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Popular snack, or appetiser, in Fukuoka #omgwhereskim
@prettywithcindy called this set of nails “ocean of freedom”, because I was flying off for an indefinite amount of time. This set, as usual, lasted me for seven weeks. They were completely intact and perfect, and probably would have lasted longer actually but I had to cut them because too long!!! Have been with @prettywithcindy since 2015 and I’m always thankful for amazing nails, and awesome conversations. She’s always fully booked, so now I must book my appointment like one month in advance at least hahaha but so happy for her!!! ❤️ #prettywithcindy
Saw a lot of tourists queueing for this on a Sunday. I was craving for uni, but my fave uni vendor was out of uni, so I decided to try this little package too. Got this for 900yen and I have to say that it’s NOT worth it at all because it’s not grade A uni. When I saw the person picking the uni out of a plastic box, my heart sank. You can get a whole box of Grade A Bafun Uni for just 3000yen - 5500yen so.... If you’re keen to know which vendor I go to for my otoro and uni, drop me a message ! #omgwhereskim
Supposed to be deli-f*cking-cious I think. 🤔 #omgwhereskim
First time trying Yamagata beef and this was 💯 #omgwhereskim
Usually not a fan of tsukemen but this fish broth tsukemen was super yummy ! 😋#omgwhereskim
Miss the days when I could get this box of otoro for just $45 😭 #omgwhereskim
After 6.5 weeks of travelling, I’m finally ready to come home ! Marking the end of my trip with one of my fave photos taken in Xitang #omgwhereskim
Monstrous portion 😱 #omgwhereskim
This is 20 times better than Isaac Toast. Ate Isaac toast twice (once in JB, once in Seoul) and I still don’t get the hype. #omgwhereskim
Awesome toast, pretty place, but prices are really steep here. This toast platter is 25,000 won ($31.25) 😮#omgwhereskim
What’s for brunch? #omgwhereskim
😍😍😍 #omgwhereskim
Some say that this is the best ramen in Fukuoka 🤔 #omgwhereskim
Easily the best tonkatsu that I’ve ever had. I’m not a fan of the batter which was light and flaky, but the pork was a solid 10/10. It was firm, but tender, and so juicy. And I loved that layer of fat. I had the 250g loin set which was too much for me but it’s apparently the best cut here! I queued for 2 hours in the light drizzle without a brolly, but #noregrets #omgwhereskim
So many people raved about this. But $100 for this small sando? 🤔 #omgwhereskim
I’ve been away from home for more than a month now. There were many highlights this trip - meeting a baby tiger, feeding otters, hugging alpacas, etc. But carrying a 35kg bear cub?  List topper. #omgwhereskim
The uni thing I love.  I had sushi at four places in Tsukiji and they can’t beat any of the 3 mid-tier sushi restaurants, outside of Tsukiji, that I dined at. If you’re in need of good sushi, go to Manten, Sushi Tokyo Ten, or Kyubey. Go to Tsukiji only if you wanna get slabs of otoro, and boxes of Uni! #omgwhereskim