😊 • Sometimes it's best not to hug, even when a hug is really really needed. As a normal human being on this planet, just like everyone else I have experienced my fair share of trauma and grief. I know what it's like to have sadness so overwhelming, so internally penetrating that you exist in a fog for months on end. And sometimes the simplest hug is so powerful that it will break you into a squillion tears. There are days when you feel brave enough to face the world, but still you're held together by threads on the inside. You just want a day where you can smile, be with friends, and "come up for air". When greeting friends you pray "for the love of apples, don't hug me!!" So, friends, if I normally hug you, but this one time I don't, maybe I'm
This was quite possibly the juiciest red grapefruit I have EVER eaten!! So good! Get some of nature's candy in ya belly 😉👍 • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #nutrition #healthyfood #fruit #delicious #naturescandy
The last two weeks have felt a wee bit rubbish. Lots of fatigue. A decent amount of stress. Which leads to... lots of fatigue! 🎉 Such a fun little cycle! • Workouts have been pretty low, but I've listened to my body and done what I CAN, even if I would have preferred to spend the time sleeping. • When these times happen, what can we do but just roll with it? Laugh whole heartedly in it's face and keep chugging on. This morning I wanted to stay in bed, but I decided to get up and walk to the beach. What a treat it was! • Don't focus on the negative. Acknowledge it, sure, but focus on what you CAN do and things will improve 😊 • I'm off to enjoy my Sabbath. Have a lovely weekend! • (FYI, this is not a sympathy post). • #hannahsfitnesstraining #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinepersonaltraining #mindset #dowhatyoucan #positivefocus