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Heather Griesbach


SAHM to 2 beautiful girls 👩👧, sharing simple, easy-to-learn hair styles to help get you out the door 🚪 quickly.

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My 2 favorite braids to wish a sweet 6th birthday to Omi's (@norisakuhina) daughter. Have a fabulous birthday! Many thanks to @yukalinana and @ryt_rs for organizing #happybdayomisdaughter.
I haven't been doing much in Arwen's hair lately. She went through a phase this spring where she lost a lot of hair. I've been very gentle in her hair since, but her hair is noticeably thinner than it once was. Fortunately, the excessive hair loss stopped as quickly as it began, and she has a lot of baby hairs growing in. However, I am still being very gentle in her hair, so when I did these feathered French braids today, I kept them loose and didn't spend any time smoothing out the braids. I hope you like it anyway!
3 different waterfall braids to join in 3 birthday twins today. Happy birthday to Kelly @kac_hairstyle, Brooke @littleredbraids, and Chie's @chittychie daughter. I hope you all have wonderful days! Many thanks to @curious_strands, @ways2braid, @creativetangles, @ryt_rs, and @yamiyone for organizing #kellysbdaytwin, #brookesbdaytwin, and #happybdaychiesdaughter
Scissor waterfall braid with 2 colors of ribbon to wish a very happy birthday to Yummy @yummy.k.1116. I hope you have a fabulous day! Thanks to @erikoserikos and @ryt_rs for organizing #happybdayyummy
Double headband braids to wish a happy birthday to Natto's @natto.73 daughter. I hope you have a very happy day. Thanks to @norisakuhina and @ryt_rs for organizing this #happybdaynattosdaughter twin.
3 strand, suspended infinity and fishtail combo today with lots of flyaways. Happy Monday, I hope you have a great week. I would like to wish a very happy birthday to Griss @griss.olarte. I hope you have a fabulous day! Thanks so @ways2braid and @vale24hairstyle for organizing #happybdaygriss.
It's #fishtailfriday! Loose French fishtail (although it looks a lot like a French braid here 😞) into a woven fishtail. This is only the 2nd time I've done a woven fishtail. Have a great weekend everyone!
I tried my 1st star braid today. Getting the angles right may be the trickiest part. I may have also had more luck if I had used hair elastics for the ponytails (I only used the wrapped hair), but I don't like using them and avoid them when possible. More practice needed for me. Happy Thursday!
Happy Birthday USA! 1 more patriotic style to join in #july4hairtwin2018 organized by @dutchiebraided. I realized after I took the pics that I didn't completely separate the hair from the ribbon in the 6 strand. Oh well. I've been braiding my own hair because it's been hot and my girls are spending a lot if time playing in the water, so I've kept them in simpler styles. I hope all my U.S. friends have a safe and happy holiday. I would also like to wish a very happy birthday to Hilma @letitbraid. May you have a fabulous day! Thanks to @ways2braid and @vale24hairstyle for organizing #hilmasbdaytwin
More red, white, and blue hair to join in #july4hairtwin2018 organized by @dutchiebraided. I've done this braid several times, but I think it is the 1st time I've done it in my own hair
I'm joining the #july4hairtwin2018 organized by @dutchiebraided with a red, white, and blue braid. I'm not sure what this braid is called. It's a similar technique to @thehairbraidingbasics #8strand4and4braid, but is using only 6 strands. A #6strand3and3braid perhaps?
I tried to do braided heart to join in day 30 of #30daysnewbraids, but I didn't tie the cord into the hair correctly, and it flipped up when I started the 2nd of of the braid and looked too rounded. Rather than make her sit while I started all over again, I tried to pull it down with a section of hair. It didn't work too well 😞. I added the rainbow cord to join in #pridehairtwin2018 organized by Julie @jules4_pj and Mariel @curious_strands
Yellow and orange ribbon braids to join in @jennishairdays #30daysnewbraids  #30dnbday29
It's been a while since I've shown you the back of my head!😝 Ladder braid to a low ponytail to join in day 28 of #30daysnewbraids  I would also like to wish a happy birthday to the very talented Jane at @evgenikalifestyle and @thehairbraidingbasics. Have a wonderful day! Many thanks to (the also very talented) Abby @ways2braid, Julie @jules4_pj and Mariel @curious_strands for organizing #janesbdaytwin
Joining in day 27 of #30daysnewbraids organized by @jennishairdays with slide-up braids and an attempt at a 7 strand Dutch braid (not very successful, I'm afraid. I had a difficult time keeping the strands separate. I am totally in awe of those who can do this in their own hair) #30dnbday27
Feathered Dutch braids to join in day 25 of #30daysnewbraids  #30dnbday25
Flower braid for day 22 of #30daysnewbraids  #30dnbday22
Joining, a day late (yesterday was too rainy for pics) with day 19 of #30daysnewbraids with a headband braid into a top half ponytail. Simple and sweet.  #30dnbday19