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Travelling is my best form of inspiration.
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🛩Ever notice that unique fragrance in the air ✈️when you’re going through the tunnel on the way to boarding your flight? 😍😍😍 I ❤️ having the choice to travel without having to book time off work, or get permission from my boss, without having to rush back because I’ve run out of vacay time. You know what I mean?  Your life....Your time...Do What You Want With It x
The people who love you the most expect the most of you. They want to see you become the biggest, brightest, best version of yourself.  They will sometimes hold you to a higher standard than you hold yourself. But they don’t hold you to that standard because they’re being judgemental, at least not in a way that is negative. They hold you to that standard because they see something in you that you don’t yet see. Or maybe they see something in you that you see but aren’t yet acting on.  The people who don’t really love you also don’t expect anything of you. Many of these people will have very low personal standards for themselves. The fact that their standards are low means they’re only comfortable with people who share their low standards (or people who are willing to lower their standards to join them). These people will never want you to become the biggest, best, brightest version of yourself. They fear that they will lose you, and they fear that the fact that you are so bright means that they are dim and insignificant by comparison. If you grow, you prove that it is possible, and those with low standards don’t want the responsibility of growing. Any attempt to escape the gravitational pull of people with low standards will be greeted with a harsh rebuke, and you will be criticized for believing that you are better than this group.  Never, ever, ever lower your standards.  Hold yourself to a standard so high that no one else would dare to raise your standard.  Know that when people try to lower your standard, they are trying to do so for their own benefit, not yours.  Never, ever, ever lower your standards. For Nobody x
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SANTORINI just made it onto our bucket list of places to see by Dec 2018 - look forward to seeing the sunsets and sunrises of this ancient place.  If any of you have been there and have recommendations - DM me. #passportlashes 😛
Quick selfie before dashing to the airport #passportlashes 😛 Las Vegas to LHR
I love this city - Las Vegas 2K17 version 2 🤓. This trip was 🔥🔥🔥 - we masterminded and shared strategies for Ecom growth, reviewed new advertising streams of income - it was mind blowing stuff. I’ve got so much stuff to share ❤️
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We love sunshine and rum😍 #travelista #whatshesaid
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