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@zafferanosg’s Saturday Champagne Brunch ($98-$128) promises live oysters (2 per diner), unlimited servings of fresh Italian Burrata, marinated salmon with avruga caviar, cold cuts, gratinated Hokkaido Scallop, veal agnolotti, potato gnocchi, pan-seared duck breast, pan-fried sea bass, tiramisu, tarts, and more. Available next on 27th October and 24th November, the $98 brunch comes with a free flow of Spumante, beer, house wines, juices and soft drinks. Top up $30 for a free flow of champagne 🥂#zafferanosg
@Bakerzin.sg’s The Brilliance Collection sees the brand’s bestselling fruit flavoured snowskin mooncakes loaded with chia seeds. A box of 8 (4 flavours : cempedak, honeydew, orange, strawberry) goes for $58. You can get your hands on any of Bakerzin’s 8 mooncake collections at all Bakerzin outlets, online, Mid-Autumn festivals booths, Cheers and Fairprice Xpress #bakerzin
When you can’t get enough of uni, so you get an entire box (250g) of Murasaki uni and make your own uni roll and uni rice bowl ✌🏻
Li Bai at @sheratontowerssg has launched 2 new snowskin mooncake flavours this year! The Black Truffle Sea Salt Dark Chocolate with White Lotus Seed Paste, and Lemon and Lemongrass with White Lotus Seed Paste are not to be missed 😋The popular Champagne, and Lychee Martini snowskin mooncakes are also available, if you’re wondering !
5C pasta
Uni everydayyyyy
Uni bruschetta. This was super yummy! I would have been more than willing to exchange all the dishes, except the Kagoshima Wagyu, of the $208 Omakase dinner for 3 more of this! #omgkimis28
My 3.5-hour birthday dinner at 2 Michelin-starred Odette is undeniably one of the most memorable meals I’ve ever had. The food was pretty amazing, the service was impeccable, the space was beautiful, but what left the deepest impression was the bill which came up to about $1000 for two 8-act dinner, 2 glasses of champagne, and a small birthday cake.  The first thing that I said when I walked out of Odette was “my $160 5-course dinner at 2 Michelin-starred Jungsik in Seoul was better”  I feel like my dinner at 2 star Pierre Gagnaire (less than $200) was comparable too.  Maybe it’s just me, but I feel that Michelin-starred restaurants in Singapore are overpriced, even, and especially, when compared to London and New York 🤷🏻‍♀️ #omgkimis28
Hai Tien Lo rolls out some of the best mooncakes every year. And this year, they have crafted 3 new fruity Snowskin Mooncake flavours (Durian Gula Melaka, Cempedek, Lychee & Soursop). The Mao Shan Wang mooncake, which is back by popular demand, is my favourite! The durian is super rich and strong, and I love that the skin is of the perfect thickness. The baked classics are always popular, and my grandma is a huge fan. She has high blood sugar so the low sugar baked mooncakes are perfect for her. She also loves the new Charcoal Melon Seed with Sesame Paste mooncake that’s lightly dusted with edible gold.  Hai Tien Lo’s 2018 mooncake box sports the loveliest hues, and the box is definitely one of the prettiest I’ve seen. You can get your mooncakes from Hai Tien Lo, or the mooncake booth on level 1 at @panpacificsingapore. There’s a 15% discount for the MSW mooncakes so make sure you grab at least a box! #panpacificsingapore #haitienlo
The Seabass Ceviche at @botanicosg was quite a stunner. The dish, which is the chef’s interpretation of Assam laksa, comprises ceviche of seabass, tamarind dressed noodles, and shrimp paste icecream. The flavours melded beautifully and every mouthful was, frankly, amazing. This is one dish that you absolutely can’t miss at Botanico!
@raffleshotelsingapore’s Champagne Truffle Snowskin Mooncake seems to be Singaporeans’ favourite snowskin mooncake! Is it yours, too? This year, the iconic hotel has launched a Açai Berry with Chia Seeds Snowskin Mooncake that’s laced with Greek yogurt. Who says mooncakes can’t be healthy or packed with nutrition? 😋You can get these parcels of joy at Raffles Hotel North Bridge Atrium, and Chevron House #raffleshotelsingapore
I love love love steaks. They’re my number 2, after sushi of course, and I usually go to expensive steakhouses to enjoy a fantastic medium rare steak. This means that I don’t eat a good steak all that often since my wallet obviously will not allow it, but I’m so glad to have found Les Bouchons which serves a great ribeye steak with salad, free flow fries, and sauces. And the portion is huge! Best part? It’s only $37.90!!! I’ve had it twice in 2 weeks! 👍🏻
Dashi is the broth of life. And right here at NAMI, up to 8 different types of dashi are used in the preparation and execution of the dishes. You might think that a meal at NAMI might burn a hole in your wallet. After all, NAMI Is in Shangri-La, and it serves food prepared by a skilful dashi master. Well then, let me be the bearer of good news - the executive set lunch is crazy affordable at just $35!!! There are 3 options available and I picked the NAMI special Gozen. The set comprises seasonal appetiser, pan-fried beef, assorted tempura, chawanmushi, steamed rice and ice cream!
Waffles was a great swimmer but he’s afraid of the sea haha. This was him 6 months after he was unofficially diagnosed with “liver failure”. We never did a biopsy to confirm it, but the numerous blood tests and ultrasound results indicated that his liver was failing. He went from 5.5kg to 2.8kg despite eating more than usual. We managed to place him on a tailored diet and liver supplements as instructed by a nutritionist in the states and skipped all vet visits. To our surprise, when all hope was lost, he improved dramatically. His weight went up to 4.5kg and his blood work was clear. It was unfortunate that his old ACL injury acted up (the scaffolding came loose) and his MP surgeon placed him on antibiotics that weren’t suitable for him because of his liver (we specifically told the vet that Waffles had liver problems and he even referred to Waffles’ files to confirm it BUT STILL administered a drug that was unsuitable for him). The antibiotics caused the inflammation of Waffles’ intestinal linings and he lost appetite and started peeing really yellow urine. When we brought him to MP again, a young and obviously terrible vet made multiple wrong calls that eventually led to the demise of Waffles. It’s a long story, and AVA is still investigating it, apparently, after 10 months. I will never ever bring my future pets to Mount Pleasant. I lost Waffles very suddenly and I hope that everyone whose dogs have liver problems will contact me so that I can share Waffles’ diet and supplements, and I also hope that all dog owners will be better informed about the vets that they’re visiting. If money is not an issue, please just go to doctor Landon. We wanted to go to him but our regular vet at Namly recommended MP. Later on, I discovered that our regular vet actually does night shifts at MP hospital. It was my fault for not bringing Waffles to a better vet and I will regret it for the rest of my life. And I will never stop blaming myself. So please be
Last year, around this time, you left me while lying in my arms. My world collapsed, I fell apart, I didn’t know how to go on anymore. I couldn’t eat or sleep, and all I did was look at your photos and videos, relived the past few days before your departure repeatedly, blamed myself relentlessly, and cried unstoppably. I wasn’t able to pick myself up till months later. There was a night near Christmas when I cried till I lost my voice and I actually thought that dying was easier. I scared myself and I know that you wouldn’t want me to be this way. I guess you were right when you told the animal communicator that you were afraid that I would never be able to get over you. The truth is, I don’t think I ever can or will, Waffles. You’re irreplaceable and I’m not lying when I say that I think about you still, every single day. There’s not a day that has gone by that you’ve never crossed my mind. Every little thing reminds me of you, and I love talking about you. I could talk, and I probably still can talk, about you for hours excitedly. When you left, you took away the sparkle in me. I didn’t know how to be happy anymore, because you were the centre of my life and you were why my life was perfect, and why I was so happy everyday. You taught me how to love, you made me smile, you made me laugh, you made me whole. You were the smartest little cookie that has the best temperament that a dog owner can ever ask for. You were very loved by everyone, had so many friends, and you were just such a blessing and a bundle of joy to every person you met. You were perfect. Although plagued with numerous health problems since you were 5, and the next 2 years were basically hell, you never lost that fight in you, your child-like innocence, bright eyes, curiosity, hunger to see the world, greediness, and the love you had for me. It has been tough going on without you, and I still would trade anything, absolutely anything in the world, for you to be back by my side.
Guess where? My fave is still Wah Kee because I love the soup! But actually, I’ve only eaten prawn mee from 3 places before so I obviously don’t know much. Please share with me your fave prawn mee stall! 😋
Still thinking about Kyubey😭  Article on 4 of the best mid-range sushi omakase restaurants in Tokyo is now live on www.strictlyours.com. #omgwhereskim #kimtakesjapan