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Life Is Good


No soy de aquí, ni soy de allá. | Apenas aprendí a caminar, me dejaron solito en la cascada |

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Otra vez 🙈
Notice the  #woodwork
I’m just a passenger on this journey.....called #life.  No soy de aquí, ni soy de allá no tengo edad, ni porvenir y ser feliz es mi color de identidad.  #atahualpa in #tuxedo
#mezcal #xure tastes better when shared
Today I contemplated hammering 🔨 the freaking shit out of these glass walls .  #not #freedom.
Boston feels and reminds me a bit of the southern part of Europe. #charming #places #european #vibes
I could live here.
Too soon old, too late smart.  #classics
Came across  some amazing beautiful souls.  I don’t miss places  but the energy created at each location.  Cheers to the #great #vibes and people. Ojo 👁 hard to find people like that in Tulum-( lugar más fresa y fake)
Ceviche q no se olvida
Dancing after sharing a bottle of #mezcal.  You become part of an informal clump, a loose and sympathetic affiliation of people from different age groups and walks of life but all experiencing the same vibes, same weather, same eccentric impulse to create new experiences.  #pocna #pocnahostel #islamujeres #mexico #dance