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Joep Verbeeten


Nutter for all kinds of automotive obscurity, no matter what scale. And Porsches. Of course one has to love Porsches.

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///May Week on @live_and_let_diecast was a blast, this shot was for my #finale. @denniselbers was kind enough to lend me his gorgeous 2000 TI, thanks again Dennis! Today is #puurporschetreffen in Best btw!
To me the best wheel ever probably is the #campagnolo used on several #lamborghini in the 1970’s. It wasn’t just on the #miura, as the #jarama, #espada and #islero can be found with it as well. And sometimes, with the really bold owners, they weren’t silver. They were golden! 👊💥
Wait! This is no boring #camry or another big saloon from #totota you run into on the #streetsofbrabant! This actually was Totota’s flagship for years, carrying a V12. Specifically designed for this #toyotacentury so no parts-shopping from other models here. No leather in these as leather makes more noise than wool cloth although it obviously was an option. This 2nd gen was made for almost 20 years but with a yearly output below 200 units still extremely rare. Developing a V12 for this specifically must have been an expensive decision.
There was a whole bunch of 1st gen Civics attending #japanclassicday at @classicparkboxtel last weekend. Moses Hightower would be proud. Or take a seat out of it. This one was a sporty looking RS. No idea if that was an actual thing but it looked glorious. And tiny. Check out @breitlingmike ‘s post for it’s gaugecluster!
Next to pristine original JDM cars the #japanclassicday at @classicparkboxtel also got a fair share of #initiald fans. Like this #mazdarx7 from the #fc generation, proud member of the #redsuns apparently. Is that you #ryosuketakahashi?
I never realized we had the first gen #rx7 as a #targa over here but it’s an original Dutch registered one so it has to be. Showing it’s glorious tail at #japanclassicday in Boxtel. I had to take the Pao there to meet some relatives, right? No #familyties in this shot though.
The weekend was a blast. Submarines (!), some #jdm and I finally got to see the latest addition to the #blindwallsgallery: @zenkone ‘s tribute to #muaythai champion #ramondekkers. Sorry for blocking it partly with #kungpao but those parking spots in front of it seem to be occupied all the time so I had to seize the moment when I saw the spots in front available! Made an extra shot to compensate that so swipe ➡️➡️ More Japanese stuff this week btw!
This week will be all about BMW on @live_and_let_diecast as it’s ///May Week 2018! So enjoy a little replication of how my own 1:1-scale #neuklasse #touring is supposed to go look like, although my bigger one is a post-facelift. So be sure to checkout lald.co (without the “m”!) once in a while next few days if you love the brand.
As I’m having a #rundumhausewoche: Another shot of my neighbor’s glorious historic rally car, in color this time. And with all it’s lights lit, ready for action! 😎
These Renault Estafettes either end up as a foodtruck or a campervan, just like the #citroënhy. From an era vans didn’t need to do 100 km/h. So figures it gets used for recreational duties actually. #rundumhausewoche
An unexpected #barnfind in the #citrobarn @bjornvdven showed me last weekend: the 4-door Ferrari Daytona. By Rover. Also known as the SD1. Feared for all it’s #lucaselectricstheprinceofdarkness stuff 😎
Red, yellow and blue. The little #be1 seems to be fond of all the tiny streets and alleys in the older parts of the city of #breda. It’s owner is as well actually. #compositionofredblueandyellow #rundumhausewoche
It’s been a while since the #mighty3point2 came by in my feed. After last year’s overhaul of both the suspension and oil lines it’s been running gloriously. It even wasn’t annoyed taking @bjornvdven and me to that infamous #citrobarn in Oud Gastel.
I really don’t get how my neighbor keeps this thing so clean. It is garaged alright. But often still is outside when it’s starting to rain and if he’s too late he just lets it be, without a top whatsoever over the rear seats. Uses it often off-road as well. No idea what’s passing though with the #longexposure 😎
This was one of the last shots I made of #kungpao before the leaves showed up on the trees and spring finally kicked in a few weeks ago. This week it’s #rundumhausewoche again after a week in Italy and showing all that #citromobile glory.
In my younger years you couldn’t NOT run into a #citroënbx on the streets of holland. Now it always gets a smile on my face. This one however has no funny intentions as it is the #nonplusultra #16soupapes #gti. Serious business. And a decent closer for a week on #citromobile for me!
#frenchfriday meets #vacayfriday in this #citroen based #camper. Not sure if we’d still call this a #goddess though. Then again: could one go #camping or #glamping more gloriously? 🦇💩crazy 👊💥
Two early A types reveal their #chevrons easily for #chevronthursday. My love for the #2cv goes way back to the #2cvspot my uncle used to drive when I was little. #fondmemories.