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Jolanda Boekhout


Animal photographer (@jofabifoto) & iPhoneographer | living with 2 cats, 13 chickens, 3 ducks, 2 horses & @mahieu | telling the story of my life

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Goodmorning! All safe and sound. But when mom and uncle Loeki put their heads in the food bowl not many of the little ones fit in. #hetboerengenieten #afarmersdelight #shuttersisters
Finally! Two birthday gifts have arrived today. They are so cute. Eric is very happy as you can see. Toby and Whinnie, a boy and a girl, named after Scottish whisky. I hope the horses won’t mind sharing their home when meadow season is over. #hetboerengenieten #afarmersdelight
It seems that this will be the traditional baby chicken photo. This time it’s a much more filled up photo. Harder to manage too. All 14 of the babies are in @mahieu’s arms though. Aren’t they cute? #hetboerengenieten #afarmersdelight #achickenslife #ilovechickens #shuttersisters
Goodmorning from the chickenhouse! #hetboerengenieten #afarmersdelight #ilovechickens #achickenslife
Goodmorning! No dolphins or whales seen this morning because we overslept ourselves. 😳 I recognised the UK in this cloud yesterday. Newcastle, Ullapool and Badrallach, Glenelg and the isle of Mull... I hope it is a sign for us to come back soon. If I photobombed you for the past two weeks please forgive me for that. From now on it will only be photos of baby chicks. 😁#twocampersinscotland #shuttersisters
Cheers to a special holiday! All the challenges we encountered were worth a lot. And while maybe not at the moments itself we thouroughly enjoyed ourselves. Goodbye Scotland and see you soon another time. #twocampersinscotland #shuttersisters
Goodmorning! Our last camping spot. It’s quite a change from where we love to camp. We’re somewhere close to being a bit of ‘wild campers’. On the last few campings, including this one, a lot of people could fit in. So it’s been a bit of letting go of our holiday feeling for a few days already. But all good, and rainy and windy 🙂, things come to an end... Now we’re off to the ferry. #twocampersinscotland
The path to... what a magical walk in the forest yesterday. And... without a drop of rain. #twocampersinscotland #shuttersisters
A mystical forest. #twocampersinscotland #shuttersisters
Looking for Eric... Oh! There he is! On a last beautiful walk. #twocampersinscotland #shuttersisters
Morning at Comrie Croft. And again rain fell and the wind tore the front of our tent loose in the middle of the night. Totally our own doing since it was so calm and dry last night. Always pitch with storm pins, always. #twocampersinscotland
Last walk in the Highlands. An endless path with sheep, grouse, purple heather, flowing streams and dreams. Will miss this... #twocampersinscotland #ilovescotland #shuttersisters
Goodmorning! Second time this holiday that we could have morning coffee at the camping spot. No wind, no rain, only a bit cold, but with the sounds of a highway close. You would expect differently in a national park... 😳. It was 4C last night. My alarm/iPhone thought the best of it and took a leave of absence. #twocampersinscotland #ilovescotland
At the most western spot on the UK mainland. With Peigi and Ted the lighthouse dogs. They welcomed us and invited us to follow them to their favourite place down below on the rocks near the edge of the water. It was so scary to see them play with the rolling waves. I even thought Ted disappeared in the ocean. But he’s experienced so it seemed. #twocampersinscotland #ilovescotland
This morning... We had to camp down there because the car couldn’t turn up the hill to a much better spot out of the wind. And we can add another experience to our trip: sleeping under a waterfall. Or so it felt. So much rain... The wind blew also, so our tent was dry by the time we packed up. 😁 #twocampersinscotland #ilovescotland
Goodbye beautiful Tobermory and Mull. It was quite the adventure. Don’t want to think about it but it’s time to slowly find our way back to the ferry home... Oh well... still more than enough time to taste more whisky, with chocolate I hear 😳, where we’re off to. #twocampersinscotland #ilovescotland
Chasing the whisky trail before we head off to the mainland. Mmm... The distillery has been closed for a while now because of woodwurm in the washbacks. (That’s why I could make a few photo’s.). But will start producing next March probably. #ilovescotland #twocampersinscotland