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Jolanda Boekhout


Animal photographer (@jofabifoto) & iPhoneographer | living with 2 cats, 13 chickens, 3 ducks, 2 horses & @mahieu | telling the story of my life

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Found a beautifully shaped sea cabage. With a surprise for me. I see hearts. #mywalkaroundtheisland #shuttersisters #iseehearts
At low tide the shore is a buffet for seagulls. They fly up with an oyster and drop it on the stones to open it. Yum! #mywalkaroundtheisland #shuttersisters
And suddenly the grey sky opens and fluffy fuzzy clouds appear. How I love the color of the water. #mywalkaroundtheisland #shuttersisters
The lovely sheep of Noord-Beveland. #mywalkaroundtheisland #shuttersisters #sheepofnoordbeveland
On an almost cloudy day I have the shore to myself. #mywalkaroundtheisland #shuttersisters
The purple fields of sea lavender. So beautiful. #mywalkaroundtheisland #shuttersisters
When life sucks while nothing seems wrong…. I started walking again today. My fourth leg on #mywalkaroundtheisland around Oosterschelde. Years ago i read the book ‘when life hurts’ (als leven pijn doet). That book still resonates within me. By events that happened in my childhood I can’t feel my true self, how hard I try. It comes in waves like the waves on this beach, the desperation, the sadness, the feeling of not being happy in myself, the guilty feeling of not being enough. I can’t see or believe what’s really here. Whatever I try I’m not successful in anything. It paralyses me and makes me asking myself beforehand why I should even try. I keep forgetting nourishing my inner child is so important. So I started walking again. Breathing in fresh sea-air. Watch the waves roll in and the birds fly over. Maybe it helps… #shuttersisters
A man and his horse... On a walk to the Veerse Meer to dip our feet in the water. Oscar eating patiently in the background till I was done shooting. #oscarsretirement #ahorseslife #shuttersisters
While we lost little Furby (the sweet tiny last chick) last night these three keep growing. Mom Sophie has given up to take care of them. Since the visit of the bird of prey they haven’t left the pond. Not even to sleep in the chicken house. They only sneak up on me when the bowl of food is empty. It worries me a lot because there are foxes looking for food at night. The water level in the pond keeps dropping because of the lack of rain. We need water in the pond to keep the ducklings safe. I love our animals very much. The stress of worrying about their safety makes me sad though. #aduckslife #circuscasarca #hetboerengenieten #afarmersdelight #shuttersisters
And the last one. She’s much later than the others. So I keep her warm to get her enough strength to join the others later. Sweet Furby. #achickenslife #hetboerengenieten #afarmersdelight #shuttersisters
The first four... #hetboerengenieten #afarmersdelight #achickenslife #shuttersisters
It’s a good day for duck yoga. #aduckslife #hetboerengenieten #afarmersdelight #shuttersisters
Finally... in the Olympic duck pond. It was an accident though. A bird of prey paid us a visit this morning. Everybody safe. Pfjoeh! #aduckslife #achickenslife #hetboerengenieten #afarmersdelight
Happy Birthday little ones! Totally not planned. A while ago Juni disappeared behind the hedge. We suspected her to be sitting on a nest. Since we’ve only got three hens and one rooster left from our last year’s nest of nine we gave Juni a chance. There are foxes around at night so after a while we moved her inside the chickenhouse. Juni is a bit like her mom and can be quite hysterical when you pick her up. So after two days she decided the egg sitting was done. Luckily Maan has refused to leave her empty nest for weeks. The six eggs were moved to Maan. And now four chicks have been born, one is still hatching and one egg is still intact. I hope for girls. @mahieu thinks about eating all the roosters. ☹️ #achickenslife #hetboerengenieten #afarmersdelight #shuttersisters
They still fit! Not for long I fear... #ifitsitsitfits #aduckslife #achickenslife #hetboerengenieten #afarmersdelight #shuttersisters #sometimesmondays
They’ve been in the meadow since yesterdaymorning. Everybody tells us that it’s natural for a horse to stay outside all day and night in Summer. But our two oldies don’t seem to enjoy it. It feels like they look at me with accusatory eyes.... #ahorseslife #oscarsretirement #shuttersisters
In awe about the olympic duck pond. Not daring to jump in yet. Instead enjoying the bird bowl as a bath. #aduckslife #achickenslife #hetboerengenieten #afarmersdelight
They love clean water. I can watch this forever. And almost too big for the swimmingpool. #aduckslife #achickenslife #hetboerengenieten #afarmersdelight