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Thinking about the power of progress, when you set your intention, start visualisationing your big goals, and let go of caring what people think.  This intention manifested in a great meeting today about one project and then took an unexpected turn to the left discussing application of Neuro Linguistic Programming in client care. As an experienced Master Practitioner of NLP it is always a joy to open the world of NLP to new audiences.  If you could discuss your zone of genius with a new audience what would it be?
Success.....It's an insider job.  It isn't another marketing funnel, facebook ads, the best lead page, cracking PR or finding THE team member.  Being a successful entrepreneur is an insider job.  It's seeing lessons and feedback instead of failures.  Business isn't happening to you, it's happening because of you.  It's claiming why not me for the success and opportunities you crave and it's about mastering YOU, to master your success.
Why fear what you are creating, shaping, moulding and influencing?  Make today count as the future is in your hands 🙌
I'm sat in the airport lounge in Toronto thinking what to post onto here and feeling HUUUUUUUUUUE gratitude for so many reasons.  Firstly that I'm sat here after attending a truly epic event/ conference/ happening which was #tribelive2018 with Stu Mclaren and meeting truly amazing people who are meant to serve, and lead with integrity and compassion, not turnover and bravado.  Next that as I'm sat with my headphones on and typing away, Mr Pr is sat on the other side of the lounge watching the football, working away from on a new wave that is launching very soon.  It's not always smooth sailing being a husband and wife team, with the help of amazing mentors, together we are creating a life that we only dreamed of not that many years ago  And lastly , I'm sat in Canada after flying over for what was a long weekend, my first time in Canada!!! I've loved every second of this trip and met some amazing new friends and colleagues, who are creating impact within their own communities, sharing ideas and truly embracing the community over competition philosophy.  So no matter what your goals are, know that there is a space, a tribe and a group of people who are as like minded as you, creating the life that they dream of, who believe in the power of the mind and it's important role in wealth creation.
I've always felt like energy is contagious. The impact of surrounding yourself with positive, ambitious, courageous, kind, empowering and supportive people is huge! And it starts from within, be the type of person, hold the type of energy that you want to attract.
Good Morning from Toronto! I get asked do I really get up early even when traveling and still do my morning routine.  The answer is yes!! As a huge part for me now is that it is a routine that I look forward to and need. I would never dream of leaving the house without brushing my teeth, and I would never conceive of building an impactful business without my morning routine. I always start with gratitudes whilst still in bed and then my trusty journal is never far away.  Off for Day 2 of a new adventure after an epic evening celebration when this image was shot. Have a great weekend.
I'm waking up in Toronto, my first trip to Canada as part of my journey this year to share my mission on something that I'm so passionate about, unlocking the power of the mind to live the life you desire.  Even 18 months ago this wasn't a reality with Mr P still in corporate life, yet there was a plan and a bigger vision. And as it begins to unfold beyond my expectations I'm so excited and proud. I'm on a mission to show other entrepreneurs that unlocking the power of your mind is the game changer to achieving your goals too 💪🔥
Intention, focus, energy and yes ACTION 🙌
Focus and consistency.  If like me you are a multi-passionate entrepreneur who wants to do a number of things, one of the biggest struggles can be to work through each thing one by one, rather than doing everything at once.  Starting a project can be easy.  Starting multiple projects can be easy.  But starting a project and seeing it through to it's maturity stage, to scale it, nurture it and then release the reins so you can start, nurture and scale your next project.... that takes discipline.  Choose to be the person who aims for mastery in your field, of you and your mind.  Who always executes exceptionally.  Don't compare others social media highlights and compromise your long term goals, for perceived short term gains. Create wealth of money, of time, of adventure, of giving back so you can live a life on your own terms.
The power of consistency.  Whether an elite athelete or entrepreneur with sustained excellence, we know that consistency of action is a key to success.  Yet how do you get to this when sticking to a daily habit like journaling is a struggle?  Part of the journey to self mastery starts with smaller details and daily habits as you not just create a mindset, but unlock the power of your mind.  Think about it now, there must be something that you want to get better at or get started on?  Now ask yourself why?  For what purpose do you want to do this?  Linking why and emotions to a task that links to the best possible version of you, we are enabling you to access untapped motivational resources.  Select the habit to do everyday.  Learning how to be consistent will help you become extraordinary.  And then tell someone what you are planning to do.  ACCOUNTABILITY.  Essentially stating to the Universe that you value yourself enough to be consistent.  As you work towards sustained excellence.
Think Less, Feel More.  Never let noise or current lack of clarity stop you growing. It might feel like a constant itch you can't scratch about a different way, a different purpose, a different life.  About who you are in your life.  Engage and focus on who you are today, how you feel today for feelings have the ability to bring about simplification to a cluttered mind.  I feel very privileged to assist my clients on their journey, on a new path as they learn and create new ways to self mastery that reflect in their businesses and a more fulfilling life. Often  I end up being part of their lives for many years going forward and there is joy is sharing transformational moments with them.  Curious?
Your gut knows......understanding and getting curious about human behaviour can help you to create more sales in your business, increase retention rates and grow a base of loyal customers.  This is where your gut comes in, as when we initiate a gut reaction with customers, the neuroscience shows that the logic of the rational decision comes after.  The gut reaction or emotional decision creates a stronger bond and is activated when we sell the journey, the transformation and the future them, once they purchase rather than the features.  This is just a hint of what the delegates on the SOLD OUT Sell More Stress Less Masterclass will be learning about as they become confident and authentic sales ninjas, that is going to have immediate impact on their business.
One of the biggest things I ever did for myself was check in with this question. Just because the dreams for the life you desire are something completely different to where you are now, doesn't mean it is impossible or isn't meant for you.  It means upgrading your beliefs, your mindset and unlocking new mind mastery techniques for you to elevate.  And trust me, doing this will serve you so well ❤
So often when working towards our goals we focus on the 'doing' rather than "being". When it comes to unlocking the power of your mind and mindset, focus on being, conscious of what you are feeling as well as thinking. I know that you are striving for success and struggle that the concept of being will actualy lead to better results in what you are doing.  If you want success, you need to FEEL what it is to be successful first.  If you want peace and calm, you need to FEEL what this means to you.  If you want abundance, yes you've nailing it now, you need to FEEL abundance first.  Unlocking the power of your mind can be SCARY.  When did you last experience a mind shift and experienced HUGE RESULTS, that has given you chills?
It is the stuff of business fairytales…  a talented solo floral designer, goes in 3 years from working on her own to securing one of the most prestigious ‘floral designer in residence’ contracts in the whole of the UK and become international renowned!! Today over on the blog I'm sharing exactly what IS MIND COACHING and the difference between coaching and mentoring.  Spoiler alert there is a HUGE difference!! Click link in bio for full blog and tag a friend below who needs to read this and if this post strongly resonates with you, leave 3 emojis below ↗👌💪😍🙌
Personal branding isn't just how you look on Instagram, or your logo, it's about who you really are at your core. The neuroscience around the stories that we learned about ourselves as a child, and those we tried out and have had reflected during adulthood, will impact the way that we tell stories to ourselves today.  And this impacts how you show up as a personal brand on your social media. Polishing the paintwork on a car doesn't change the engine. If there is a disconnect between you at your core and your personal brand messaging, deep transformational work allows the exploration to change and remove those stories that no longer serve us, so we can CHOOSE who we wish to be today.  And this is all part of the experience as you grow and elevate as an entrepreneur #elevateyou
The wishing tree.  Go ahead and ask for your wish below!
Are you feeling frustrated as there is a new goal, a new door that you are trying to open?  What old ways, old beliefs that are keeping you stuck do you need to let go of?  Do you make progress and then revert back to old habits and ways of thinking?  Be reassured that you can do this,  you have the power within, so ask yourself now, what do you need to let go of?