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24, England. Glantraeth Maximus 🐴

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I’ve genuinely never been as obsessed with a pony as I am with Max. We popped a few jumps today in preparation for tomorrow. I set up a double, a skinny and a spread (my absolute fear) and he flew all of them without getting strong. The hard work is starting to be worth it! #welshsecd #welshsectiond #poniesofinstagram
Look after yourself and know that you’re not alone. . . . . I’m always here for anybody who needs to talk about anything, even if you want a good natter about ponies and dogs to take your mind off things. #mentalhealthawareness
Happy birthday @billymack_13!! Here’s a video of you guessing the clues to our holiday to Amsterdam in July!
I am so proud of Max and myself today. Our first attempt at arena eventing, our first course since our jumping ‘training’ and our first attempt at some pretty technical fences. He got quite strong, hence me trotting most of the course! Plus he can jump so big from trot so there was no point cantering him around it and losing control! But still just so proud of this! #welshsecd #poniesofinstagram #welshsectiond #arenaeventing
I never thought this would happen so soon! . . . . #welshsectiond #welshsecd #fieldfarmxc #poniesofinstagram
Genuinely love this pony so much. . . . . #welshsecd #fieldfarmxc #welshsectiond #poniesofinstagram
I’m focusing on mine and Max’s jumping this month. We are aiming to enter our first summer show on 20th, so it’s all systems go to get us to a place where we are safe to actually jump a course (which I think is very plausible). I’m excited to just get him out and start jumping more and higher!
Took Max to Field Farm for some indoor schooling and he was perfect. Kept it calm and steady after last week but can’t wait to go next time and do even better. Also, look at the scope! . . . . #welshsectiond #welshsecd #poniesofinstagram
Serious love for this pony. The little dressage diva. #welshsectiond #welshsecd #poniesofinstagram
The best left canter we have ever achieved. This evening was successful (and eventful). This pony keeps getting better and better 😍 #welshsectiond #welshsecd #horsesofinstagram
Sadly, last night we lost this little guy. One of the funniest, laziest, stupidest bunnies ever. πŸ’”πŸ˜”
There are no words πŸ’• πŸŽ₯ @billymack_13 #welshsectiond #welshsecd #poniesofinstagram #horsesofinstagram
Thanks mum x
It’s my birthday. What better way to spend it than surrounded by chocolate.
Even when Max is an absolute nightmare, he’s still my favourite pony πŸ’• #welshsectiond #welshsecd #horsesofinstagram #poniesofinstagram
completely over the moon with Max today. We managed to jump a 75cm straight with absolutely no issues. Anyone who knows Max and our ‘journey’ will know that we have come so far. We have gone from not being able to canter over a pole without Max tanking to now popping a 75cm straight  fence in canter with absolutely no tanking at all (Max seems to tank more with straights than cross poles). It may seem tiny to some people, but honestly I’m so happy with the progress and it’s just pushing me to do more!!
I love this pony πŸ’• πŸ“Έ @billymack_13 (Excuse my washing line reins and Max not actually working properly πŸ™ˆ) #horsesofinstagram #welshsectiond #welshsecd #poniesofinstagram