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I take photos, feature in pictures, and a full time digital marketer at @chameleonweb , need a model or a photographer? Slide into the dms

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So here's my last post for the day. Still constantly working on these doing out reach and adding to my website. I finally rank for my own name in Google. Check it out!!! In the mean time what do you think of these clones featuring @seandugganmuso?
Had so much fun shooting with @seandugganmuso so glad to have met this guy. If you don't know any of his songs you will soon!! His energy is amazing his personality is even better incredible guy!!!!
Haven't posted in a few days but I've been reaching out to a few local brands so you'll see a load of content coming soon regarding that. In between your gonna get pics that I think are actually perfect no edit no filter no snapseed no Instagram edit. I'm guessing you'll know who These guys are!!!!
If you follow me on facebook you'll have seen this already! If you order this from @hoozyofficial use promo code king_sii10 at the checkout. If your interested in following my Facebook page hit the link on my website! Let me know if you wanna see more of these
So thank you everyone that takes part in my polls you voted and you picked the first one!!! Here it is. Featuring @xanda410 as the spook!! This edit actually inspired my last and next pic so stay tuned for that!!
Good morning I've been working on my shadow clone jutsu! I will be hokage one day @hoozyofficial got it popping!
Rocking it with the loft sessions your gonna have to search for them on Facebook if you wanna find them. I've added a little about the event on my website make sure to check it out
Probably gonna put a friend theme together soon. Had so many days doing the website and getting content finding clients/networking.  I've slacked on the more important things in life like friends!! This is of my oldest and closest. Thanks everyone that's checked out my site told people about it or even linked people to my Insta/Facebook pages. There's still so much more to be done!
So my events page is finally up and on my site currently featuring loft sessions and @leaderofficial I'm still adding to my website all the time part of the reason I'm not always easy to get a hold of right now. 24/7 365 grind in motion.
The final curtain. Our amazing city putting an amazing show and event together and There's still more events between now and the 24th so get checking out the hashtags and mentions I've done recently ❤
Some high flying action with @2faceddance @jarby @louispe13 and @sambuswell1 these were so incredible I had to come twice. Thanks for putting on a show. #bidf18 #igb_meet_bhamdancefest
@2faceddance at the @bhamdancefest with @igersbirmingham this weekend has been so crazy. Still adding logos to pictures from the club shoot from Friday. Once I've got them done I'll up load a few. Life's so crazy right now
Doing what we do best. To see some more of their antics check out @nickywarwickshire
You capture feelings we capture memories! I read that somewhere don't know where. Don't even know why it's in my head but you can probably guess the theme of today? @xanda410
Feel like I'm being lazy when I post these but it's actually a really cool shot and I like it... it just happened to come easy 😂😂 if anyone knows who this is please tag them 🤘
@candocodancecompany you guys were awsome keep developing our way of thinking and pushing boundaries you guys are super talented... _________ Probably going to post a lot today. Mostly unedited. Just perfect in lense shots. I've been editing alot lately getting into portraits and brands. But being with the @igersbirmingham lot yesterday and seeing some of the shots they took thinking I used to do that now I like editing to much 😂😂
If I named this it would be 'gaze'. But what's the first thing you notice? @candocodancecompany @bhamdancefest @igersbirmingham #igb_meet_bhamdancefest
If a picture paints 1000 words the @candocodancecompany and their dance inspires millions! @igersbirmingham #igb_meet_bhamdancefest