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Jordane M. Arnold


Writer, artist, photographer, book reader, animal advocate, nature child, creative procrastinator, and a little crazy in the head.

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I didn't choose the truck life...the truck life chose me ;P  #1993fordbronco #vintage
Summer storm
There's a three-word phrase in the art of writing and storytelling that I have always dreaded and wouldn't dare concede to if I could help it: "Kill your darlings". It's the phrase always thrown around to get writers to buck up and make difficult creative choices in their work--a phrase that writers will either recoil from in dismay, or take to heart and go on a merciless literary bloodletting.  And yet, it's rather quaint what that phrase has come to mean to me in recent years, as I've come to learn that it isn't to be taken quite so literally, not always. "Your darlings" doesn't always have to refer to a character--sometimes, it can refer to an idea or concept.  I've killed quite a few of my "darlings" in the form of letting go of concepts, ideas, plots, (and yes, characters, too) as I have written and edited and rewritten and edited some more; sometimes the changes and edits I made are quite drastic compared to my original concept, yet it's amazing to me how once I finally just grit my teeth and "killed my darlings", it's only smooth sailing from there. Things just CLICK into place. The story runs smoother. My characters feel more real and unrestrained in where I can take them.  No matter how reluctant I am at first to alter something I've stuck with for so long, I've developed enough of a writer's gut to know that if an idea is recurring, if it feels like a fog has been lifted from my writing after embracing that new idea--even for just a minute--then I'm better off following that gut feeling, because it has only brought improvement and great surprises in my writing--in both my serious works and the stuff I write just for fun.  So, lesson of the day: Always follow your gut ;) #writerlife
Hooray for bunny-sitting!
The last paragraphs of this book  always hit me with the chills and feels, after all the growth the Aelin goes through...
Perfectly smooshable face :3
Books are my retail therapy...
Oh? You're going to read? Here, let me crawl in your lap and leave less room for your book.  #zivathediva #readingbuddy #catsofinstagram #throneofglass
This big hunk of love also found a home today
That pleasant surprise when a husky is actually an easy joy to walk
It's quite difficult to make myself go to work when I've got these two cutie faces begging me to stay... #remmitherescuedog #zoeythebrindlelab
Birdwatching for the 4th, because that's what boring adults do lol More pictures to come! Happy Independence Day!  #pnwadventures
Looking forward to spending my 4 day weekend being creative... Missed drawing these two babes
Don't think Ziva's much a fan of this spontaneous summer storm we're having, with the big drums going BOOM in the sky.... #zivathediva #pnwlife #catsofinstagram
The madness never ends... And here I thought I had finally settled on a draft I liked... #herewegoagain #writerproblems #thewhispererchronicles
Holly the tripod hero
Sometimes, you've just got to load your dogs in your truck and get away someplace
I just can't even with this little gem...