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▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ 📌Name: Job Watch 🐍 📌Nationality: Thai 🇹🇭 📌Weight: May 2018: 86.5 kgs, Current: 80.4 kgs ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

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The fam missing Joy 😀. Who do I look like more? My mom or dad?  Mother’s Day shot!
💕Happy belated mother’s day. Grateful for everything, you’re by far the best mother at least from what I know of other moms, I am 99.9% sure! You bore your biggest competitor for the top spot as best woman, my sister Joy hah.
How you dress day after cheat day ... ALL BLACK 🤦🏻‍♂️
Learning to spread my wings 🐥 from Chin. Cheers for the guidance bro! One new learning each time I meet this guy.
Hanging leg twists - still working on the form 🤔  Credit @nadonnote
Be where you are happy! #onlyinthegym
TGIF! Pre-gaming before workout. Chest and back today!
#heisensation one more shot for the big eyes. I hope your trip is safe and sound and your grandma gets better nah @somosomobi . Have a good drive back @ming__ks .
Thanks @ming__ks for sacrificing your step up to the “Very Important Person” area! We’re just as dark here Som-O.
Abs check after a week of the flu weighing in at 81.9 kgs. Time to get back to cutting.
“If you need hug, go somewhere else. No free hugs here”
Aiyahhhhhhh!!! Kai, my nephew. Careful @deweyjjj 🤣. I miss you, Joy!!!
Morning fast with the Pokémon Go event: Zaptos Raid!  Time to eat!
Dec 2012 vs this morning Jul 2018. You guys are all role models to my generation, thank you for guiding me then and now. Thank you p’Jate for always being my friend and guardian! Nice running into you this morning at the park, we should run!
Nothing that comes easy is worth having. Excuse my hard-work, I want results.
My 3rd year into music festivals, my first Sensation! Let’s do this! #heisensation #heinekenstarhive (Surprised, I can fit into these jeans I brought from back in 2014. Weight loss going as planned)  Credit: @ming__ks @somosomobi
You are what you listen to. Tonight, I am the Sensation! #heisensation #heinekenstarhive  #ไม่ยอมแพ้ส้มโอ  Credit: @noox37
All 13 out of the cave; the strength and bravery involved in this both from the international team and local Thai team getting the kids stuck in a cave out. I can’t imagine the willpower this took.  I am so hype, I didn’t realize my music wasn’t on during my workout seeing this news 😅.