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More of the tropical stuff 🌺🌴 and another from Poirier @poiriersound This is a dancehall 🇯🇲 banger with brilliant rapping/toasting from Panamanian ragga MC Zulu @mczulu Brilliant rhythm programming, heavy, heavy bass, and great remixes from King Cannibal (Dylan Richards aka House of Black Lanterns), Toddla T & Duckbeats, and Tony-O. A truly international collaboration. Wicked! . Ghislain Poirier feat. MC Zulu "Go Ballistic" #vinyl 12" single. . 2008 Ninja Tune Canada ZEN12220.
This is a Public Service Announcement: Protect your #vinyl ! Great old inner-sleeve from a His Master's Voice New Zealand pressing circa 1960s.
More of the tropical beats 🌴🍍 This time it's one from Canadian producer Ghislain Poirier @poiriersound . He's been a hip hop producer working with Canadian MCs, produced tracks and remixed for artists internationally, and has delved often into producing excellent tropical bass music. Here, Poirier gives us an EP of four banging tracks of uptempo, electronic soca, a style originating in Trinidad and Tobago in the 70s and mutating over the years with the influences of technology. Featuring the frenetic vocals of MCs Face-T, MC Zulu and Mr. Slaughter, this is a release on Coldcut's Ninja Tune label. . Ghislain Poirier "Soca Sound System" 12" #vinyl EP. . 2009 Ninja Tune UK ZEN12231.
More of that music from the tropical zones of this great big planet... I've posted this one before, but it fits this theme and it's an excellent record. . Tony Allen is a Nigerian drummer/composer/songwriter who was instrumental in the founding of Afrobeat, and worked with Fela Kuti for years. . This is a compilation of remixes and covers of Tony Allen tracks, featuring a variety of styles of music, musicians and producers from across the globe. . A beautiful double LP from Honest Jon's Records. Cover photo by @pg_hugo_photography  Artwork by Demola Ogunajo. Design by Will Bankhead. . "Lagos Shake: A Tony Allen Chop Up" double #vinyl LP. . 2008 Honest Jon's Records UK HJRLP34.
More from the tropics, and more of Angola's frenetic dance music genre known as kuduro. I love everything about this release. 6 banging kuduro tracks, 3 from a French musician @fredericgalliano (now concentrating on his career as a sculptor) working with Angolan musicians, and 3 from Angolan artists. The excellent photography on the cover is also by Frédéric Galliano. The fabulous design is by @bustbright and besides incorporating the colours and machete and gear emblem of Angola's flag into the design (rear sleeve, and record) they've very cleverly used spot varnish on both sides of the cover, spelling out "Força Kuduro" with letters made up of little icons like dollar signs, stars and triangles. A really nice package overall, issued by now defunct Philadelphia based label Flamin' Hotz, which released a whole lot of great street bass, kuduro and funk carioca records while they lasted. . Various "Força Kuduro" #vinyl EP. . 2008 Flamin' Hotz Records US FHZ-014.
This... 🙌 . #repost @technics_global (@get_repost) ・・・ SL-1200GR, the new standard of turntables, is made by elaborate Japanese craftsmanship. #technics #rediscovermusic #sl1200 #music #music #hifi #audio #directdrive #vinyl #record #claftsmanship #turntable #glandclass
The tropical theme continues, and while this one's not by musicians from the hotter climes, it fits because it's an album of heavily percussive instrumentals featuring a lot of instruments from tropical cultures. . I was inspired to post this because @megansgotrecords posted Herb Alpert's 'Whipped Cream And Other Delights' and mentioned it had been used as a demonstration record in stereo system showrooms. So had this one, apparently. It's an interesting release too, in that it was issued in Quadraphonic Stereo in Australia, but nowhere else if the info I found is correct. . Mandingo was a project put together by the late UK orchestra/band leader, songwriter and producer Geoff Love. He assembled a bunch of session musicians for this recording, and the result is an album of "exotica", not the quiet, cocktail lounge variety, but big, rhythmic tracks, a couple of which grow into massive, booming drum monsters over their course. . This album was so popular in Australia it was remastered and reissued on CD here by EMI in 1995. I've got the CD too. The cover art was also unique to the Australian release, until 2014 when Parlophone issued the CD as a limited edition in the UK. Essential! . Mandingo "The Primeval Rhythm Of Life" #vinyl LP. . 1973 Columbia/EMI Australian pressing Q4-TWO-400.
More tropical dance music... 🌴 This is a compilation of kuduro, a style of dance music which sprung up in Angola in the late 80s, and has continued to develop, embracing technology as it goes. Kuduro is not just about the music, but also the dancing that goes with it, and if you search 'kuduro' on YouTube you'll find plenty of amazing videos that demonstrate this. . If you're a @triple_j  listener in Australia, you might rember hearing them play Buraka Som Sistema @burakaofficial a few years back. Do you remember the track with M.I.A. on vocals, singing, 'One drop, two drop, three drop, four, sound of kuduro knocking at your door'? That track, 'Sound Of Kuduro', was really seminal in introducing kuduro to the rest of the world, and Portugal's Buraka Som Sistema have been the most successful kuduro outfit thus far. . This one is, like the record in my last post, on Mental Groove Records @mentalgroovemusic and the cover art is also by @sanghonkim This is actually one of my favourite album covers, and unfortunately my phone camera doesn't do the hot pink any justice. Sorry SangHon! . Various "Bazzerk: African Digital Dance" double #vinyl LP. . 2011 Mental Groove Records Switzerland MGLP022.
More modern electronic dance music from the tropics... This is a compilation from Mental Groove Records @mentalgroovemusic , an awesome label releasing all manner of musical genres from around the world since 1989, curated by owner Oliver Ducret. . What is changa tuki? In a nutshell, it's a form of electronic dance music which sprung up in the barrios (the poor districts) of Caracas, Venezuela, influenced by house and techno, and created with the influence of traditional Latin rhythms, and the ease of cheap technology. Like Brazil's funk carioca, changa tuki can be brash, loud, and intense, but as Gloria Estefan once sang, the rhythm is gonna get you! There's a really fascinating doco (with subtitles) about changa tuki on YouTube; search for "Quién Quire Tuki?". There's another shorter doco at thump.vice.com✌ . Art by @sanghonkim . Various "Changa Tuki Classics" #vinyl LP. . 2013 Mental Groove Records Switzerland MG090.
Back to the tropics... 🌴🍍 A great 12" EP from Sofrito, a UK based label and collective who release "everything from Nigerian acid boogie to raw Gwo Ka rhythms, futuristic sounds from new European producers and heavy Latin vibes from the Pacific coast of Colombia." (sofrito.co.uk/about) . Some of Sofrito's releases, like this one, are new remixes or edits of vintage dance tracks from the tropics, often given a longer, phatter mix for the dance floor by adding a 4/4 kick and/or extra drum track and/or boosting the bass and/or extending the rhythm breaks in the track by several bars... These older Sofrito releases are becoming rare and collectable, and their artwork by @lewisheriz is beautiful. 😍 . Various "Tropical Discotheque EP Vol. 2" #vinyl 12". . 2009 Sofrito Specials UK SOFR003.
30 years ago today, 28 June 1988, Public Enemy @publicenemyftp released this hip hop masterpiece. Enough said. If you're in Australia, it's this week's Classic Album on @doublejradio and you can read about it and stream the show at doublej.net.au ✊
More tropical beats... "Music is a world within itself With a language we all understand..." ("Sir Duke" Stevie Wonder) Those opening lines sum up perfectly why music such as this appeals to me. I don't speak Spanish or Portuguese, the two major languages of Central and South America, so what is it about this music of the tropics that moves me? It's certainly the rhythm; I've always loved drums, percussion and bass, and all the incredible sounds that are made possible with the endless variety of instruments to be found in the "south" of the planet. I think the other appeal is to my love of electronic music. All these "tropical beats" or "tropical bass" records I've been posting recently have a basis in electronic production; the affordability of music production hardware and software means anyone anywhere can make music today. . This album is another great example of music bridging any divides between "north" and "south", as musicians from South and Central America collaborate with musicians from Europe, mixing up the genres, from electro to cumbia, rave to reggaeton, to produce fantastic rhythmic hybrids. Please check out the artists I've tagged into the first picture, seek out their music, and enjoy it! . The excellent album artwork was done by Anders Thykier @thykier_ who also remixed one track on the album. . Various "Global Bass Vol. 2" double #vinyl LP. . 2011 Urbanworld Records Denmark UW014LP.
This album was my introduction, and no doubt many others', to funk carioca (or baile funk), the modern electronic dance music genre that was born in Rio De Janeiro's favelas. Compiled in 2004 by Tetine, the duo of @elimejorado and @brunoverner , this album was issued by Brighton-based label Mr Bongo @mrbongoworldwide The 12" in my previous post, Tetine featuring @deizetigrona "I Go To The Doctor", is pretty much an English language version of the track "Injeção" ("injection" in Portuguese), which is the track which really made Deize Tigrona a star of the funk carioca scene, and features on this album. It's loud, brash, dirty and totally funky.  Various "Funk Carioca" double #vinyl LP.  2004 Mr Bongo Recordings MRBLP035.
More tropical beats... This one's by Tetine, the duo of Brazilians Eliete Mejorado and Bruno Verner. Formed in 1995 after meeting in São Paulo, Tetine established themselves in the UK in 2000, becoming artist-in-residence at London's Queen Mary University. Often described as tropical punk, their music takes in performance art, punk, rock, hip hop, Miami bass, and funk carioca (baile funk). This track features Brazilian female MC Daize Tigrona on vocals, and it's a bit of a mix of funk carioca and rock, incorporating the famous rhythm from Afrika Bambaataa's "Planet Rock". The flipside is a remix by Brazilian band CSS, probably best known for their hit "Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above". . Tetine "I Go To The Doctor" #vinyl 12" single.  2008 Soul Jazz Records UK SJR 180-12.
More tropical beats from Man Recordings, and another from Stefan Mörth aka @stereotyp under his Ku Bo production moniker.  Ku Bo "Rebola" and "Rebola Dub" cw "Um Korpo" #vinyl 12" single.  2008 Man Recordings Germany MAN 020.
Another brilliant release of tropical beats from @manrecordingsberlin . Label head @danielhaaksman set up the label to release tracks from Brazil's baile funk scene (known more commonly in Brazil as carioca funk), along with genre-defying, highly danceable tracks of an electronic tropical nature on which musicians from around the world have collaborated. This is a great EP of four tracks from some great producers, along with some star baile funk MCs. Check out the tagged artists in the first photo for more. . Various Artists "Funk Mundial #8" 12" #vinyl EP. . 2009 Man Recordings Germany MAN 036.
Going to keep things on the tropical beats for a while... Please search out music from the artists involved with this record! I've tagged them in the first picture. They make brilliant music! This is from Austrian producer Stefan Mörth (aka Sterotyp) under his Ku Bo alias, making amazing tracks taking in influences from, and featuring vocalists and co-producers from, the tropical zones of the world. Props to Berlin DJ/producer @danielhaaksman and his label @manrecordingsberlin for releasing such great music for we in the "north". . Ku Bo "Remix EP" #vinyl 12". . 2009 Man Recordings Germany MAN 043.
Making mad dancehall tunes, taking in all manner of influences from the tropical zones of the planet, along with electro and techno, South Rakkas Crew is Alex Greggs and Dennis Shaw. The duo came to prominence via Diplo's Mad Decent label, and this is one of their finest releases.  South Rakkas Crew "Mad Again" 12" #vinyl single.  2008 Mad Decent US pressing MAD-085.