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Ruby Fremon


🔥 Life + Influencer Coach 🎉 Creator of #AmplifiedSoulLIVE 🎤 Host of the #LovePunchPodcast LEARN HOW TO STAND OUT + MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

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Questioning yourself is ok. . Uncertainty is ok. . Feeling like a failure is ok. . Not knowing what to do is ok. . Feeling lost is ok. . But what’s not ok, is denying your freedom to BE with what you are experiencing. . Stop shaming yourself, and start BEING with yourself. . And as much as I am encouraging YOU with this post, I’m mostly sharing it as a reminder for myself. 🖤
Tag your unapologetic AF friends👇🏽
Our society is obsessed with keeping busy because we’ve cultivated a belief that busyness equates to success. . But that belief is bullshit.💩 What’s really needed to succeed is space. . Join me for a solo discussion on the importance and benefits of creating space. . Listen to this episode of #lovepunch now on #itunes, @spotify, #stitcher, and #googleplay! . And help a girl out by leaving a rating + review! 🙏🏽🙌🏽🎧
If the strategies aren't working, it's time to create a shift within. . It's really fucking easy to blame the strategies you've learned and implemented, your "oversaturated" industry, or even your business coach for the shit that's NOT working in your business. . But what's tough is being courageous enough to look within. .  I've worked with countless mission-driven clients who feel frustrated and stuck with their momentum. They've invested in business coaches and programs, and feel duped with their results. . What they realize through our work together is that they were duping themselves into thinking that their lack of momentum was due to outside sources. .  IT'S NEVER AN OUTSIDE SOURCE. . YOUR programming yields your results. . So if you want to shift your results, you HAVE to shift your programming. .  I'm not a mindset coach. I'm not an abundance coach. I'm not a business coach. And I'm not a "gimmicky" coach. . I'm a REAL AF life coach with tons of coaching experience, coaching mission-driven leaders in the making--men and women who KNOW they're here to create ripples of impact but are struggling with being seen, feeling recognized, and having their voices heard. .  And I'm offering something different for September. . I'm seeking 3 highly-motivated clients for a 2-month INTENSIVE 1:1 coaching experience! . You must be: 💣Mission-driven 💣Ready to create influence + impact 💣Willing to own your shit + change your programming 💣Courageous enough to face your shadows 💣Ready to be seen, heard, and bring your mission to the masses . Above all else, be ready to take REAL action as this is only a 2-month experience and I am determined to serve you powerfully as your coach... and your fullest effort is required. .  You'll have me in your back-pocket for 2 full months... uncovering your blind spots and supporting you with your evolution into leadership. . If this calls to you, REACH OUT!  Slide into my DM's and let's get the conversation flowing. .  It's
Being your most unleashed + unapologetic self doesn’t mean you have to be loud. . It also doesn’t mean you have to do certain things or be a certain way. . Being your most unleashed and unapologetic self is about honoring YOU by being YOU—at all times. . It’s about honoring YOUR mission and what you know you’re here to do. . And it’s about doing shit YOUR way. . Which means that sometimes, your most unleashed and unapologetic self will look like this... sitting in silence, looking within, and connecting to spirit. . In order to lead your mission with passion AND purpose, you must honor you by being YOUR most unleashed and unapologetic self. . If you’re seeking to give rise to your most unleashed and unapologetic self while fulfilling your mission in a way that feels aligned AF, but don’t know how to make that happen... I CAN HELP. . Join the #unleashedunapologetic family of rising thought leaders—here to make an impact and do it their way! . www.rubyfremon.com/unleashed . Clickable link is in my bio 👉🏽@iamruby
Honor your shifts ✨
Evolution is infinite—divinely orchestrated and perfectly delivered. . Let your teachers guide you. Let Gaia fuel you. And let yourself unfold. . Let go. Let be. Become. . See you on the other side.🖤
Most people say they’re on a path of self-discovery. But what it really is, is a path of REDISCOVERY. . You were born as YOU. . You were placed here to be YOU. . And then life happens and you learn how NOT to be you. . That’s it’s not safe to be you. . That you won’t be liked, loved, or accepted as you. . That the YOU you’re here to be just isn’t good enough. . So you try on a mask... and a few more... and a few more... eventually shapeshifting into someone that is no longer YOU. . You filter yourself. . You filter your thoughts, words, and opinions. . You filter your entire fucking life. . Because you’re trying to be who you THINK everyone wants you to be. . You’re trying to be who you think your audience/following expects you to be. . And all of this bullshit has led you astray. . I’m here to tell you that it’s time to come back. . It’s time to come back to the YOU you’ve been placed here to be—the YOU that is here to fulfill your mission—the YOU that is like none other. . Shed the filters. Shed the masks. Shed the bullshit. . Rediscover YOU.🖤
Posting is optional. And yet we treat it as if it’s mandatory. . For some, it becomes an obsession—something that feels necessary in order for us to be seen or feel relevant or gain significance. . But this obsession takes its toll... it depletes your energy and can create a further detachment from your TRUE self. . Over the past couple of months, I’ve taken a massive step back from social media. Posting only when I feel the call from within, and sharing from a place of deep passion. . And guess what? . My business is still growing. . My presence is still relevant. . And I still have (and will always have) significance. . If you’re reading this, I encourage you to drop the “need” to post, and adopt the belief that posting is optional. . Give yourself the freedom to post only when you feel deeply called to share something. . Your business will still grow. . Your presence will still remain relevant. . And you are and always will have significance.
This incredible man drove me to Vegas, came to the event as my videographer and recorded my talk so he could create a new speaking reel for me. . THIS is how much he believes in me and my dream. . I cannot put into words how much @kevinfremon’s belief in me and support has helped me with the expansion of my mission. But what I can say, is that his unshakable belief in me is something that I do not take for granted. . It’s rare to find your true soulmate—the one who sees you, recognizes your gifts and supports you in unleashing your greatness. . I thank God everyday for bringing us together. . I love you infinitely Kevin! Thank you for ALWAYS serving as a constant source of love, support, and encouragement. Your presence has influenced my life in the most amazing ways. So grateful 🙏🏽
I used to give WAY too many fucks... but at some point, I realized that THIS was my greatest setback. . It’s not that we’re not supposed to give a fuck—we are. But what serves us best is to only give a fuck about the shit that matters. . And other people’s opinions about us do NOT matter. . What matters most to me is my mission—giving the world a voice and igniting the next generation of thought leaders. . THIS IS MY WHY... and this is what drives me through the bullshit. . Let them talk. Let them judge. But do NOT let their bullshit stop you. . Give a fuck about the shit that matters, and let go of the rest. . . . 📷taken at #connecther18 at @slslasvegas where I had the honor of igniting a room filled with incredible influencers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs.
My face... when people try to bullshit me. 💩🙋🏽‍♀️#bye
Every choice you make is driven by ONE single question, and this question has the power to shift you into a state of radical responsibility. . Join me and Giovanna Capozza (@she_rises_podcast) for an enlightening conversation that will help you expand your self-awareness so you start creating your life and business from a place of empowerment vs disempowerment. . In this episode, Giovanna shares the one question that is driving you, she explains the curse of new age guilt, and we jam on the reasons why we can be so damn “judgey”. . Listen to this episode of #lovepunch now on #itunes, @spotify, #stitcher, and #googleplay! . And PLEASE help a girl out by leaving a rating + review! 🙏🏽🙌🏽🎧
Authenticity speaks louder than bullshit—and those who bullshit will hate on your authenticity. . LET THEM HATE. . But do NOT let their hatred sway you from your real AF ways. . ✌🏽✨
Thought leadership + being "liked" do NOT go hand-in-hand. . And let's face it... Most of you are obsessed with being "liked", whether you're aware of this or not. . What would you say if you didn't have this obsession? . Who would you be? . How would you show up? . Because the truth is... Not everyone is going to like you. In fact, there are going to be people who can't fucking stand you. 🙋🏽‍♀️#hihaters  Despite your efforts to be likable, you will not be liked by all. . Speak anyways. Be you anyways. Show up anyways. . Refuse to be driven by an obsession to be "liked". And instead, be driven by an obsession to create impact.💥 .  FYI: my brand new #unleashedunapologetic training will help you pivot from being like-obsessed, to being an impact-obsessed thought leader.  CLICK THE LINK IN MY IG BIO FOR ALL THE DETAILS👉🏽@iamruby . www.rubyfremon.com/unleashed
Loyalty + Trust + Integrity. . This is the WHY behind everything I’m doing, creating, and producing right now. . I could definitely do what many are doing and push offers for the sake of making money or building/scaling my business... but the thought of having that be my main driving force just does not excite me. . What excites me is building loyalty and trust amongst my tribe, and doing so from a place of deep integrity. . Because I KNOW that be doing it this way, I’m setting myself up for sustainable success that is aligned with my personal values. . So I choose to do things differently. . I believe it IS possible to stay deeply connected to my tribe AND scale my business. . I believe it IS possible to offer content of massive value AND effectively manage my energy. . I believe it IS possible to show up in all my realness AND build a loyal tribe. . I’m committed to building loyalty and trust from a place of integrity, because it FEELS good to me. . If you’re reading this, take it as an invitation to reflect on the WHY that’s driving you to do/create/produce all that your doing, creating, and producing right now. . Does it actually FEEL good? . Is it aligned with what you value most in your life? And if it doesn’t feel good or aligned, are you willing to do things YOUR way? . Think about it. 🤔 . PS My new #unleashedunapologetic training is built to help you do just this. Click the link in my IG bio for details 👉🏽@iamruby . www.rubyfremon.com/unleashed
Anyone else feel me on this? 👽
INSERT CATCHY CLICK-BAIT TEXT HERE. . Or don’t. . Yea, I’m gonna go with don’t. . Instead, I’ll just ask you to click the link in my bio for details on what this is all about 😉👊🏽✨ . www.rubyfremon.com/unleashed . #unleashedunapologetic