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travel/lifestyle/food/fashion • pro photographer with a penchant for conscious storytelling • based in LA with @dante.vincent but usually abroad

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I admit it. I got up absurdly early to watch the #royalwedding As it progressed, I felt in some way as if I was part of a worldwide family since there was coverage and discussion online in so many languages, from so many different countries. . Were we united in a desire to lose ourselves in the beauty and hope of true love or happy endings for a hot second? United in the need to be distracted from all the pain and suffering in the world by the age old idea that there maybe are fairytales and maybe they truly can come true? United by the breaking of barriers that this wedding represented on so many levels? I’m sure there were so many different motivations. But I loved what the Rev. Michael Bruce Curry said during the wedding service after he exclaimed how wonderful it was that two people fell in love and we all showed up for it. Followed by, and even more profoundly, . "When love is the way, there is plenty of room, plenty of room for all of god's children. Because when love is the way, we actually treat each other well, like we are actually family.” . Wouldn’t it be nice if we all did, not just on one day but every day. #loveistheanswer❤️
Our #sponsored Business Class experience with @airfrance to and from Paris via JFK, ended with a special treat; departing from Hall L! This meant we were able to experience the newest #airfrance Lounge which is set to be one of their largest and is most certainly my new favorite. It’s premiering in phases and what’s already open is fabulous to say the least. Featuring a @clarinsfr Spa, saunas, showers, detox bar, private VIP area, sleep/quiet room with VR-style headsets that allow you to watch a movie that won’t disturb your neighbor in the next cabana, and more - it did seem like they thought of everything. Since of course that’s all in addition to an expanded hot and cold full day menu plus extensive bar. The furniture and design might look normal from afar but up close it’s apparent that an incredible amount of thought went into every detail. I particularly loved the ready availability of outlets! After enjoying it to the max, we boarded our flight home and enjoyed the same superb culinary experience we had on the flight to France, created in partnership with Chefs Guy Martin and Jean Imbert. It doesn’t come across well in the photo but the roast pork dish that I ordered was one of the best meals I’ve had on board a plane. I’d already been a fan of Air France since long before this trip but I was still surprised and delighted by this entire journey. #franceisintheair #paxex #businessclass #skyteam #rothysinthewild
When I look at this photo, I wish I’d taken this same perspective as a video because then I could more adequately share with you the visceral memory I have of this moment. It was just before mum and I met @kasiadietz and her mum at @caretteofficiel. The sun was shining so brilliantly as to almost be blinding and I remember the heat on my face being surprising. It was so unusual for Paris, I thought. A breeze made the leaves above my head sound like a musical instrument, tinkling with the kind of charm I only seem to find in Europe. I could hear multiple languages around me and the happy harmony of laughter that transcends language and accent alike. I was so happy!! • Place des Vosges is the oldest planned square in Paris. It’s located in the Marais, at the junction of the 3rd and 4th arrondissement. Most credit its charm to the regularity of the facade that surrounds the green square, the architecture of Louis XIII. It is perfectly symmetrical at an exact 140 x 140 m. The perfection of the layout of the chestnut trees and flowerbeds always distracts me from the buildings though. I can stand or sit for hours distracted by the shadows on the ground, admiring how ideally planned it all is. How lacking in randomness when so much of the rest of the world seems so imperfect and catastrophic lately.... alas, this time friends were waiting with a plate of macarons and a glass of rosé. So @paintthenight and I did tear ourselves away 😉 #placedesvosges #seeparis #meetparis #shotoniphonex
If you visit Paris, but you don’t share a photo of a café...did you actually, go to Paris?! • I saw this beautiful one on the feed of @secondcitymom not too long ago and it reminded me that mum and I never did stop back at @sebastiengaudardpatissier after we passed it early in our trip, last month. I’m drawn to it nearly every time I’m in Paris based on the color of the chairs alone (my favorite) and yet I have never stopped in. It’s close to the Tuileries and all I can think about today is how lovely it would be to grab a treat from here to enjoy while seated under the trees, in the shade, watching fellow visitors and locals going about their day. Le sigh, NEXT TIME! There will always be a next time for Paris et moi. #parisjetaime #shotoniphonex #seeparis #meetparis
Happy Mother’s Day to all those who are mothers and will be Mothers soon! What’s a recent trip you’ve taken with yours? Or want to take? • This is my mum @paintthenight taking time to stop and smell the lilacs (my favorite) during our recent trip to Paris. I’m so grateful to @airfrance for giving us the chance to travel to France together in Business class so I could give her an early Mother’s Day gift. We loved it so much! #franceisintheair #mothersday #hostedtravel
Do you like to visit museums when you travel? • Since I wanted to do a mix of cliché and less expected things during this most recent trip to Paris with my mum via a job for @airfrance - I was so thrilled when @parisjetaime offered us two Paris PassLib booklets to use for the duration of our trip. It includes access to le Metro, soooo many museums, plus a bus tour and a boat ride on the Seine. It was that pass which enabled us to make an unplanned stop @madparis late one afternoon as we were walking down Rue de Rivoli. Because we didn’t need to take the time to buy tickets or wait in line, we were all set to just stroll right in basically and enjoy the exhibits without delay. We wandered down darkened hallways punctuated with glittering jewels, black and white photos and punk art motifs enthralled with the strange yet beguiling mix of decorative art history. Yet it was this view from an upper balcony that caused me to pause the longest. I can’t deny that old or new, I have a love affair with architectural vignettes. Particularly those featuring leading lines. It’s that distraction which I’ve given over to a lot more lately in an effort to have a tiny bit more of a “theme” to my feed. After years and years of making my primary living from photography, it struck me this year that I still don’t have a signature of any kind. In fact, I have many. This type of moment is one and if you don’t mind, I think I’ll continue to seek them out to share with you. 🙏🏼 Merci #parisjetaime pour la PassLib. ❤️ We loved having it and would highly recommend purchasing it for your next trip to Paris. #hostedtravel #madparis #alanament #archilovers #leadinglines #shotoniphonex
Every trip to Paris is wildly different for me, always depending on who I am with or whether I am traveling alone. When @airfrance asked if I’d review their Business Class product with my mum for an early Mother’s Day I was excited to try and show her a combination of the more cliché aspects of my favorite city and hopefully a few things that were a little more “off the beaten path.” I think, and hope, that’s what we ended up accomplishing. What do you think @paintthenight? • Yet I have to admit it was often the more cliché spots that did thrill me most during this visit. I’d never been to Paris when it was SO warm (nearly hot) and SO green; so they had a new face on them that I’d never seen before. Standing here on the edge of the Tuileries, looking down the gauntlet of marvelous hedges to the majesty of the Louvre, hearing the birds in the trees, feeling the sunshine on my face, and my favorite language swirling around me as people came and went...was some kind of heaven. I grew fed up with NYC after 8 years of living there part or full time and I’ll tell you the reason I’ve never tried to move to Paris even though I dream of it: I don’t want to lose the love like I did with New York. I want to always believe that Paris is a good idea. I always want to be a lover and not a hater. That, I can do when I’m only a visitor. And that’s why I know there will always be a next time and I will never be done visiting Paris or in fact any part of France. Merci for always being willing to come with me when I do 🙏🏼😘 #parisjetaime #atoutfrance #meetparis #seeparis #franceisintheair #hostedtravel
It’s lunchtime and I’m craving this kale salad from @ralphlauren on Boulevard St. Germain in Paris. • I blame @kerrywashington and her STUNNING gold #ralphlauren gown from the MET Gala Monday night. Ever since I saw it, I can’t stop thinking about the mother/daughter date we had while in Paris celebrating all things RL. I’ve been wearing the designer, or stealing my mum’s RL pieces and wearing them, for as long as I can remember so it wasn’t possible for us to be in Paris and not do lunch at Ralph’s. I was so glad we did because it lived up to the hype. I loved every little detail and how perfectly set apart the garden is from the bustle of the city just outside the walls. Like my beloved Ralph’s coffee shop that used to be on Fifth Avenue in NYC, I’d go here all the time if I lived in Paris. Like everything Ralph and Ricki have created that I know of, it’s a magical little world all of its own; neither entirely French nor entirely American. It’s just, Ralph Lauren. 💙 (And no, nothing about this was sponsored! I hate that I even feel the need to make that clear but these days, I know people will wonder.) #ralphsparis #ralphlaurenparis #rlhome #parisjetaime
I’ve spent the past four days on the road. First in a U-haul and now in a passenger car. I’ve logged more road miles in this venture than in the whole of last year and I’ve seen more of my own country in this round of driving than in the last several years combined. Though all for the second, third or umpteenth time since it was back in 2016 that I met my goal of having been to all 50 states. I tell you all that to explain that Paris feels very far away right now. Physically and emotionally. Yet I need and want to finish posting about it because I’m not ready to go into detail about all the upheaval my personal life is going through right now. Until I am, I’ll stay mostly here via social media; in the bubble that is a warm afternoon on the Seine, a glass of rosé in hand and the woman who gave birth to me by my side. 🇫🇷 #parisjetaime #shotoniphone
I was instantly transported back to the wonderful sensory overload that was Rajasthan last month when I walked into @saintjamesparis and discovered this central atrium. Similarly to the blue & white interiors that I posted about in India, this black/white/red design was so graphic that it inspired instant love. Had the streets of Paris not been calling me, were this hotel almost anywhere else, I would have wanted to stay here for a long time capturing all the angles and opportunities this space might gift the camera. The work of Bambi Sloan, the eccentric yet elegant interior design is classicism, elegance and downright daring all in one. Yet the interior design was not the only thing I loved about our stay at this @relaischateaux property. Our room with its cozy textures and beautiful art, the food presented by Chef Jean-Luc Rocha and his team which was a delight, mum & I were over the moon for the cocktails made by @dedelweedys in the library bar (she has studied the cocktail arts around the world!) and I adored the garden with its hot air balloon-inspired tents that echoed the wallpaper inside. A nightcap of Taittinger champagne accompanied by the most stunning etched glasses was the icing on the cake. The only thing I didn’t personally get to test was the Geurlain Spa. Le sigh. Perhaps next time 😝 #saintjamesparis #relaischateaux #hostedstay #boutiquehotels #bambisloan #hoteldesign
As I prepare to say goodbye to the windows of the home that @dante.vincent & I have looked out from for five years now, I’m thinking back to the view from our window last week at @saintjamesparis. It was such a great choice on the part of @airfrance to book my mum and I there. The Rive Droite location just a few blocks from the Bois de Boulogne was a delight but no matter what we saw or did, I was still enraptured with this view from room 405 every time we returned, day or night. In a city of endless inspiration for me, this was up there. Those classic Haussmann details in the apartments across the way, the regal circular drive, the sound of the fountain, the birds in the trees... more on the property in my next post! 😉 Unfortunately, I have a deadline to meet and the lots and lots of boxes left to pack won’t pack themselves. If only... 💛 #relaisetchateaux #saintjamesparis #shotoniphonex
Starting what will be one of the most difficult weeks of my life channeling the happy vibes of this moment last week in Paris with @kasiadietz and our two artist mums. Such a sweet moment basking in the sunshine next to Place des Vosges at @carette_paris as @paintthenight and @basiadietzzieba_ceramics compared notes on being artists both accomplished at multiple mediums and their mutual love of Paris. Since the focus of my visit was on work / making my mum happy, there wasn’t time to meet with all of my friends but seeing Kasia was so important because we have an upcoming collaboration that we needed to have a final discussion about. I can’t wait to premier that to you later this Spring - mostly because it will benefit a cause very close to my heart!! If you don’t know already, Kasia is also a multi-talented artist, designer, writer and guide. If only every day of my life brought the chance to spend such quality time with three so very talented women. Yet I remain grateful that I had the chance at all. In my favorite city no less!!✨ Hoping your week is off to a good start and that the days ahead bring much goodness your way. 💛 #parisjetaime #caretteparis #carette #shotoniphonex #flatlayfood #meetparis