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Road to 1st place! Journey through my prep to IFBB Men’s Physique

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On a mini cycle and 455 is moving fast.
Because sometimes in Texas you don’t have time to stop for a meal. #leanbody #leanbodynation #labradanutrition #labrada
5 week check in.
I really admire that Lee Labrada has kept up his health and physique over all these years. He is truly a humble person.
5 weeks out: update. Not where I would like to be, but I’m right where I need to be.
Sometimes you find some great lighting in hotels and have to take a picture.
Enjoying the scenery.
Prep is coming along nicely.
Chest serration are starting to come in.
Rice and chicken is life!
Not feeling today as you can see from my face, but I just keep going.
This is my 16 week out look.
Now is the time I start being more focused. The clock is ticking now.
On my journey to Piccolo shoulders. 17 weeks out. Sitting at an all time low of 188. I’ve been shooting for ~610carbs every day. Eating at 3950-4000kcals. Carbs is not your enemy, eating high carbs helps with fat loss and muscle growth. Your body need carbs for energy, if you are not supplying it with enough, then it will start to break down other things for the energy. ***carbs should not come in the form of sugars! Eat complex carbs!
Sunday’s are for meal preps. My favorite breakfast: red potatoes, lean ham, egg whites, jalapeños, cheese. Meal: Tri-tip fajita, rice, pinto beans, Lima beans, corn. Meal: Extra lean beef chili, Lima beans, corn.