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“Everything you want is on the other side of fear”

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But Inspire them.
The Ability To Read The Qur’an is One Of The Greatest Gifts That Allah (swt) Has Given Us.  We Can Only Listen Because We Have Forgotten. (If u only knew the pain the heart feels).
Eid Mubarak
Wallah You Zionist Kuffars Will Anwser To Allah. You Call Us  Muslims Terrorist, So What Does That Make You ?
Define Beauty
We Ain’t The Same #goals #theonlywayinlife
We will fight to our last breath. Not go on Tour then come back home for a Pay Cheque.
It Started With 5.  #ifyouknowyouknow
Happiness doesn’t exist whilst our brothers and sisters live like this
Victory is promised to the Muslims. In’sha’Allah
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Ya Allah please forgive me for what I have done. Ameen